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The Lab: Coast Optics Nita Riding Goggles Review – Clear Vision, Made in Whistler, BC

Coast Optics’ Nita goggles were developed in the mountain biking mecca of Whistler for use on trails around the world. The small Canadian start-up specializes in riding glasses and safety glasses and, in addition to cool looks and performance, also values ​​sustainability. How did the Nita glasses perform in our long-term test?

Coastal look Nita | tester Simon, Peter, July | Length of time 3 months | Price from CA$99.95 | Weight 34g | Colors black, moss green | Manufacturer’s website

The undisputed mountain biking mecca of the world, Whistler BC is full of trail and MTB enthusiasts and is also home to countless brilliant start-ups. Coast Optics is one of them: The two founders have been working in a bike shop for years and thus had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the huge range of MTB products on the market. The small start-up specializes in eyewear designed and developed in Whistler BC. Coast Optics strives to keep its carbon footprint as low as possible without compromising performance and appearance. The Nita glasses we tested are made from recycled materials for maximum sustainability, but also combine a large field of vision and good anti-fog properties and thus cover a wide range of uses. The Nita glasses retail from CA$99.95 and can be purchased directly from their online store. Coast Optics offers free shipping within Canada and also to the US on purchases over CA$200. If you don’t live in the MTB Mecca, that’s not a problem either, because Coast Optics also delivers outside of North America.

The Coast Optics Nita glasses stand out from the crowd thanks to their unique appearance and elegant detailed solutions.

The Coast Optics Nita stands out with its unique look, which is both elegant and very discreet. Although the Nita features a similar design language to some other glasses currently on the market, it stands out for its fully enclosed frame, which creates a unique look and is finished off with simple branding on the sides. The available colors black and moss green are very subtle – matching the subtle look. The frames can be combined with 5 types of lenses: Clear, Pink Crystal, Black Sun, Gold Sun and even a photochromic lens that automatically adapts to the lighting conditions. Prices start at CA$99.95 for the clear lens version, while the colored lens models cost CA$129.95 and also include a replacement clear lens. The photochromatic variant of the Nita does not include a replacement clear lens and retails for $149.95 CAD.
The lenses are easy to change in just a minute, so you can swap them out just before heading down a trail – assuming you’re carrying the other lens with you. All you have to do is pull apart the nose piece and the upper frame part, remove the lens from the small groove in the frame and replace it with the other lens. Now all you have to do is press the frame onto the lens so that it snaps back into the grooves – done! The goggles come standard with a small pouch that you can use to safely store them when climbing hills and store your spare lenses – and can also be used to clean the goggles on the go!

The rubberized temples keep the glasses securely in place even when things get tough.
The lenses can be easily swapped out in under a minute, making swapping on the trail easier.

Our Coast Optics Nita goggles have been tested by several different riders and with different helmets. Once you put them on your head, you’ll notice the short temples, which prevent them from hitting the back of the helmet – a problem that occurs with many other glasses with longer temples. However, they are still long enough to ensure a comfortable fit for riders with larger heads. The rubberized temples and removable nosepiece ensure a comfortable, secure fit and position the glasses close to the face without slipping, even when the trail gets rough. The Coast Optics Nita has an impressively large field of view, meaning you won’t see the frame unless you roll your eyes at roadies 😉 The photochromic lens quickly adapts to different lighting conditions and brightens quickly when you Roll into a dark forest without feeling like you’re being swallowed by a black hole. When the forest spits you back into the light, the glass quickly darkens again. In mixed conditions, the lens remains pleasantly bright, details such as stones and roots stand out clearly in the gray light. This makes both the glasses and the photochromic lens perfect for winter driving. Even on foggy days, both lenses we tested always ensured clear vision without fogging up.

The Coast Optics Nita glasses sit comfortably close to the face, while the large lens ensures a wide field of vision.

Our conclusion about the Coast Optics Nita glasses

The Coast Optics Nita glasses are a real eye-catcher and stand out from the crowd with an elegant, stylish look. The lenses are available in different colors and can be replaced in no time, while the photochromic version ensures excellent light adaptability. On the trail, they impress with their large field of vision and an excellent fit with all common helmets and different head shapes – and fogging is no problem! The Coast Optics Nita is a good all-rounder, both in summer and winter.


  • Excellent fit
  • Lenses can be replaced quickly and easily
  • The photochromic lens quickly adapts to changing lighting conditions
  • Doesn’t fog up


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Words: Mike Hunger Photos: Peter Walker

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