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Test report on the Bern Hudson bicycle helmet, 2024

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An eye-catching, stylish and spacious helmet with impressive safety certifications

Bern Hudson helmet test report 2024Bern Hudson helmet test report 2024

If you’re riding an e-bike capable of speeds well over 20 miles per hour, a regular bike helmet just won’t cut it. Maximum protection is our top priority, which is why the Bern Hudson is specifically designed for e-bikes and has numerous safety features and certifications that prove its effectiveness. Find out what other features make this helmet different from the others in this Bern Hudson helmet review!

The Hudson’s safety features range from the ever-important MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) layer, which can reduce the likelihood of concussions, to the NTA-8776 certification, which makes the helmet safe up to 45 km/h or Rated at 27.96 miles per hour. Additionally, the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, which tests the concussion risk reduction value of bicycle helmets, awarded the Hudson the highest rating of 5 STARS (Summation of Tests for the Analysis of Risk). The lab can’t guarantee you won’t get a concussion – but that’s as close to a guarantee as you can get.

  • Designed specifically for use with e-bikes, with safety ratings including NTA-8776 certification and a 5 STAR rating from Virginia Tech.
  • Includes a removable, washable liner with a flip-up visor to keep the sun out.
  • Available in six attractive colors including sand, mint and hi-viz yellow.
  • Secures itself when locking your bike thanks to the ventilation slots compatible with U-locks.
  • Includes a removable “Clickmount” LED light with a 10 hour burn time.
  • Provides a spacious feel for those with larger heads.
  • Compatible with an optional winter liner with hearing protection.
  • The size seemed large and did not match other Bern helmets. The Major, which we also tested, was advertised as having a larger fit but felt smaller than the Hudson.

As a desert dweller, I can attest that on bright, clear days, sometimes sunglasses just aren’t enough. For similar situations, the Bern Hudson helmet has a visor that can be folded up or down as needed for better visibility. In my experience, this makes the helmet feet much more like a ball cap with a little more volume and a chin strap. Because this visor is easy to remove and wash, it is functional – and simply looks cool!

Speaking of cool: The Hudson (like most of Bern’s helmet models) is available in various color options. The brand’s youth line offers the most pizzazz, but the Hudson is available in six matte and satin shades, including black, white, sand, mint, hi-viz and turquoise. I specifically requested the Hi-Viz helmet – and my goodness! The photos didn’t do the striking color justice. It’s impossible to miss it.

Bern HelmsBern Helms

Reinforced ventilation slots are large enough to accommodate the shackle of a U-lock.

Bern HelmsBern Helms

The Hudson’s visor can be folded up or down depending on the sunlight, or removed completely for cleaning.

Bern HelmsBern Helms

An adjustable fit system with a “Compass” dial customizes the fit of the Hudson.

Bern HelmsBern Helms

The helmet’s neon Hi-Viz yellow color is as bright as it gets!

When it comes to fit and function, the helmet performed well overall in terms of comfort, with one major downside. The helmet appeared to be suitable for people with exceptionally large domes and had significantly more space than expected. As someone with a relatively large skull, I expected to need the Large size, but I probably would have been fine with the Medium size as the Large sits low and folds my ears. The Hudson also seemed inconsistent compared to the Bern Major we tested at the same time; A Large in this model fit my head perfectly.

But to each their own. Griffin from our team thought the Hudson was a better fit here than the Major. As the one with the biggest head in our office (his words), he preferred the size of the Hudson.

Otherwise, the padding, adjustability, and overall comfort seemed great. I liked that there was a removable top pad and that the visor did a far better job of keeping the sun out of my eyes than the integrated, forward-facing brim found on some other helmets.

One feature of the Hudson that sets it apart from many other Bern models is its removable, micro-USB rechargeable “Clickmount” LED light – unfortunately I wasn’t able to test this feature as it wasn’t included in our delivery. With water resistance, an advertised 10-hour battery life, and three light modes, it looks like a useful addition

Bottom line: The Hudson is best for drivers who need a roomier fit and want excellent safety ratings paired with bold and muted color options.

Specifications and features

  • Size: 52 – 61.5 cm (20 ½” – 24 ¼”), available in three sizes (S, M, L)
  • MIPS: Yes
  • Number of ventilation openings: 13

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