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Bluegrass Vanguard Core Edition – In our big 2023 comparison test for lightweight and convertible full-face helmets

Launched this summer, the Bluegrass Vanguard Core Edition is the latest full-face helmet in this test. It’s suitable for everything from enduro trails to racing and laps in the bike park. We gave it a try to see what it was capable of.

Bluegrass Vanguard Core Edition | not convertible | 771g | 330 € | Manufacturer’s website

Bluegrass is a subsidiary of the Italian helmet manufacturer MET and covers the brand’s gravity range. Not surprisingly, the Vanguard Core Edition looks very similar to the MET Parachute, which is also included in this comparison test. While both helmets use a slim design language with rectangular ventilation holes, the Bluegrass looks significantly more massive. Nevertheless, at 771g in size L, it is one of the lighter helmets in this test and at €330 it is also one of the cheaper.

The Vanguard Core Edition offers numerous adjustment options so that you can easily adapt the helmet to your head shape. On the one hand, the holding system is height-adjustable and Bluegrass also offers cheek pads in two different thicknesses. These pads can be installed in two different positions, while their C-shape allows Bluegrass to place ventilation holes far back on the chin bar to allow air further into the back of the helmet. The chin straps pass through the opening in the cheek pads and through a recess in the padding that holds them in place and prevents them from slipping backwards. The Bluegrass also uses a MIPS liner, which is intended to dissipate the rotational forces caused by an impact. However, the MIPS liner of the Bluegrass is more black than the usual bright yellow, which suits the subtle look of the full-face helmet quite well. The visor is flexible and can be easily removed, both when removed for cleaning and in the event of an accident. The mud grille on the chin guard prevents debris from flying into your mouth and is removable to improve ventilation. Fidlock delivers the magnetic buckle that is easy and intuitive to use – we are big fans of it!

The C-shaped cheek pads allow for larger ventilation holes on the chin guard.
The chin straps are threaded through the cheek pads so they are always in the right place.

Given the countless adjustment options and padding positions that the Bluegrass Vanguard Core Edition offers, it can take some time to find the right fit. In addition, you must ensure that you do not get caught in the holding system when putting the helmet on and taking it off – we recommend loosening the system when doing so. Once you find the optimal setting, the Vanguard will be comfortable as soon as you put it over your head. Overall, it fits great with a variety of head shapes. It is pleasantly light, fits the head comfortably and at the same time ensures a high level of comfort. In our 2023 lightweight helmet test field, it is the competitor that provides the most authentic DH helmet feeling – at least until you start riding. As soon as you start pedaling, you’ll find that the Vanguard combines the best of both worlds: with the secure, snug fit of a downhill helmet and the excellent ventilation of an enduro helmet. Even on long, rough climbs it doesn’t get overly hot and the cheek pads can be easily removed and attached to the handlebars to further improve ventilation – a godsend for enduro racers! What sounds like a small detail is an incredibly clever feature that is worth its weight in gold, especially on long transfer climbs! The openings around the ears allow you to stay in touch with the outside world without annoying wind noise on the trail.

The Bluegrass Vanguard Core Edition is undoubtedly an excellent all-purpose helmet that combines the advantages of two concepts like no other competitor in this comparison test. The Bluegrass full face helmet offers an excellent fit, wraps your head comfortably and offers an excellent balance of safety, ventilation and comfort. Whether you’re shredding mean enduro trails, doing fast laps in the bike park or racing on the weekend, the Bluegrass Vanguard is an excellent, loyal and comfortable riding companion. A deserved test victory!


  • Excellent fit
  • Very convenient
  • Inspires enormous self-confidence
  • Excellent ventilation


  • When putting on and taking off the helmet, the holding system must be released

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Words: Simon Kohler Photos: Peter Walker

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