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Vvolt Slice Lite Review

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Vvolt Slice Lite Spec Review 2024Vvolt Slice Lite Spec Review 2024

Vvolt E-Bikes has introduced the company’s first cargo model. The Slice Lite is designed to transport small to medium-sized loads on the front of the e-bike. At just 52 pounds, the Vvolt Slice Lite is relatively light, thanks in part to a modestly sized motor and battery. In our test report on the Vvolt Slice Lite you will find out who should like this e-bike.

We have before tested the Vvolt Alpha and Vvolt Proxima and found both great designs that offer solid value for money.

The Vvolt Slice Lite features a 20-in. Front wheel and a 26-inch. Rear wheel. It might look a bit strange at first glance, but there’s a good reason for it. A truism of all moving things is that the lower the center of gravity, the more stable they are. By equipping the Slice Lite with a 20-inch. With a front wheel instead of a 26-inch wheel, Vvolt can provide riders with a much lower attachment point for the cargo module – their front-mounted basket.

Vvolt Slice Lite Spec Review: Bike Overview

VVOLT Slice Lite 44 Twilight with basketVVOLT Slice Lite 44 Twilight with basket

Based on a 350W motor and 500Wh battery, the Vvolt Slice Lite is limited to a maximum assist speed of 20mph, but also features a throttle, making it a Class 2 e-bike . Vvolt estimates the range to be up to 55 miles. per load, which seems reasonable. A 500W battery may not seem particularly large, but when combined with a 350W motor, its capacity is larger than usual.

Vvolt Slice Lite review: Specifications and features

Vvolt Slice Lite review: Specifications and featuresVvolt Slice Lite review: Specifications and features

frame and fork

The Vvolt Slice Lite has an unusual look due to the 20-inch case. front wheel and a 26-inch. rear wheel. Everyone is wondering why they used a smaller front wheel than a rear wheel. The answer is that the front basket can be mounted lower thanks to the smaller wheel, thereby lowering the center of gravity of the e-bike, making handling easier.

People might wonder why Vvolt didn’t include a suspension fork, but a rigid aluminum fork makes sense here. When you put a load in the basket, the response of the suspension changes, and no one wants to have to adjust the e-bike’s suspension every time they load or take something out of the basket.

The integrated battery is charged from the top of the down tube, which is really handy for anyone who stores their e-bike in the garage or on the porch but takes the battery inside to charge.

Motor and battery

One criticism of some cargo e-bikes is that they are too heavy. An 85-90 lb. Managing an e-bike can be challenging, and one of the easiest ways to reduce the weight of an e-bike is to use a lower power motor and a lower capacity battery. The 350W brushless geared hub motor has enough power to get the Slice running at full speed even under load.

Vvolt estimates the range to be up to 55 miles. per load, which seems reasonable. A 500W battery may not seem particularly large, but when combined with a 350W motor, its capacity extends further than usual, resulting in a range of 55 miles. The estimate sounds reasonable rather than far-fetched.


Drive, brakes and wheels

The Vvolt Slice Lite’s powertrain is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it is equipped with a Gates belt, which eliminates the need for chain lubrication, a lot of maintenance and trouser stains. However, because Vvolt has opted for a 350W hub motor, this means there is only one gear. This is not a good idea for an e-bike that is designed to transport loads. When starting off with an additional load, downshifting to a lower gear is usually helpful.

Vvolt has equipped the Slice Lite with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes to give it the stopping power needed so the driver feels like they have enough control, even when – especially when – the basket is loaded.

So why use a small wheel at the front and a large wheel at the back instead of two 20-inch wheels? Wheels? By using a larger wheel on the rear wheel, Vvolt has made the Slice Lite a little more stable at speed and it rides better even on bumpy roads. The 26-in. The rear wheel rolls more easily over bumps, transmitting less impact to the riders behind.

First test report on the Vvolt Slice Lite from EBR:

First look at Vvolt Slice LiteFirst look at Vvolt Slice Lite

If we look at the individual features of this e-bike, a kind of portrait of a likely use case emerges. The first detail worth mentioning is not the e-bike’s 350W motor, but its single-speed drive. Owners of this e-bike will be happiest if their ride is flat. Motorized or not, driving uphill without being able to downshift is always torture. Their load is also limited; The basket, which features an adjustable design with additional attachment points, has a maximum weight of 40 pounds.

The 350W motor means the rider doesn’t worry too much about speed; Finally, it is a Class 2 e-bike with a maximum assist speed of 20 miles per hour. The Vvolt Slice Lite driver is also interested in taking things with him – groceries, clothes, pickleball equipment – and not children; It is said that this is another cargo e-bike that is coming soon.

An e-bike that also leaves a good impression on anyone who lives and rides in an urban environment where agile handling is important. This is an e-bike that can handle narrow streets, tight parking lots, and the odd sidewalk.

The Vvolt Slice Lite is appreciated by restaurants that deliver lunch and dinner. It can carry a load, is easy to handle when loaded, and requires almost no maintenance other than inflating the tires. And for anyone who needs to carry a load but doesn’t want it on their back or in a bag on the rack, this is an easy-to-use everyday user.

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