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Himiway Rambler Review: A Look at the Recently Released SpecificationsHimiway Rambler Review: A Look at the Recently Released Specifications

Himiway has announced its new models for 2023 and there are a few surprises for this popular fat tire e-bike manufacturer. For the first time, Himiway has introduced an e-bike with tires narrower than 4 inches. The Rambler is an urban/commuter e-bike that is available in three different versions, two with a hub motor and another version with a mid-motor.

The Rambler ships are ready to sail; It includes front and rear lights, fenders and a luggage rack. And because the Rambler is intended to stay on paved surfaces, Himiway has given it a different wheel size.

Will Himiway be able to nail the commuter model like they have with so many others? Himiway e-bikes that we tested? Let’s take a closer look at the Rambler and find out.

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Himiway Rambler Spec Review: Bike Overview

frame and fork

The Himiway Rambler is a city/commuter e-bike with a low-profile design. It is made of hydroformed 6061 aluminum tubes and fully integrates the battery into the frame. A suspension fork smoothes out bumps and road edges.

Motor and battery

The hub motor version of the Rambler features a 500W brushless geared motor. The mid-engine also produces 500W. It is equipped with a 720Wh battery that has been tested to give riders a range of up to 55 miles. Range, regardless of whether equipped with a hub motor or mid-motor. We suspect the mid-engine edition will potentially achieve even greater range, as mid-engines tend to be more efficient.

The pedal assistance levels are well distributed and Himiway has estimated the ranges depending on the assistance level:

1. PAS 1: 10 mph, 55 miles.
2. PAS 2: 15 mph, 46 miles.
3. PAS 3: 20 mph, 36 miles.
4. PAS 4: 22 mph, 32 miles.
5. PAS 5: 25 mph, 30 miles.


The Himiway Rambler is a departure from Himiway’s offering of fat tire e-bikes. This has 27.5 inches. Wheels and tires measuring 2.4 inches. broad. This makes the Rambler a faster rolling e-bike than its fat-tired counterparts.

As mentioned at the beginning, the Rambler is available in three different versions. Here they are in broad outline:

1. 500W hub motor, 7 speed drive, mechanical disc brakes
2. 500W hub motor, 9 speed drive, hydraulic disc brakes
3. 500W mid-motor, 9-speed drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes

Himiway includes front and rear lights, fenders and a luggage rack to make it suitable for commuting.

First review of the Himiway Rambler from EBR:

Himiway Rambler pricesHimiway Rambler prices

Himiway has developed a compelling commuter e-bike that is manufactured in three different versions for three different budgets. This type of flexibility benefits buyers because it not only gives them more choices, but also helps determine how certain upgrades will affect the price of an e-bike.

Priced at $1,299, the 500W hub motor with 7-speed drivetrain and mechanical disc brakes will please those on a tight budget. For $1,499, drivers can upgrade to a 9-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes. This is an e-bike full of value, but not the best value for money. That nod goes to the mid-drive version of the Rambler, which features the same 9-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brake as the $1,499 edition. What’s remarkable about the mid-drive Rambler is that it only costs $2,199. We rarely see e-bikes with mid-drive motors for less than $2,500, so this is a great introductory price.

We expect these pre-order prices to increase once the Rambler ships later this spring.

No matter which version of the Rambler someone chooses, they will be pleased with a well-designed e-bike that is ideal for use in the city.

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