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E-bike news; Cannondale go Carbon, Cyrusher Dual Motor and much more!

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Electric bike news from December 1stElectric bike news from December 1st

There are, as usual, exciting-sounding new e-bikes this week, but it was the security update story that caught our attention. Despite the welcome price cuts for e-bikes as e-bike manufacturers struggle with difficult market conditions, a good e-bike is still a major investment and theft is a real problem. Therefore, it is good to see that not only Bosch is improving its anti-theft product by updating its smart system, but other companies such as Cowboy and the British company Wisper are also joining in. Not only is tracking becoming more widespread, but we also note that Wisper has worked with Backpedal, a company that claims an 85% success rate in recovering stolen bikes. It will be interesting to see if this approach is used for tracking And The recovery of e-bikes is increasing.

In this week E-bike news:

  • Cannondale announces e-bike with carbon frame and lightweight Bosch MD drive
  • Cyrushers two new mega-powerful e-bikes
  • New safety features from Bosch, Cowboy and Wisper
  • AI should help keep cycle paths clear
  • CapsulBike – a cute, feature-rich bike trailer

Cannondale launches the first urban e-bike with a carbon frame

Cannondale Tesoro Neo CarbonCannondale Tesoro Neo Carbon

The British bike radar Details on this exciting sounding launch:

The Tesoro Neo Carbon is Cannondale’s first carbon fiber electric commuter bike and is modeled after the brand’s endurance road bike, the Synapse. Due to the carbon fiber frame, it is reasonably light, weighing a claimed 16kg.

The Tesoro Neo Carbon features Bosch’s newest and lightest mid-engine – for EU markets that’s the 15.5mph Performance Line SX, while in the US the faster version of the same engine is called the Performance Line Sprint. A 400 Wh battery is standard and a 250 Wh Bosch PowerMore range extender is available as an option.

The Tesoro Neo Carbon 1 costs 5,899 euros and the Tesoro Neo Carbon 2 costs 4,999 euros. The main differences lie in the head tube design and drivetrain specification – both models feature high-performance integrated lighting and high-quality Vittoria gravel-style tires. Bikeradar tells us: “The bikes will not be available in the UK and US pricing is yet to be confirmed.”


Utah-based Cyrusher has just announced two new models.

Cyrusher ScoutCyrusher Scout

The Scout is described as a dual-battery, dual-motor adventure model with a claimed range of 112 miles, thanks to a gigantic 2kWh plus battery capacity. The hardwired lights have built-in signals and there is also full suspension.

However, please note that this may not be considered a road legal e-bike in many areas as the dual hub motors are rated at 1000W and 750W respectively. There’s a single-motor version for $2,999, while the dual-motor version costs $3,999.

Cyrusher hurricaneCyrusher hurricane

The hurricane is the first model from Cyrusher to feature both a mid-engine and a carbon fiber frame. Again, it seems to exceed the generally prescribed legal power limit of 750W, as the motor is rated at 1000W.

With full air suspension, one of Bafang’s most powerful mid-drives, 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, and a 1 kWh battery, it’s perhaps no surprise that the Hurricane’s MSRP is $5,000.

Security feature updates

Bosch eBike grid safety features updateBosch eBike grid safety features update

The British Ebiketips report on three new security features designed to help protect your e-bike and – in the worst case scenario – help recover stolen e-bikes:

“……Bosch has announced three updates to its eBike system. One focuses on theft reporting and data collection, while the other improves mapping and navigation.

Bosch already has anti-theft measures in place through the eBike Systems and Flow app, but the new theft reporting feature… strikes a similar tone to the new one Cowboy Theft Report Link and other anti-theft features which we recently reported on.

Wisper, on the other hand, has announced a partnership with BackPedal, a UK-based “theft detection and recovery service” that we offer Reported about it at the beginning of the year. As part of this partnership, all Wisper bikes will now be available with an integrated alarm and tracking device.
BackPedal also offers bike recovery and insurance services, which are said to have an 85% success rate in returning stolen bikes.”

AI Company can help keep bike lanes clear

Cycle path violationsCycle path violations

Do you hate drivers blocking bike lanes? If so, Streetsblog USA might have some good news for you how it reports this:

“Following recent bicycle enforcement bills Chicago, CaliforniaAnd new YorkHayden AI, a machine learning company, recently launched a new technology that company officials believe is the first to use artificial intelligence to detect and track drivers who block bike lanes.

Hayden AI hopes its technology can speed up the implementation of bike lane laws by harnessing the power of machine learning to map bike lanes, identify vehicles or objects that may be obstructing them, and quickly relay that information to the appropriate enforcement agency.

The technology can be mounted on vehicles such as buses, rather than on stationary roadside fixtures such as traffic lights and lampposts, but Hayden emphasizes that its reach is still significant. There is no data yet on how accurate the cameras are, but the company says they are based on the same technology as cameras that detect bus lane blockers, which have 99 percent accuracy.”

Is this the most comfortable bike trailer on the market?

Capsule bikeCapsule bike

The French manufacturer Tinyvroum is launching the CapsulBike, a caravan for transporting your e-bike. Compared to the more expensive competition and the comfort offered, the price of 3,900 euros could be quite attractive for some.

The CapsulBike weighs approximately 69kg and has an amazing array of features including folding table and refrigerator. With a volume of twelve liters, the refrigerator is relatively compact. A kitchen set with stove, cups and kettle completes the kitchen. The refrigerator, the on-board battery powered by a 140 watt solar panel, a 10 liter water tank and a shower. There are also integrated lights and indicators.

The CapsulBike is currently only available in France and Belgium.

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