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FAIR Bicycle launches the press release “Drop Best UC – Mountain Bike”.

WWhen the original drop top was released in 2021, FAIR Bicycle already knew that the RockShox Reverb it was designed for was no longer a market-leading dropper. What they didn’t know, however, was how many people actually wanted their seatpost offset. A year later, FAIR Bicycle knew that some riders wanted to refine their position. From weekend riders to XC World Cup professionals. But on many different types of droppers as well as rigid, proprietary seatposts (read: high-end road bike seatposts). The team was also very pleased to see that many riders were using DROP BEST to keep their old horse up to speed with modified, more modern geometry. That was the main reason FAIR Bicycle developed it in the first place. The other is to provide the ability to fine-tune your riding position on dropper-equipped bikes.

So the team got to work. And it was a lot of work. After an initial analysis of the most popular posts, it was decided that it should be possible to produce a main body compatible with all posts with vertical mounting screws.

All of these contributions were then purchased and professionally 3D scanned with the kind help of the ZHAW School of Engineering in Zurich. This led to intensive efforts to design a part that would be compatible with all different shapes of seat posts. Posts differ in the hardware used (M5/M6/custom), the width and length of the head, the angle of the head relative to the slide tube, and a number of other factors. Then the different seat tube angles of the bikes had to be taken into account. The range of angle adjustment required by the rider, the vertical and the distance forward/back with the saddle/saddle rails. Please in sizes 7, 7×9 and 7×10 mm. Additionally, all of these variables were doubled: DROP BEST UC had to be able to produce a forward AND backward offset. Because this was a very popular feature among the first generation DROP BEST customers.

After many, many, many night shifts followed by sleepless nights, DROP BEST UC was born. It met all of the above requirements while staying just a few grams away from the original design and still passed tests well above ISO MTB standards. And the retail price is very close to the original offering, even though it is entirely made in Switzerland and includes many more bespoke parts.

Dropper posts are great

Unless you want to adjust your sitting position a little. Some bikes have a steep seat angle, others a flat one. And some people confuse virtual, effective and actual seat angles. Some riders may want to experiment with crazy steep seat angles. Others may want to dial back their new school geometry a bit. Or you have a perfectly good, older frame that is back up to date with a slightly flatter head angle and a slightly steeper seat angle. The long-legged XC racer has her saddle stretched all the way back and wants to release those free watts by moving further back. Or maybe you just like a particular frame with a much lower actual seat angle and need to adjust your saddle position to seat height.

In short, there are many situations where positive OR negative offset on a dropper seatpost is highly desirable. To adjust the virtual seat angle to the seat height where the driver needs it. The DROP BEST UC seat clamp solves this problem for almost all bikes equipped with a dropper seat post with vertical mounting screws. With an offset of 27 mm, the seat angle can be changed by 2° (example for 680 mm seat height and 76° starting angle).


Unless you want to adjust your sitting position a little.

We all love the sophisticated modern road bikes, where every tube profile is carefully shaped. And we love making this older aero frame perfect for a flying commuter machine. Others simply want to optimize their racing bike for the occasional TT race.

For the top class of modern bicycles, the manufacturer often offers seat posts with different offsets. But none of them offer a positive balance. And older aero frame designs in particular feature proprietary seatposts but don’t offer offset options. Additionally, if you feel like building a specific retro frame that doesn’t fit you perfectly, you’re stuck.

The DROP BEST UC seat clamp solves this problem on almost all bikes equipped with a seat post with vertical mounting screws. With a 27mm offset, the rider’s saddle position can be adjusted exactly where they need it. And maybe it’s the missing link to make your street machine’s ride just that little bit better.


High-strength 7075 aluminum throughout. Strongest USA-made 12.9 grade fasteners. Swiss coatings for corrosion resistance.

Completely independent angle and saddle position adjustment makes installation a breeze. Lower the stack height of your post with the included spacers or use them to achieve extreme saddle angles (some riders like this 🙂 A detailed compatibility chart can be found here. If you’re not sure if your post will fit, you can download a dummy here and print it in 3D. Compatible with all saddle frames: 7 mm round, 7×9 mm oval and 7×10 mm oval. No additional parts required.

DROP BEST UC is completely modular: Beyond the adjustability beyond the five spacers, you can use your DROP BEST UC on almost all seat posts with vertical clamp screws by simply purchasing an additional hardware kit: For posts with M6 screws, M5 screws , proprietary posts that mount a screw upside down (e.g. many high-end carbon road bikes/posts), and even for the popular Fox Transfer 2021 post as well as its Race Face derivatives.

A stock set of seat clamp parts weighs approximately 75g. The DROP BEST UC assembly weighs 139g*. That’s harder. But at the top of this hour-long climb, your DROP BEST UC-equipped bike will feel much lighter with the correct seating position.

Precision manufactured in Switzerland. High quality coatings throughout.

Produced as fairly and ecologically as possible. From the main CNC parts to the screws and the packaging tape. In countries where everyone has health insurance, paid vacation and decent wages. FAIR Fahrrad provides information as transparently as possible. Find out more here.

This product and its packaging are only manufactured in countries with high environmental standards. Fully circular: All materials can be continuously recycled at the end of their life. Including packaging. FAIR Fahrrad provides information as transparently as possible. Find out more here.

Tested to ISO MTB standards and beyond. Test results here.

On almost all bicycles, the seat post is equipped with two vertical seat clamp screws.

*up to 174g in the heaviest configuration


At FAIR Bicycle we believe that anyone who works should make a living at it. We only source and produce our products in countries where fair wages and good employee rights apply and are enforced by the authorities. We publish as much evidence as possible. Because speaking is silver, proving is gold. It’s all here:


Circular economy means that at the end of a product’s lifespan, all materials used in a product can be returned to the cycle. Either in a 100% recycling (no downcycling) material cycle, or in a natural material cycle where materials can decompose biologically and grow back into a new product. For both circles, the products must be made from monomaterials or be dismantled into monomaterial parts. At FAIR Bicycle we believe that circular economy is the only way forward. That’s why we practice circular economy, almost down to the smallest detail, like fat. From the products themselves to the packaging. It’s all here:


NORMALIZED TIME GAINS – that is our definition of performance. This means that we take into account everything that is important when using a product. Be it the pedaling efficiency of your seating position or the ease of use of your cargo straps. We also try to bring in a good dose of bling and fun, as well as the great vibes that come with owning a fairly and environmentally-friendly piece of gear.


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