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A look at the newly released specifications

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Himiway Rhino Pro Review: A look at the recently released specificationsHimiway Rhino Pro Review: A look at the recently released specifications

With spring just around the corner for most of us, we’re excited about some of the new e-bikes coming to market. Himiway has announced several that we are excited about. Himiway offers its Cobra model in two versions, the Cobra and the Cobra Pro. The two e-bikes are essentially the same, but have one big difference: the Cobra is equipped with a hub motor, while the Cobra Pro is equipped with a mid-motor. Himiway has done the same with its new Rhino model, offering both the hub motor Rhino and the mid-drive Rhino Pro.

The Rhino Pro is an unusual e-bike for several reasons. The frame design leads to these differences. The 6061 aluminum frame is designed to accommodate two internal batteries, one in the down tube and one in the top tube. The dual battery system is also not an option; The two batteries are standard.

The Rhino Pro’s mid-engine is no ordinary engine either. This is a 1000 W mid-engine that produces a whopping torque of 160 Nm. With so much power and torque, describing its handling might require words we would normally use in the context of motorcycles. That’s serious power.

The Rhino Pro is estimated to give riders a range of 100 miles, but we believe that estimate may be modest; The rhino is estimated to travel 100 miles. with a hub motor, but mid-drive motors almost always have a longer range than hub motors when both use the same battery size.

Himiway Rhino Pro Spec Review: Bike Overview

Himiway Rhino Pro mid-ride reviewHimiway Rhino Pro mid-ride review

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Himiway Rhino Pro review: Specifications and features

frame and fork

The Himiway Rhino Pro frame takes a new approach to dual battery usage. The frame made of 6061 aluminum integrates one battery in the down tube and the other battery in the top tube. The hydroformed tubes hide the battery and give the Rhino Pro an impressive look.

Like many of its other models, Himiway equips the Rhino Pro with a suspension fork. We’ll know the route when the full specifications are released. The Rhino Pro can hold up to 330 pounds.

Motor and battery

Himiway Rhino Pro batteryHimiway Rhino Pro battery

Rhino and Rhino Pro from Himiway follow the pattern of the Cobra and Cobra Pro. Just as the Cobra has a hub motor and the Cobra Pro has a mid-drive motor, the Rhino also has a hub motor and the Rhino Pro has a mid-drive motor. The only notable difference is that the Cobra has a 750W motor while the Rhino has a 1000W hub motor. Both Cobra Pro and Rhino Pro have 1000W mid-mounted motors.

The Rhino Pro’s mid-engine not only produces a nominal output of 1000 W, it also creates a huge torque of 160 Nm. It uses the same Bafang M620 motor as the Cobra Pro, which has a peak power of 1300W.

The Rhino Pro is a Class 3 e-bike that can reach speeds of 25 miles per hour with pedal assist and features a throttle that can accelerate the rider up to 20 miles per hour.


The Rhino Pro has a 10-speed drivetrain, giving it one more gear than the Rhino. It features the same 10-speed Shimano drivetrain as the Cobra Pro with an 11-34T cassette. While the low gear isn’t as low as we see on some current cassettes, the combination of 1000W on demand and more torque than we normally see – around twice as much – means the Rhino Pro can climb like few e-bikes that we see.

Himiway has chosen hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors that provide excellent modulation and stopping power.

The Rhino Pro is equipped with a new Himiway brand tire; You can even see Himiway’s rocket logo on the tread. It is a 26 x 4.5 inch. Tires with smooth tread. With this width it grips fairly well on soft surfaces, but rolls faster on asphalt than a studded tire.

Like other Himiway models, the Rhino Pro comes with front and rear lights, a luggage rack and fenders.

First look at the Himiway Rhino Pro from EBR:

First look at Himiway Rhino ProFirst look at Himiway Rhino Pro

If there was a national organization for doomsday preparers, like retirees at AARP do, the positive action would be to get them to support the Himiway Rhino Pro as the ultimate means of transportation in the event of the apocalypse. Only a few e-bikes can keep up with it in terms of usability; Only a few e-bikes can keep up with its range. The word “powerful” seems to underestimate the capabilities of this e-bike.

The Himiway Rhino Pro is not an e-MTB, so it doesn’t offer the same performance on technical terrain as a proper e-MTB, but for someone exploring dirt roads, jeep trails and the like, the Rhino Pro is still there to roll , long after most e-mountain bikes would be dead.

Himiway has priced the Rhino Pro at $4,199, but is offering a pre-order price of $3,999.

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