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Heybike Hero Spec Review, 2024

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Heybike Hero Spec Review 2024Heybike Hero Spec Review 2024

Heybike has just announced a new model and this one is a real eye-catcher. You don’t need ADD to lose track of what you just did while looking at this baby. The Heybike Hero is the company’s first carbon fiber e-bike. As much as we liked it other Heybike models According to our review, this is a more upscale model that offers buyers an impressive overall package. In our Heybike Hero specs test, we’ll infer as much as we can from the details provided so far.

So what is the Heybike Hero? It’s an all-terrain e-bike with front and rear suspension and great big tires for off-road riding. It also features a mid-motor to give the rider a better sense of control than we typically see on a hub motor e-bike. It is also UL certified.

Heybike Hero Spec Review: Bike Overview

Heybike Hero Bike OverviewHeybike Hero Bike Overview

So let’s cover some basics: Most off-road e-bikes we test cost between $1,500 and $2,000. They are based on an aluminum frame, a suspension fork and a rear hub motor. The Heybike Hero is the rich cousin in comparison.

The Heybike Hero’s frame is made from T800 carbon fiber, a bicycle industry standard used in countless high-quality racing frames. The frame also features a full suspension design. Heybike reports that by using carbon fiber instead of aluminum, they’ve created a frame that weighs 36 percent less than a similar aluminum frame. In our experience, this is consistent with the difference we saw between two models offered in aluminum and carbon fiber.

The power of this e-bike is provided by an Ananda mid-motor that produces 750 W of power and 160 Nm of torque. It is powered by an internal 864Wh lithium-ion battery. The component package includes a 9-speed Shimano drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes and 26-in. Wheels with 4 inch wide tires.

Heybike Hero Review: Specifications and Features

Heybike Hero Review: Specifications and FeaturesHeybike Hero Review: Specifications and Features

frame and fork

Although Heybike hasn’t released all the specs on the Hero yet, they’ve shared some solid details with us. First of all, the frame weighs 6.2 pounds, which other full-suspension designs would be without the rear shock. Heybike says the suspension uses a Horst Link design; These are known to be a bit wobbly, but tend to offer a better e-bike riding experience than traditional mountain bikes.

Heybike offers a 10-year guarantee on the frame, a level of security we rarely see.

The rear shock absorber is complemented by a suspension fork, but we don’t have any details about it yet. There is no information on front and rear travel, but based on the photos we estimate there is between 100 and 130mm of travel on both the front and rear.

Motor and battery

The 750W Ananda mid-motor is a beast. With 750W of power and 160Nm of torque, the Heybike Hero has the power to climb any hill an e-bike can climb. To put this into perspective, consider how the Bosch Performance CX motor we see in many eMTBs produces 250W and 85Nm of torque. It is like it is.

And because it’s a mid-drive motor, it uses a torque sensor, so changes in the rider’s cadence result in changes in the motor’s output. We believe it provides a more entertaining, dynamic and seamless riding experience than riders experiencing with a cadence sensor.

The 864Wh battery allows for hours of riding, even at maximum PAS. Heybike suggests riders can expect visibility of up to 60 miles. Range on a single charge. Heybike reports that they have received UL certification for the Hero; The motor, battery and the rest of the electrical system are certified to UL 2849, the strictest standard for e-bikes in the USA


With a full-suspension carbon fiber all-terrain e-bike, we’d have to say something was wrong if it didn’t have hydraulic disc brakes. There is no information yet on whose disc brakes are specified. They are equipped with 180 mm brake discs to give the Heybike Hero sufficient stopping power.

A common fault we see with off-road models is an underpowered powertrain. By this we mean a drivetrain without low enough gears for climbing hills. It’s easy to think that with such a powerful mid-engine you don’t need low gears, but the problem is that transmitting 160 Nm of torque through the drivetrain will lead to premature chain wear if not detected in time, Operating a worn chain will result in premature wear of the chainring and – worse – the cassette. Using the lowest possible gear on inclines helps reduce this wear. Heybike has given the Hero a 9-speed Shimano drivetrain, which means smaller gaps between gears and a wider range of gears.

Like most off-road models, the Heybike Hero is equipped with 26 inches. Wheels with knobby 4-inch tires.

First test report on the Heybike Hero from EBR:

EBR's Heybike Hero First Look ReviewEBR's Heybike Hero First Look Review

We at EBR are bike nerds. We find it entertaining (at least some of us) to comb through product sheets and look at all the specs, down to tiny details like travel and cassette range. For a bike nerd, this announcement from Heybike is as fascinating as it is frustrating. They told us a lot about this e-bike, but from a nerd’s perspective, they left out a lot of information.

We don’t yet know how much suspension the Hero has at the front or rear. We don’t know the chainring or cassette sizes. Which tire did you choose? Not all fat tires are created equal.

So there are some details we would like to know, but even without knowing everything, we can say that it is an exciting all-terrain e-bike. No word yet on what it will cost. Anyone who pays a $50 deposit now will receive $500 off the purchase price upon approval, and a discount that big is nothing to sneeze at. It’s safe to say this will cost more than $3,000, and it may well cost more than $4,000, but it’s unlikely to top $5,000.

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