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E-bike news; Ride1Up, Cannondale and Cervélo ride gravel and much more!

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Electric bike news from December 15thElectric bike news from December 15th

While electric gravel bikes – which are designed for fast on-road riding but can also handle some level of rougher off-road riding – represent a niche in the e-bike world, they appear to be a growing niche. While one might expect the likes of Cannondale and Cervélo, which target big-budget enthusiast riders, to announce new e-gravel bikes, what’s probably new is that budget e-bike specialist Ride1Up has just released its own take on the Genres has announced that will leave other budget e-bike makers sitting and wondering if this is a niche that’s making its way into the mainstream.

In this week E-bike news:

  • Ride1Up announces first electric gravel bike
  • The new E-Gravel model from Cannondale has one-sided suspension and is available as a regular and speed pedelec version
  • Cervélo’s Rouvida converts from a road bike to a gravel bike – but it doesn’t look easy
  • Urtopia continues to move down the AI ​​e-bike road
  • Corratec’s Apple-based C-Finder tracking technology will be used in almost all 2024 e-bike models

Ride1Ups CF Racer1 – a high-end e-gravel bike at an affordable price

Roadster black right minRoadster black right min

Ride1Up is known for high-quality, well-designed, but very affordable e-bikes and their latest project – their first drop model is this CF Racer1 and is available for pre-order now.

Ride1Up’s own description seems to sum it up best:

“The performance-oriented CF Racer1 features an ultralight carbon fiber frame and sleek, fully hidden electronics. It is designed for people looking for a high-performance driving experience with the added benefit of quiet motor assistance when needed.

Detailed specifications include 28mph assistance, a 250W rear hub motor with 42Nm of torque and a high-quality SRAM Rival 11-speed derailleur.

With an introductory price of $2,195, it’s clear that the Ride1Up is looking to take on much higher-priced competitors that dominate the world of lightweight e-gravel bikes.

…And another carbon-framed e-gravel machine, this time from Cannondale

Cannondale's Neo Carbon Lefty 3 Gravel E-Bike is a bit different than others on the marketCannondale's Neo Carbon Lefty 3 Gravel E-Bike is a bit different than others on the market

Cannondale recently announced its latest e-bike, featuring the innovative but proven “Lefty” single-sided suspension fork Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty 3.

The electric gravel range includes 15.5mph and 28mph versions, which have identical specifications apart from the different Bosch mid-drives and feature a BallisTec carbon frame with integrated Kingpin suspension, a Lefty Oliver gravel Front fork with 30mm travel and a Shimano GRX 812/600 11-speed hydraulic disc group.

The EU version gets a Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive, while the US version is equipped with the faster Bosch Performance Line Speed ​​​​and both models have 500 Wh batteries integrated into the frame.

….And one more thing: Cervélo announces a road/gravel crossover model

Cerevelo RouvidaCerevelo Rouvida

“Cervélo is the latest bike brand to go electric with the launch of the sleek and slightly stunning model Rouvida. Although at first glance it is another high-end, low-profile e-road bike based on the Fazua Ride 60 mid-engine system, it can also be ridden in an e-gravel configuration thanks to some replaceable dropouts “Change “The geometry of the bike,” it says The British ebike tips.

While the Ride 60 is one of the extremely impressive new lightweight mid-drive systems coming to market in 2023, you’ll certainly be paying for the privilege, as the three versions of the Cervélo Rouvida cost between £6,000 and £11,000 (approximately $7,500 to $13,750). . .

The confusing part referred to in the ebiketips article is the rather complicated process of converting from a road-ready e-bike to a gravel-ready e-bike, which requires, among other things, a visit to a dealer to get a firmware update. Get update things.

Urtopia – the AI ​​e-bike, controlled by a “Smart Ring”.

Urtopia Smart RingUrtopia Smart Ring

If you thought that integrating digital technology into e-bikes couldn’t go much further (at least for now), Urtopia wants to prove you wrong.

The Hong Kong-based company has announced what it claims is the “world’s first dual-motor, dual-battery e-bike with fully integrated AI.” the merger. That’s really all the details we could find on this new model, but the technology they’re boasting about is a little clearer.

There will be a fingerprint sensor, a GPS module, a gyroscope and a torque sensor that communicate via CAN bus with a central control unit that itself has the corresponding computing chips. Communication with cloud services is possible over 4G, with Google Maps, Apple Health, Strava, ChatGPT and other applications via APIs.’

The most fascinating option is the integration of a “smart ring” if the integration of smartphone and e-bike is too complicated for you – at least a nice PR move in the run-up to Apple’s launch of its own smart ring, which will supposedly be integrated into the integrated AI intended to help with unlocking and navigation…anyway the video will give you a much better idea.

Corratec announces C-Finder tracking for the 2024 product line

Corratec C FinderCorratec C Finder

Germany-based Corratec has announced that it has teamed up with Kathrein Solutions and developed the C-Finder tracking system, which will be integrated into 2024 e-bikes.

The system claims that e-bikes can be located quickly and easily and do not rely on GPS and the associated costs of an eSIM, but rather on the Apple Find My Network technology used in iPhones and AirTags. Corracted says 99% of their 2024 e-bike range will feature this technology.

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