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Himiway C3 Cargo E-Bike Spec Review, 2024

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Himiway C3 Cargo E-Bike Spec Review 2024Himiway C3 Cargo E-Bike Spec Review 2024

Himiway has introduced its first cargo e-bike, the C3. Cargo e-bikes come in different versions, so we need to be clear about what exactly we mean. With the C3, the idea is that the driver is likely a parent transporting a child. The C3 is just the thing for school runs and playdates. With our test report on the Himiway C3 we take a quick look at this new release.

The basics of the Himiway C3 are attractive. It features a step-through design, suspension fork, 750W hub motor, 960Wh battery, 7-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes. This is a well-equipped e-bike. It also features a hood that fits around the frame and battery, giving the C3 a look reminiscent of an electric moped.

Himiway C3 Cargo E-Bike Spec Review 2024Himiway C3 Cargo E-Bike Spec Review 2024

Himiway C3 Spec Review: Bike Overview

Himiway C3 Spec Review Bike OverviewHimiway C3 Spec Review Bike Overview

Every time an e-bike manufacturer announces a cargo e-bike, we first consider the power of the motor. The larger the mass, the greater the force required to move it. Other Himiway models we tested are typically powered by larger engines, and the C3 is no different. Himiway has chosen a 750W brushless hub gear motor that produces 86Nm of torque. That’s a lot of power for a parent with one child.

The question of how big the Himiway C3 is for a child is also a question worth asking. By the way, give the C3 a very stable frame; it has a total weight capacity of 440 pounds. And because the rear rack is integrated into the frame rather than bolted on, it can support more than the typical weight limit of around 50 pounds for most bolt-on racks.

The other requirement that a cargo e-bike has is that of battery capacity. Because the motor must produce enough power to move two bodies, it will draw more current from the battery, making typical range estimates inaccurate. To ensure the e-bike has enough range to get where the rider needs it, even if they have a passenger, a larger than average battery is helpful and Himiway has developed a 960Wh battery.

Himiway C3 review: specifications and features

Himiway C3 Review – Specifications and FeaturesHimiway C3 Review – Specifications and Features

frame and fork

The frame of the Himiway C3 is made of heat-treated 6061 aluminum. Himiway opted for superior weight capacity and durability by making the rack part of the frame and using aluminum tubing that was welded to the frame rather than bolted on.

Himiway opted for a coil spring fork with 60mm travel for the C3. This softens bumps well and smooths out uneven roads.

Motor and battery

The combination of a 750W geared brushless hub motor producing 86Nm of torque and powered by a 960Wh battery means the Himiway C3 can easily get two riders up to cruising speed.

The Himiway C3 is a Class 2 e-bike with a top speed of 20 miles per hour and is equipped with a throttle. Himiway also decided to equip the C3 with a torque sensor. This gives the e-bike a more responsive ride and makes starting off easier. Why? This is because the driver does not have to perform the majority of a pedal stroke to get the engine running.

Himiway estimates the 960Wh battery could give riders up to 80 miles. Range. It is important to note that the figures are based on a single rider in reasonably flat and calm conditions. Add another rider, add hills, or add a strong wind in your face and the range will drop. This is not a criticism. Himiway has made a good choice with this battery. What we see with this battery is a cargo e-bike that has a reasonable range even when loaded.

Drive, brakes and wheels

The Himiway C3’s drivetrain is a 7-speed Shimano Altus groupset with a 14-28T freewheel. The 200 percent range for this group is rather modest compared to what we are increasingly seeing from other manufacturers. For people who live in flatter areas or whose hills are not too steep, this is not a problem.

Hydraulic disc brakes are equipped with 180mm front and rear rotors to give the driver sufficient control when stopping or turning. The fact that the C3 is equipped with 20-in. Wheels and 4-inch tires ensure that it has sufficient traction even during short stops.

First look at the Himiway C3 Cargo from EBR:

First test report on the Himiway C3 Cargo e-bikeFirst test report on the Himiway C3 Cargo e-bike

Himiway left no doubt about what kind of cargo e-bike the C3 should be. This is a kid’s transporter, and since its wheelbase is no longer than that of a typical e-bike, it’s safe to assume that, weight capacity aside, it’s intended to carry one child, not two.

Himiway equips the C3 with a nice selection of accessories. They gave it a motorcycle stand with Dura legs, which makes it easier for children to get on when parked. They also gave him fenders, front and rear lights. This also included the passenger seat, which is usually an addition.

As with other Himiway models, the manufacturer offers a range of front racks and baskets to adapt the e-bike to the rider’s specific needs. They also offer loads of other accessories, but what seems to be missing from their range are footpegs or running boards for the passenger’s feet. Likewise, there doesn’t appear to be any handlebars that can be added to give the child something other than mom or dad to hold onto. This seems like a miss, but since this is a new model, these options may still be forthcoming.

The Himiway C3 is an exciting new model for a company better known for its off-road models. Thanks to its entry-level design, powerful motor and large battery, this is an e-bike that could serve as an everyday vehicle for some families.

Himiway C3 Cargo E-Bike Spec Review 2024Himiway C3 Cargo E-Bike Spec Review 2024

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