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Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 5 review

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Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 5 Spec Review 2024Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 5 Spec Review 2024

For 2024, Rad Power Bikes has updated its popular cargo e-bike RadWagon 4with the new RadWagon 5. In our quick test of the new RadWagon 5, we take a look at the many changes that have been made to one of our most popular cargo e-bikes that make it even more family-friendly.

The basics of the Rad Power Bike RadWagon remain unchanged: It is a cargo e-bike with a step-through frame designed to carry up to two passengers. A brushless 750 W hub motor with gear provides the necessary power.

While these fundamentals remain and the mission and core capabilities of the cargo e-bike remain, much else has changed. The RadWagon 5 features an all-new frame design with fewer tubes but with greater adjustability and better adaptability to smaller riders. The wheel size has changed from 22 inches to 20 inches and the battery has grown from 672 Wh to 720 Wh.

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 5 Spec Review: Bike Overview

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 5 luggage rackRad Power Bikes RadWagon 5 luggage rack

While Rad Power Bikes revised numerous functions when developing the RadWagon 5, one of the most important features is the load capacity of the cargo e-bike. The luggage rack remains almost unchanged. The entire collection of Rad Power Bikes accessories that could be mounted on the RadWagon 4 can also be mounted on the RadWagon 5.

Test report on the Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 5: Technical data and functions

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 5 drivetrainRad Power Bikes RadWagon 5 drivetrain

frame and fork

Rad Power Bikes’ new frame design for the RadWagon 5 offers a number of benefits. By replacing the 22-in. Wheels for 20 inches. With the wheels, they offered riders several advantages. Firstly, this lowered the cargo e-bike’s center of gravity, making it a little easier to handle and more maneuverable. Additionally, the standover height has been reduced by 2.6 inches. Plus 22 inches. Tires are incredibly difficult to find unless you order them directly from Rad Power Bikes. With 20 inches. Wheel owners can purchase a suitable 20-inch wheel from most bike shops around the world. Tires.

The wheelbase has also been reduced slightly, increasing the RadWagon 5’s maneuverability as well as parking and transport.

Revisions to the frame have lowered both the standover height and the minimum saddle height, which will increase its appeal for mothers wrangling children. In addition to the telescoping seat tube, the RadWagon 5 also features raised handlebars that provide greater adjustability to help the rider find the right distance from the saddle to the handlebars.

While the RadWagon 4 was previously equipped with a rigid steel fork, the RadWagon 5 has a suspension fork with 45 mm of travel. That’s not a lot of travel, so it doesn’t so much make the road feel smoother as it softens out any bumps, making it easier to control on bumpy or pothole-riddled roads.

Motor and battery

The Rad Power Bike RadWagon 5’s 750W brushless geared hub motor produces a very solid 90Nm of torque. Adequate torque is an important factor in getting a load up to speed or going up a hill. The new engine is said to offer 50 percent more torque than the RadWagon 4.

Rad Power Bikes’ new Safe Shield battery is the bigger story here. Yes, it’s a larger battery than its predecessor’s 672Wh unit, but that’s not what’s special about this 720Wh battery. The battery is “potted,” meaning each individual cell is surrounded by a resin that absorbs heat and prevents corrosion. It also provides insulation in the event of an accident. The possibility of thermal runaway, the major risk of lithium-ion batteries, is not eliminated with this new battery, but it is less likely to occur.

Safe Shield is a big step for Rad Power Bikes and makes them the new leader in lithium-ion battery technology for e-bikes. Potting batteries in electric vehicles has been done for years. It’s time for it to catch on with e-bikes too.

The new Safe Shield battery is certified to UL’s 2271 battery standard, and the RadWagon 5 is certified to the complete bicycle standard 2849. Also of note is the fact that the RadWagon 5 can now be unlocked for Class 3 speeds (maximum assist speed of 28 mph).


Rad Power Bikes’ decision to change the RadWagon 5 wheels from 22-inch to 20-inch is a notable change that will help riders, and it was an important part of the expanded size range, especially in the smaller range. The 3.3-inch wide tires have the necessary width to provide a comfortable ride with appropriate tire pressure without the risk of a puncture.

The 7-speed drivetrain remains unchanged from the previous version, with a thumb shifter and an 11-34T freewheel with a gear range of about 310 percent.

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are combined with 180 mm brake discs. This is a great setup and combined with small (20 inch) wheels it makes a powerful setup.

First test report on the Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 5 from EBR:

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 5 saddleRad Power Bikes RadWagon 5 saddle

If two people took consecutive test rides on the RadWagon 4 and RadWagon 5 power bikes, they would notice the following differences. First, thanks to smaller wheels and a hub motor with more torque, the rider would likely notice better acceleration from a standstill as well as a bit more climbing power to see them over the top of hills. You would also notice that the RadWagon 5 would take slightly smaller turns, giving it a bit more agility when traversing urban areas. Thanks to the lower center of gravity, it would feel sufficiently stable.

Two-parent families will find that adapting the RadWagon 5 to two different adults is easier thanks to the seat’s greater adjustment range and the tall handlebar, which offers greater adjustability compared to the old handlebar.

In addition to the new, safer battery, Rad Power Bikes has also given this new model a security fob that allows riders to lock and unlock their e-bike, increasing safety.

Cargo e-bikes are naturally more expensive than commuter and off-road models. Most of this is due to the more complicated frame design, but that’s not all. As a result, cargo e-bikes are rarely available for less than $2,000. So to even come close to that price is an achievement, and the RadWagon 5 comes close.

We respect what the 22-inch player has. The wheels were intended to provide the RadWagon 4’s ride quality and were replaced with the much more common 20-inch wheels. Size was a smart move. This helps buyers with both choice and availability and reduces the possibility that supply chain issues could lead to a recall, as Rad Power Bikes experienced with the RadWagon 4. The RadWagon 5 is a well-designed cargo e-bike that can be equipped to transport kids and groceries on the same trip.

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