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Test report on the Bern Major bicycle helmet, 2024

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A straightforward, no-frills helmet with style and sun protection

Bern Major Helmet Test Report 2024Bern Major Helmet Test Report 2024

There is often an elegance in simplicity, which the multi-sport helmet manufacturer Bern has apparently transferred to its Major bicycle helmet. The Major keeps things simple without all the bells and whistles that we often see on newer brand helmets that try to reinvent the wheel. In this review of the Bern Major helmet we explain why we think it does the job, is comfortable to wear and looks great too!

Before we delve into the feel of the helmet, let’s focus on its price ranges and safety ratings. To be clear, this is not a helmet suitable for e-bikes (unlike some of the brand’s other helmets we’ve tested, including the Hudson). However, at the highest price level, it meets many of the same safety standards. Most importantly, the Major offers the option for a yellow MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) layer, which reduces rotational forces during an impact. The helmet also received a 5 STAR rating from the Virginia Tech Helmet Laboratory, representing the testing facility’s best possible rating for concussion risk reduction.

  • Available in two pricing tiers: The highest includes superior concussion risk reduction with a MIPS layer and a 5 STAR score from Virginia Tech.
  • Feels almost like a baseball cap with Bern’s removable lining and fold-down sun visor.
  • Available in a total of six colors with four cheerful options including Orchid, Cyan, Electric Purple and Lime.
  • Simple, streamlined and comfortable with comfortable lining and a “compass” adjustment system.
  • Highly breathable with 14 ventilation openings.
  • Compatible with an optional winter liner with hearing protection.
  • Although it meets many of the same safety standards, it is not specifically designed for e-bikes.

As a Bern helmet, the Major features one of the brand’s trademarks: a removable, padded lining with an attached visor. In my experience, this flexible bullet cap style helmet did a fantastic job of keeping bright sunlight out of my eyes – much better than the hard plastic brim of many other helmets we’ve tried from other brands. This visor can be folded up to improve visibility in cloudy weather and snapped back into place when the sky is clear.

Like many of Bern’s helmets, the Major is available in a variety of matte color options, with some bright and vibrant shades unique to this model. In addition to the standard black and white options, the helmet is also available in Cyan, Lime, Electric Purple and Orchid colors. For our test, we received a matte white helmet that, in my opinion, looked both classic and classy.

Bern HelmsBern Helms

The “Compass” wheel ensures that the helmet fits securely.

Bern HelmsBern Helms

When folded down, the included visor looks cool and keeps sunlight out of your eyes.

Bern HelmsBern Helms

An internal MIPS layer can shift during an impact to reduce the risk of a concussion.

Bern HelmsBern Helms

The Major features 14 vents to ensure breathability and comfort.

The helmet is available in three sizes (S, M, L) and since I have a relatively large helmet, I found the large size to fit perfectly. And to clarify further, the size was what I expected based on other large helmets I’ve tested. Each Bern helmet features a “compass” wheel to precisely adjust the fit and an easy-to-use chin strap, which I found also felt just right in terms of width and overall comfort.

Ultimately, the Major didn’t bring anything new or unexpected, but it worked well and felt great. I liked that it was available in two different price ranges, both with and without MIPS – although personally I think it’s a no-brainer to go for the more secure option. It was also great to see such a variety of bright, eye-catching colors (alongside classic black and white) that suit different personalities and stand out on the street.

Specifications and features

  • Size: 52 – 62 cm (20 ½” – 24 ½”), available in three sizes (S, M, L)
  • MIPS: Optional
  • Number of ventilation openings: 14

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