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Bern Brentwood Jr. Review | A helmet that kids want to wear?

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A cool looking, low profile youth helmet that makes safety fun

Test report on the Bern Brentwood Jr. Helmet 2024Test report on the Bern Brentwood Jr. Helmet 2024

For kids, “cool” and “safe” are rarely synonymous, but the Brentwood Jr. helmet from Bern wants to change that. The helmet is made from a lightweight and low-profile “Zip Mold+” foam that ensures it doesn’t look too big and bulky while still being safe. This Bern Brentwood Jr. Helmet review covers all the details!

In addition to a sleek design, the Brentwood Jr. comes in a variety of fun styles that I legitimately wish were available in Bern’s adult models! Of course, there are classic color schemes like black, white, blue and grapefruit, but that’s just scratching the surface. We received the Metallic Silver Shark Bite print which sparked the joy of my inner child and there are other prints available including Blue Wing with a stylized macaw design and Purple Tiger with retro style stripes. These colors and patterns are unique to the Brentwood Jr., as the other youth-sized Bern helmets feature their own fun designs.

  • Available in a whopping 7 unique, eye-catching colors and/or prints.
  • Includes rotational force protection with yellow MIPS layer.
  • Includes a sun shield with a flip-up visor attached to the helmet’s removable padding layer.
  • Adjustable to fit a variety of noggin sizes thanks to the “compass” dial system.
  • Includes a secure clip that won’t come off easily.
  • Compatible with Bern’s removable, USB-rechargeable Quickmount Asteroid light with a battery life of up to 24 hours
  • The MIPS layer provides additional security, but parents should be aware that it can occasionally snag and pull hair.

Although your boy may not agree, safety is just as important as the “cool” factor. Rest assured that Bern has equal protection; The Brentwood Jr. features the increasingly important Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) to reduce the risk of concussions in the event of an impact. Full disclosure: This helmet is not designed for the potential speeds of e-bikes like Bern’s Nino youth helmet, but is intended for non-electrically assisted cycling.

You can find out more about the MIPS system and its function at the MIPS Protection website, but there’s a good reason it’s included. This yellow membrane can move slightly during an impact, absorbing some of the force that would otherwise cause injury. Keep in mind that stray hairs can sometimes get caught in the layer, but we think the added security is worth the risk.

Another element of the Brentwood Jr. that combines functionality with a cool factor is the included visor. While many helmets feature a minimal integrated brim that does little to keep the sun out of sensitive eyes, Bern’s helmets feature a removable, padded liner with an attached visor. This peak looks and functions like a baseball cap and can be folded up and out of the way when needed.

Test report on the Bern Brentwood Jr. Helmet 2024Bern Brentwood Jr. Helmet Test Report 2024

Our tester loved the Metallic Silver Shark Bite version, but the helmet offers six other options to choose from.

Test report on the Bern Brentwood Jr. Helmet 2024Test report on the Bern Brentwood Jr. Helmet 2024

The Brentwood Jr. is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Test report on the Bern Brentwood Jr. Helmet 2024Bern Brentwood Jr. Helmet Test Report 2024

With 13 ventilation openings, the helmet is breathable. It also features an inner MIPS layer.

Test report on the Bern Brentwood Jr. Helmet 2024Test report on the Bern Brentwood Jr. Helmet 2024

With cool and fun designs, the helmet is not only safe but also something kids will want to wear!

As far as fit goes, the Brentwood Jr. is offered in one size, equivalent to Adult Small. It fits children with a head circumference between 52 and 55.5 cm / 20 ½ to 21 ¾ inches, which corresponds to a hat size of 6 ½ to 7. The helmet features a fit system with Bern’s “Compass” wheels that allows the tightness to be adjusted and adjusted to the back of the head.

We appreciated that the helmet was easy to adjust, but also that it felt fairly secure. The chin strap clip took some effort to open, meaning little fingers can’t easily remove the helmet.

In summary, the Brentwood Jr. helmet is a cool and fun way to ensure your child’s protection. Instilling good bike safety habits often requires getting into the psychology of the bike, and what better way to do that than by finding a helmet that fits your unique style?

Specifications and features

  • Size: 52 – 55.5 cm (20 ½” – 21 ¾”), available in one size (S)
  • MIPS: Yes
  • Number of ventilation openings: 13

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