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E-Bike News: New Devinci City Bikes, $889 Viribus E-Trike, a VanMoof Buyer? & Much more!

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Electric bike news from August 4thElectric bike news from August 4th

Variety is the spice of life, as the old saying goes, and we’ve got plenty of it for you this week. City e-bikers might be interested in some high-quality offerings from Canadian manufacturer Devinci, while those looking for the ultimate off-road thrill and a budget-friendly machine will look no further than Pivot’s new e-MTB. Little folding fans will be excited to see if the Boost Brompton kit hits the market (as it plans to do this fall), while those looking for a truly different self-supporting adventure might consider sleeping it off with the e-bike remarkable looking Hupi trailer.

In this week E-bike news:

  • Devinci Cartier and Griffin – powered by Shimano
  • Viribus brings e-trike to the US for $889
  • Pivot Shuttle AM ​​– the ultimate e-MTB?
  • Boost Brompton conversion kit – a rear hub motor for the classic UK Folder
  • Has Van Moof finally found a buyer?
  • Has the Veemo electric tricycle been saved from oblivion?
  • Hupi Trailer – the ultimate DIY project for a Finnish e-biker

Devinci’s new mid-drive city e-bikes from Shimano appear to be a solid, high-quality choice

Devinci E-GrippingDevinci E-Gripping

Based in Canada Devinci recently launched two new city e-bike models. Both feature the same components and are powered by the Shimano EP801 mid-drive system, Shimano’s most powerful mid-drive system. It is complemented by a 540 Wh or 725 Wh battery with 21700 cells. Plus, with hydraulic disc brakes, a 100mm front suspension fork, and even a dropper seatpost, plus hard-wired LED light, plus full-length fenders and rack, they’re built to handle any weather.

The main difference between the models is the more relaxed ride design of the Griffin frame (which has stepover and step-thru options), while the Cartier has a sportier design.

Depending on the model variant, you will receive a derailleur gear with nine or ten gears. Prices for both models range from $3,799 to $4,399.

Viribus e-trikes are coming to the US market for $889

Viribus E-TrikesViribus E-Trikes

Viribus have offered their latest electric tricycle at an extremely attractive price and for that reason alone it will definitely attract a lot of attention. Companies like Rad Power and Lectric are already in the e-trike market and both offerings are competitively priced at $1,899 and $1,499 respectively, but can’t match the Viribus’ $899 price tag .

Of course, at this price you have to expect some compromises in features and quality, and that’s evident in the front rim brakes and the relatively modest combination of a 250W front hub motor (500W peak) and a 360Wh battery. The claimed weight is 32 kg / 70.55 lbs and the Viribus comes complete with LED lights, fenders and a choice of 24-inch or 26-inch wheels.

Do you need a high-end e-MTB in the $8,999 to $13,999 price range? Pivot is here for you

Pivot Shuttle AMPivot Shuttle AM

MTB specialist Pivot has pulled out all the stops to bring you what it describes as “an all-mountain masterpiece that dominates the world of e-mountain performance… delivering an unrivaled blend of lightweight agility and long-distance capability ” – also known as “The Shuttle AM.

Most notably, the Shuttle AM ​​uses Bosch’s Limited Edition Performance CX Race engine. This mid-drive delivers up to 400 percent pedal assistance with a maximum torque of 85 Nm. In terms of battery technology, there are variants with 625 Wh and 750 Wh and with the Bosch PowerMore Range Extender you can add another 250 Wh.

All models feature Pivot’s ultralight hollow core carbon frame with internally routed cables. Components vary by model and cost between $8,999 and $13,999.

Brompton Boost – A rear wheel conversion kit from the UK

Brompton BoostBrompton Boost

The British Cycling Electric report that “Brompton owners have a new e-bike conversion kit option, courtesy of UK specialist Boost.” In fact, it’s not yet available for purchase, but is currently being prototyped in London, with Boost looking for funds to make the to make a bespoke battery that fits into the space at the back of the Brompton frame. You can register your interest Here.

Cycling Electric adds: “Despite the reduced size of the battery, the overall weight of the Brompton conversion kit will be around 3kg overall.” There will be a small capacity battery and a rear hub motor with 45Nm of torque.

Micromobility.com wants to buy Van Moof

Wheels oneWheels one

Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRAIN) tells us that “e-mobility rental and sales company micromobility.com has made a non-binding offer to acquire e-bike brand VanMoof.” Declared bankrupt from the Amsterdam Court on July 17th.

It is interesting to see Micromobility’s interest in Van Moof, a global e-bike player with high media exposure. Micromobility.com’s business activities cover a number of bases, as BRAIN notes: “Micromobility.com began in 2018 as a joint e-scooter company called Helbiz in Italy and today specializes in short- and long-term rentals of e-bikes as well as e-bikes. Scooters and e-mopeds in addition Retail sales global. The company also acquires and distributes media content, including live sporting events and food delivery services.”

Their range includes the funky looking WheelsOne sit-down scooter style machine, pictured above.

Will Veemo’s e-trike see the light of day?

Veemo's e-trikeVeemo's e-trike

BRAIN again – This time I’m reporting it:

Envo drive systems, the maker of various electric vehicles including e-bikes, has acquired VeloMetro Mobility, also a Vancouver-based company that went bankrupt last winter. Envo says it will launch VeloMetro’s flagship product, the Veemo electric vehicle, by next summer.

The Veemo is a semi-enclosed, three-wheeled vehicle with pedal drive and electric assistance. VeloMetro announced Veemo in 2016 and the company took orders but never shipped the product. According to Canadian news reports, customers who placed a Veemo order with VeloMetro had their reservations canceled and refunded before the bankruptcy filing.

The Veemo was originally marketed for $4,999, but the price was later increased to $12,000.

The Hupi Camper – it is solar powered, you can sleep in it and drag your e-bike behind you…

Hupi Solar eBike CampingHupi Solar eBike Camping

According to Startupselfie “The Hupi trailer extends 59 inches (150 cm) above the e-bike saddle, creating a more spacious interior than an average bike camper.” Inside there is a bedroom and a small dinette, while on the roof is the solar offered -Kit converts sunlight into energy to power various internal accessories and keep the eBike charged for the next ride.”

The article adds: “Merranmaa’s design differs from many other bike campers, which either fold up on the campsite or provide minimal space for sitting and lying, and includes a high, solid roof, sturdy walls and a pass-through door.”

It’s the brainchild of Laplander and DIY enthusiast Urpo “Upi” Merranmaa, and according to Elektrek, prices start at around €5,990 (around $6,700), although we couldn’t find a sales page for the Hupi Camper.

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