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Himiway C5 review 2024 | Electric bike review

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Himiway C5 Spec Review 2024Himiway C5 Spec Review 2024

Himiway has introduced several new models and one of them is a so-called electric motorcycle. We call it an electric moped for several reasons. Firstly, a real e-motorcycle must be registered and licensed. In addition, electric motorcycles never have pedals. Still, this is a pretty cool new model and is well suited to drivers who value comfort.

Thanks to the seat and the front and rear wheel suspension, this ensures a comfortable ride even on uneven roads. We explain why this is so in our Himiway C5 test.

The Himiway C5’s power comes from a 750W geared brushless hub motor powered by a whopping 960Wh battery. Considering most riders spend their time on the throttle rather than the pedals, this was a great choice.

Let’s take a look at the other details of the Himiway C5.

Himiway C5 Spec Review: Bike Overview

Himiway C5 bike overviewHimiway C5 bike overview

E-mopeds are intended to provide the look and feel of a moped/motorcycle without forcing drivers to register their purchase and obtain a driving license. And they are comfortable, thanks to the large bench.

The seat has some girth and is fixed so it cannot be raised or lowered, which can make it difficult to find the right position for pedaling, but electric mopeds are not intended for people who want a lot of exercise . And at 88 pounds, drivers will want to rely on the engine for acceleration.

Himiway C5 review: specifications and features

Specifications and features of the Himiway C5Specifications and features of the Himiway C5

frame and fork

Himiway built the C5 on a heat-treated 6061 aluminum frame. It features an air suspension shock absorber, but there is no word on how much travel the rider will enjoy.

The frame is equipped with a seat like on a motorcycle. It offers great comfort, but does not make pedaling easier.

The suspension fork offers 140 mm of travel, which is enough to make riding on unpaved roads comfortable. It could make a paved road feel like new pavement.

Motor and battery

The Himiway C5 is equipped with a 750W brushless hub gear motor that produces 86Nm of torque. It is one of the more powerful hub motors we have tested. Drivers looking for quick acceleration can reach top speed with ease.

Considering that this e-moped or e-motorcycle probably won’t be pedaled much, the C5 needs a large battery to have decent range, and Himiway came through with a 960Wh battery, which is one almost a third larger capacity is required to meet our rule of thumb of 1:1 motor power to battery capacity.

Himiway suggests drivers can expect visibility of up to 80 miles. per load. It is important to remember that such a number is a best-case scenario and that in order to realize this, riders must enter PAS 1 every time this e-moped moves. For a driver who only accelerates, we would expect the range to be closer to half. However, this shouldn’t sound like a knock. If the Himiway C5 can travel 40 miles. on gas, which makes it the long-distance champion among e-mopeds.

However, the rider who wants to pedal will be rewarded with immediate and proportional acceleration thanks to the additional torque sensor. It makes for a more seamless driving experience.

Drive, brakes and wheels

Himiway has equipped the C5 with a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain with a 14-28T freehub. This is convenient for anyone who pedals, but it doesn’t add much value for the user who prefers to accelerate.

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are combined with 180mm rotors to ensure solid stopping power and control when cornering. Even though the Himiway C5’s tires are large, it still rolls at 20 inches. Wheels, making this a very powerful combination, more so than would be the case with 26 inch wheels. Wheels.

The 20 x 4 inches. Kenda K-Shield tires feature a medium tread pattern that rolls well on asphalt but still provides the driver with adequate traction off-road.

First look at the Himiway C5 from EBR:

First look at the Himiway C5First look at the Himiway C5

Most e-moped designs we see feature rigid frames and a suspension fork with 80-100mm of travel. The Himiway C5 increases travel to 140mm and features rear suspension, making the design significantly more comfortable and capable when riding on unpaved roads.

Despite his weight of 88 pounds. Due to its light weight, we believe riders will have good range with the Himiway C5 due to the 960Wh battery. That’s a big battery; We are not convinced that drivers will travel 80 miles. within range and even 60 miles. may be a challenge, this electric moped offers every rider plenty of range when charged after every ride.

We would have liked to see full fenders front and rear, but the C5 features bright head and tail lights, and the tail light also doubles as a brake light.

A notable feature of the Himiway C5 is that it is a Class 2 electric moped and Himiway does not mention that the C5 can be unlocked for Class 3 or unlimited operation. This means that parents looking for an e-moped that will allow their child to reach e-bike speeds rather than traffic speeds can have confidence that their rider is driving at a manageable speed of 20 miles per hour.

This is a great design that offers a significantly more comfortable ride than most of its competitors.

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