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BMW Alpina XB7 buying guide

I recently put my wife and her little girl in a 2021 BMW Alpina XB7 SUV for less than $100,000 and I couldn’t be happier.

Sure, the price is excellent, and as we near the end of the year (written in September 2023), this is a car that certainly qualifies for Section 179, but beyond that, this thing is awesome.

I currently have this SUV and my Urus Performante in my fleet. These cars couldn’t be more different.

From a sporting perspective, I enjoy my Urus, but believe me, the Alpina will get the most use because it is more comfortable, more spacious and still a beautiful SUV.

Many of you are asking for recommendations for 7 seater SUVs and unfortunately there aren’t that many that talk about working with the ECH methodology, but this one does.

So if you’re looking for a family-friendly hack that looks good and won’t break your budget, read on.

Experience behind the wheel

Given the size of the Alpina

I was shocked to find out how grounded this BMW beast was when I walked in. I half expected to compare it to my Escalade, but it’s in a class of its own.

It drives like a Rolls, but isn’t as heavy. It drives very much like a car – handling sharp corners and quick braking like an absolute champ. As my fellow parents know, these are very important items since you’re usually transporting some pretty valuable cargo.

The cabin is spacious and easy to load with things or people. My daughter’s car seat fits perfectly and my wife and I have no trouble getting her in and out (the same cannot be said for the G63). The leather is also relatively forgiving, so the dents that are sometimes caused by the car seat haven’t appeared YET, but I’ll report on that when it does, when it’s time to sell it.

The ease of use is there, the elegance is there and honestly I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. I like to take it with me on longer car journeys and in the rain because the car can handle it and still exudes that full-on shooting feeling that I can’t live without.

BMW Alpina XB7 General problems

It’s well worth noting that the ALPINA variants of the BMW range tend not to suffer from the same reliability issues as their lower-performance siblings.

This is because ALPINA variants of the models receive special treatment during production and any superficial problems that could later lead to catastrophic failures generally do not arise. However, no car is ever perfect and although there are problems with the ALPINA XB7, they are still SUVs that are prone to SUV-like problems.

Due to the heavy weight of the vehicle, suspension problems often occur. Tires can wear out faster and more frequently, especially if you live in harsher climates or on roads with lots of potholes or are not properly maintained. But these are problems you see in everything from the Defender to the G-Wagon and everything in between.

Just always make sure you keep up with the proper maintenance of your XB7. Most of these vehicles are still under warranty. So if a problem arises, BMW can cover it.

However, once the warranty has expired, you shouldn’t feel like you’re a slave to “dealer only” repairs and maintenance. You can find a reputable, independent shop that specializes in BMW or luxury/exotic cars in general, build a relationship, and find that you’re paying a fraction of what BMW will charge you for a simple oil change or installation and balancing tires would calculate.

Best BMW Alpina XB7 Buy

Due to the uniqueness of the ALPINA line, most of these vehicles have the same options and sticker price. However, there are a few additional options that could enhance your XB7. Therefore, read your technical data carefully.

The full Merino leather interior package can add $1,500 to your value and is available in either White/Atlas Gray, Black or Tarfuto (Saddle Brown). Second-row captain’s chairs are an $850 option and are preferred for those who really need a spacious 7-seater. Then, as always, the Bowers and Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System will give you a significant premium over the $3,400 price tag.

That being said, the ALPINA is you just want to make sure you get a specification that will sell well and appeal to the wide majority. That means something attractive like black on black, white on white (my spec), black on saddle, blue on black, red on black, etc.

If you’re ever curious about whether your potential spec would be worth pursuing, ask yourself: Would PJ drive it?


Although this car is newer and the depreciation curve is still on the higher end, I still think it is a great car to purchase with Section 179.

This car has great presence on the road, has space for the whole family and is so unique that as long as the kilometers remain constant and the condition of the SUV is maintained, there will not be a massive loss in value during the time you own it remains good and cared for.

I know I really enjoy driving my XB7 and I don’t drive luxury cars that often. So if that’s any indication, keep an eye on this XB7.

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