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Shimano introduces ESSA – an 8-speed front wheel single drive for active beginners at an affordable price – mountain bike press release

This April, Shimano is launching its new affordable component system, SHIMANO ESSA, which will be compatible with the bicycle component maker’s current 8-speed flat handlebar systems ACERA, ALTUS and TOURNEY TX.

Developed with the transformative Essence of Active concept, SHIMANO ESSA will expand its existing 8-speed offering. Versatile, robust and designed to support an active cycling lifestyle, ESSA represents an exciting development in accessible components, harmonizing an often complex range of component groups. Shimano wants to simplify its product range for the next generation of cyclists.

ESSA – The Essence of Active

ESSA is ideal for a variety of recreational sports bikes, including MTB, fitness and city bikes. The narrow/wide tooth profile ensures a reliable hold of the chain on the trail. The front 8-speed single gear has a 400% larger gear range, with DYNAMIC CHAIN ​​ACTIVATION ensuring excellent chain retention.

Compatibility with SHIMANO’s current 8-speed HYPERGLIDE systems will make life easier for bike dealers and cycling enthusiasts alike.


Stable drive performance on trails.

  • Optimized geometry and spring tension reduce chain drop
  • The flat design is optimized for rough terrain
  • Total capacity: 34T
  • Max low sprocket: 45T


The special shape of the gear tip improves chain engagement and hold for smooth riding on uneven terrain.

  • Chainring option: 32T, 40T


The 8-speed cassette with a wide gear range provides reliable shifting performance for various riding styles.

  • Large range: 11-45T (11-13-15-18-22-27-35-45T)

ESSA brand products include only the rear derailleur and front crank, are based on the existing HYPERGLIDE platform and seamlessly integrate with the existing SHIMANO brand products in this range.


In 2023, Shimano launched the CUES 11/10/9 speed range, providing a solution for multiple cycling categories including trekking and mountain biking. This year, Shimano expands the range with an updated ergonomic design optimized for riders with smaller hands; We offer a specific solution for every type of bike and open the door to a new, joyful riding experience.

With a distinctive push/push switch and two thumb-reachable buttons close to the handle, switching becomes more intuitive and comfortable.

CUES expands the variety for every rider and offers a more accessible braking experience: the brake lever is brought 20% closer to the handlebars.

Renewal of the front hub and the FREEHUB series

Complementing the introduction of SHIMANO ESSA and the greater variety now available to all riders with CUES, SHIMANO’s non-stock front hubs and freewheels are being completely renewed across the entire 11/10/9/8 speed range. All non-stock front hubs and FREEHUBS are focused on a simple and easy to understand setup.

The TC600 and TC/QC500 series sealing performance includes labyrinth and contact seal bearings designed to handle extreme torque levels during aggressive trail riding. The QC400 series only features contact seal bearings, while the QC300 series retains the traditional cup and tapered bearings.

Designed for reliable e-bike use, the FH600 and FH500 FREEHUBS with MICROSPLINE are compatible with SHIMANO LINKGLIDE 11-speed hubs and can easily be upgraded from LINKGLIDE to HYPERGLIDE+ 12-speed hubs – giving riders and bike mechanics peace of mind when it comes to maintaining the hubs after service.

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