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Rad Power Bikes Radster Trail Review

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Rad Power Bikes Radster Trail Spec Review 2024Rad Power Bikes Radster Trail Spec Review 2024

Rad Power Bikes has announced several new e-bikes, including this new model, the Radster. This powerful and versatile e-bike is available in both road and trail versions to better suit riders’ individual needs, as well as two sizes to suit a wide range of riders.

The Radster Trail’s engine specification also offers an increase in performance compared to those of other Rad Power Bikes models. This is a 750W brushless geared hub motor that produces 100Nm of torque.

Even bigger news is that Rad Power Bikes has introduced a new battery with what they call Safe Shield technology.

Where the bike received Power Bikes Radster Road 29 inches. Wheels with 2.2 inch wide tires, the Radster Trail is equipped with 27.5 inch wide tires. Wheels with 3 inch wide tires. While the Radster Road rolls faster on the road, the Radster Trail offers the rider better traction and control as well as more comfort when riding off-road.

Rad Power Bikes Radster Trail Spec Review: Bike Overview

Rad Power Bikes Radster Trail DriveRad Power Bikes Radster Trail Drive

Suppose a buyer had difficulty for a moment deciding between one of Rad Power Bikes’ commuter bikes, such as: B. to decide RadCity 5 Plusand one of their off-road models, like this RadRover 6 Plus. The Radster Trail splits the difference well, with a wide tire that performs well on dirt roads and natural-surface trails, but still rolls reasonably well on the road. We review Radster Road here.

As mentioned, Rad Power Bikes has introduced a new battery with the new Safe Shield technology. Safe Shield surrounds each battery cell with a temperature-resistant resin. Should one of the cells become damaged, the resin protects against both corrosion and thermal runaway by absorbing and helping to dissipate the heat so that other cells are not damaged.

Rad Power Bikes Radster Trail Review: Specs and Features

Rad Power Bikes Radster Trail front fenderRad Power Bikes Radster Trail front fender

frame and fork

Rad Power Bikes produces the Radster Trail in two frame sizes to better accommodate a wide range of rider sizes. The half-passage makes it easier to get on and off.

The total payload capacity for the Rad Power Bikes Radster Trail is 320 pounds. A rider can weigh up to 290 pounds. The rear rack can hold up to 55 pounds, and a front rack can hold up to 30 pounds when installed.

To smooth unpaved roads and paths with natural surfaces, Rad Power Bikes has equipped the Radster Trail with a hydraulic 80mm suspension fork. A steel coil spring is combined with oil damping to achieve a smoother response.

In addition to the UL 2271 certification of the new Safe Shield battery, the bike also has UL 2849 certification for the electronic system.

Motor and battery

It’s hard to say whether the bigger news at Rad Power Bikes is the Radster’s new battery or motor. Safe Shield technology is a great step towards making lithium-ion batteries safer. However, what drivers will notice when driving is not increased safety, but better performance.

The Radster Trail is now equipped with a 750W geared brushless hub motor that produces a very strong 100Nm of torque, offering excellent acceleration and improved climbing performance compared to many of Rad’s other models.

The 720Wh battery is estimated to give the rider a range of between 25 and 65 miles, depending on the assistance level selected by the rider.


We’re not done yet with the many features that make the Power Bikes Radster Trail an exciting addition to your range. The off-road model is equipped with an 8-speed Shimano drive with a shift lever under the handlebar. This new 8-speed drivetrain features a gear range of approximately 310 percent (11-34 teeth) to better handle inclines.

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are another good choice. They are equipped with 180mm brake discs to give the driver confidence during short stops and hard corners.

The Radster Trail is also equipped with a comprehensive range of accessories. In addition to the fenders, it has a luggage rack, a kickstand, and front and rear lights. The front light also received an upgrade to a 100 lux Spanninga device that produces 200 lumens.

The handlebars of the Rad Power Bike Radster Trail receive a little more rise and a little less swing compared to the Radster Road, giving it a slightly more aggressive riding position to keep weight on the front wheel when riding off-road.

First test report on the Rad Power Bikes Radster Trail from EBR:

Rad Power Bikes Radster Trail MotorRad Power Bikes Radster Trail Motor

There is a middle ground between the classic commuter e-bike and the ever so popular fat tire models. While the large tires on all-terrain e-bikes feel very comfortable and provide traction like a cat on a carpet, the 27.5 x 3 inch tires are very comfortable. The Radster Trail’s tires require less force to accelerate to speed while still providing excellent traction but providing better handling and easier maneuverability.

As a further upgrade, the Power Bikes Radster Trail bike is equipped with a security fob that allows owners to lock and unlock their e-bike’s electronics, increasing safety for the rider.

According to Rad Power, the total weight capacity of the Radster Trail is 320 pounds. The driver can be up to 290 of them. The rear rack can hold up to 55 pounds, and an optional front rack can hold 30 pounds.

With the Rad Power Bikes Radster Trail, buyers don’t have to choose between an all-terrain model with fat tires that’s best for off-road use and a commuter that can’t handle off-road riding. The Radster Trail is suitable for driving on all roads and at the same time offers the buyer greater safety and security.

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