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Fancy an epic road trip? Come with us to our unique roof tent comparison test!

Are rooftop tents right for you? Or maybe you already have one? Are you into road trips, cool cars and outdoor adventures? Then here’s your chance: Sign up for our DOWNTOWN road trip adventure and test the most exciting roof tents with our editorial team.

We are currently testing 11 of the most interesting roof tents for our DOWNTOWN magazine. As the culmination of our big rooftop comparison test, we’ll go on an exciting road trip with bikes, kayaks, BBQ and questionable dancing from May 8th to 11th, 2024. Apply now to be part of the most exciting road trip of the year! We start the journey in Stuttgart, but we won’t tell you where the journey is going! One thing is for sure: it’s going to be great!

If you don’t know DOWNTOWN yet: Whether you’re a mountain biker or roadie, gravel hero or e-MTB enthusiast, DOWNTOWN is THE magazine for everyday life. Whether you live in the suburbs or the big city, it’s the perfect read if you’re looking for something different in your everyday life, if you love variety, and want inspiration for a modern, outdoor-loving lifestyle.

DOWNTOWN offers the best buying advice for the finer things in life, whether you are looking for a roof tent, an espresso machine, a cargo bike, an electric car or a stylish Japanese knife. The magazine is also full of inspiration and new perspectives: We went to the sex club for you, listened to an AI-generated band and held the first bike fashion photo shoot in Paris – and we also explore some ways to see more of the world without it to travel. There is so much to discover in everyday life and that is exactly what we do. So if you already like our other magazines GRAN FONDO, ENDURO or E-MOUNTAINBIKE, you might also like DOWNTOWN.

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Sounds great – what are the requirements to join our road trip?

Who can come with me? Anyone! Whether you’re a complete newbie, a weekend overlander or a seasoned vanlife veteran, everyone is welcome and guaranteed to get their money’s worth! We have roof tents that can accommodate up to 6 (!) people. So you can come alone or bring your family and friends with you. Crucial: “Take it easy” is our motto – we want to have the best time of our lives together.

Spotlight pig or shy little frog? During our road trip we will be accompanied by a media team who will take photos and videos. In short: You appear in the magazine and should not be shy about taking photos, but rather be keen to act in front of the camera! Of course, we’ll also give you a few photos for your private album, Insta, etc. as soon as the trip is over!

What type of vehicle do I need for the road trip? Whether it’s a Range Rover Classic, Fiat Panda 4X4 or Porsche Taycan, we love unique, good-looking cars. It’s no coincidence that part of our crew consists of our good friends HEIZR Club. The route options ensure that both off-road and on-road drivers get their money’s worth.

What outdoor gear do I need to bring with me? No matter what car you use, there are a few things you’ll need to bring with you: camping gear and working outdoor gear. The latter really depends on what activities you want to do: a bike (in good condition), kayak, hiking boots, trail running shoes or simply a hammock and sunscreen for a relaxing nap in the warm afternoon sun 😉 All outdoor activities are optional and we We split up depending on our mood, so it’s not necessary to bring all the outdoor toys with us.

Can you survive in the wild? Another important detail: You should be self-sufficient, although we are already planning a few cheeky barbecues and stops for fine barista coffee. And it’s entirely up to you whether you prefer to pack your precious cutlery, champagne glasses and silk linens or travel light with a set of outdoor kitchenware with ultra-light cutlery, alloy cups, carbon plates and NASA sleeping bags. Of course everything should fit in your own trunk!

And that’s it for the first information! One thing is for sure: get ready for some cool secret spots, a wonderfully relaxed group and maybe a few surprises along the way! Sounds good, right? Then apply now!

Apply here
The application deadline is April 17, 2024 at 2 p.m.

Words: Robin Schmitt Photos: Marius Castle (illustration)

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