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Tenway’s AGO X review, 2023

The AGO’s relatively large pedals provided stability, the lightweight foam grips fit comfortably on the bike and my hands, and the Selle Royal saddle was slim enough to not be obstructive while providing enough padding for lasting comfort on longer rides.

An e-bike that puts commuter identity at the forefront, the AGO features two frame sizes that accommodate riders from 5 feet to 5 inches to over 6 feet to 3 inches. Measuring 5 feet to 11 inches, I was in the middle of the range for the Large and felt like it fit me well.

In earlier sections of this Tenways AGO X review, I mentioned the bike’s great handling; This was one of the most outstanding highlights of its ride quality. With the 770mm wide handlebars, small adjustments translated into larger steering movements of the bike to ensure the bike went where I wanted it to. With the great control this handlebar offered, it was almost impossible to feel anything other than strong and confident. We’re excited to see similar features on any e-bike, but they’re especially relevant on an e-bike that has so much potential for off-road riding!

Before I delve further into the myriad of things the AGO does with the bike’s marketing and so many other components that give the bike potential for off-road adventures, I was surprised to see the relatively minimal and low profile of the CST puncture-resistant tires . To be fair, the bike handled light dirt roads better than I expected, but for those who want to ride on more challenging terrain, I’d like to see the option for more off-road-ready knobby or hybrid tires.

I really enjoyed the overall driving experience of the AGO X; The 250W mid-motor often felt like a more powerful motor and responded almost instantly to changes in my pedal stroke. The 10-speed drivetrain felt quick and offered flexibility when riding at high speeds or climbing hills. With the 2.25-inch wide tires, the bike felt stable while riding and the interface was simple and clean.

The motorcycle’s cockpit layout was minimal, with a small control panel and unobtrusive display on the left bar and the quickshifter on the right. I appreciated that the bike’s display was unique, colorful, well-organized, and easy to read. It also offered a variety of driving data that could be scrolled through with the power button.

Like its predecessor Tenways models we testedThe AGO X has a headlight beautifully integrated into the head tube. This follows the brand’s compliance with StVZO regulations; This German standard stipulates that the bicycle’s light must be directed downwards in order not to blind drivers. There is also a wide, bright taillight on the included luggage rack; I appreciate its visibility, but considering the bike is intended as a commuter, I would prefer if the brake light function was integrated into the light.

The AGO We have enjoyed our experience with the app so far, but cannot report any specific experiences with the AGO X.

Overall, I think the AGO X offers fantastic ride quality with its responsiveness, handling, operation and comfort. Despite a few minor flaws, it received enthusiastic approval.

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