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The Scott Ransom was the Swiss brand’s latest full-suspension mountain bike that didn’t get the fully integrated look we’d seen from it spark And genius (except the player). As you can see in the photos and video, Scott engineers have managed to hide 170mm of travel in the frame while radically changing the character of this bike: it’s no longer a trail bike with oversized travel, like old model, but a pure-bred enduro. It accommodates a 27.5-inch or 29-inch rear wheel and has a headset that can change the head angle from 63.8° to 65°.


The Scott Ransom comes with a headset to change the head angle and has a flip chip so you can mount a 29 or 27.5 inch wheel on the rear wheel. I tested it in the 29/29 configuration in size L (I’m 179 cm tall).

The field test

I was also able to test the new Ransom 900 RC on our home trails during the official presentation around Girona, Spain. The weight measured in size L, without pedals and without tools and tube, is 15.5 kg, not bad considering the tires, a 2.4″ Maxxis Dissector DD at the rear and a 2.6″ Maxxis Assegai Exo at the front and the 170 mm Fox 38 It is certainly not a rocket for climbs and is no longer as easy to take with you on long journeys as the previous model, which weighed around 14 kg. Luckily, you can close the Fox Nude completely using the Twin Lock remote and, for the technical parts, reduce travel from 170 to 130mm, putting the rider in an even more efficient position than the 77.2° saddle angle offers. The fork cannot be locked.

On the descent you are rewarded for the effort on the climb: forget the old Ransom, this is a real firecracker with a suspension that is soft, sustainable and progressive to the right point. The suspension system remains a Horst link, but features 6 linkages that allow for perfect calibration. Anyone who is more attentive will see the pivot point around the bottom bracket, taken from the Clearly that Scott bought one a few years ago. The sag measurement system also changes, relying on an indicator attached to the frame rather than the Bold’s magnet.

The relatively short rear triangle gives the Ransom a lot of agility and can be easily lifted over obstacles despite the long suspension travel. Perhaps I liked this feature the most, because usually Enduros are tanks that eat everything, but turn out to be less playful. In contrast, the Ransom has a suspension that is very sensitive, but also reacts very well to the driver’s impulses.

Scott Ransom

I had the opportunity to ask Scott engineers whether it is limiting on an enduro bike to leave the shock absorber closed in the frame as it overheats and has difficulty cooling down. They answered that it depends on the optimal operating temperature and therefore also on the oil used. With the Fox Nude I didn’t notice any different behavior at either the beginning or end of the descent, although the Ransom’s frame doesn’t have holes to let air through like the early Bolds did. On the other hand, I liked that the ammunition is completely protected from water and mud despite the very low position. It’s very easy to access for setup thanks to the one-finger-open magnetic lid (see video).

Scott Ransom

Details about Scott Ransom

The design with integrated shock absorber and cable routing in the headset will cause debate, but there is no question that the lines of the new Scott Ransom are clean and very pleasing to the eye. Elegant and aggressive at the same time. As already mentioned, the shock absorber is easy to access when the bike is upside down thanks to the plastic cover with magnetic closure. Air and spring shock absorbers can be mounted; A list of compatible devices can be found on the Scott website.

Scott Ransom

The Syncros multitool is attached to the lid, and the Syncros MatchBox with tube and tire tracker is housed in the down tube.

The Syncros handlebar with integrated stem fits perfectly with the concept of the Ransom, as does the cable routing in the headset, which I personally don’t like because when I pedal I constantly see the plastic part of it given by washers and covers, not mentioning the more complicated maintenance .

In this context, however, the new SRAM Code Silver Stealth brakes fit very well, as the cables and hoses are barely visible. Paired with HS2 discs (and new pads) work well, although not as powerful as Shimano’s.

The dropper seatpost has 180mm travel, which is made possible by the long, straight seat tube as the shock absorber sits low in the frame.

The Twin Lock is Scott’s trademark with its three levers: two to control the suspension (on the Ransom it only controls the shock) and one for the seat post. It takes some getting used to, but then you really appreciate it, especially in traction mode, when the Fox Nude reduces its travel to 130 mm, which helps the rider a lot on technical uphill sections.

As mentioned in the video, the Scott Ransom is very quiet on descents thanks to the chainstay and well-thought-out cable routing.

The SRAM AXS In addition, shifting works perfectly under load and is definitely an advantage on an enduro bike such a sturdy one Rear derailleur.

Scott preferred the “old” AXS remote, the one that resembles the mechanical shifter, instead of the two buttons. I personally prefer the latter solution, but that’s a matter of taste.

Those expecting Syncros wheels will instead find Race Face Turbine R30 aluminum wheels with oversized hubs. The Maxxis DD and Exo carcass tires suit the area of ​​application well.


Scott Ransom RC: €9,999
Scott Ransom 910: €7,999
Scott Ransom 920: €5,999
Scott Ransom 930: €5,199

For brackets see the Scott website.

Scott Ransom

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