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Bluegrass presents the press release “Jetro – Mountain Bike”.

TThe Jetro features a 3/4 structure with a distinctive Vanguard-inspired design that ensures comprehensive protection at the back of the head and jaw thanks to the EPS shell that extends over the entire cover of the helmet. The Jetro was rigorously tested by the experts at Virginia Tech Lab and received a prestigious five-star safety rating, making it the best MTB helmet in the test. NTA 8776 e-bike certified, with flexible and secure visor; It has all the necessary qualifications. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, this helmet offers the perfect blend of form and function, giving you the ultimate riding experience whether you wear it with or without glasses, whether you use it on dirt, slopestyle, enduro, or e-bike; If you know it, then you know it!


  • In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS lining
  • Mips® C2 rotation management system
  • Five-star rating from Virginia Tech Helmet Lab
  • NTA 8776 certified
  • Extended back of head and jaw coverage
  • The Fidlock® magnetic buckle makes it easy to attach the helmet
  • Safety release and flexible injected visor
  • Safe-T Heta fit system
  • 360° head strap and 3 vertical adjustments
  • 21 ventilation openings work together with the internal, sophisticated air duct system
  • The large field of vision makes it compatible with all safety glasses and sunglasses
  • Includes soft storage bag
  • Weight size M: 595g
  • Sizes: S (52-56cm) | M (56-58cm) | L (58-61cm)
  • Certifications: NTA 8776 | CE | US
  • RRP: €250 | £225 | $270
  • Now available!

Coverage to dare more – that’s what Bluegrass Jetro is all about.


Bluegrass Jetro is a helmet without chin guard that covers 3/4 of the head, providing a wide field of vision. The helmet is designed to fully cover the head and jaw for those looking for more open face protection.

NTA 8776

The NTA 8776 is the only safety standard created for speed e-bikes. Because the Bluegrass Jetro is NTA certified, it is able to dissipate significantly more impact energy, plus the shell provides better impact-tested coverage around the two most sensitive areas of the brain: the back and the temples.


The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab tested the Bluegrass Jetro and it received the highest rating of 5 STARS. The Virginia Tech Lab provides an objective assessment of helmet safety. There is a rating based on both linear and rotational impact energy that goes beyond the latest helmet safety standards.


Equipped with the MIPS-C2® brain protection system, the Bluegrass Jetro is able to glide relative to the head during an impact and redirect harmful rotational movements. MIPS is a rotation management system designed to provide additional protection to standard helmet construction during certain impacts. The MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) is installed inside the helmet between the comfort padding and the EPS.


The visor is an integrated part of the shell of MTB helmets and must be carefully designed to be protective, stylish and safe. The Jetro features a flexible, tear-away visor to prevent neck twisting when impacted from any angle.


When the trail gets more intense, a sturdy helmet ensures more safety, more comfort and an overall better riding experience. With our Safe-T Heta retention system, the Jetro offers exceptional balance and stability on the head, without discomfort and compatible with any glasses of your choice.


The Jetro achieves a low weight without compromising the structure of the helmet, offering the perfect balance by meeting strict safety standards while maintaining a medium size weight of 595g. It offers the perfect compromise between full face and open face application.


Thanks to its 21 vents and wide internal air channels, the Jetro allows air to flow freely from the intake vents to the exhaust vents, whether you wear it with or without goggles.

Vinny T: “Since I got the first prototype, I’ve been using it constantly on e-bikes, enduros and dirt. I love the style and feel much more protected than in an open face. It’s my everyday helmet!”

Louis Reboul: “I like it because it’s the perfect mix between a full face and a classic open face. This is the ideal helmet for enduro or e-bike rides, those long rides where you increase your pace more than usual. But it’s also perfect for riding on dirt or slopes with friends. I can do pretty much anything with this helmet and be super stylish!”

Benoit Gurnel: “I feel like I’m wearing the perfect helmet between a full face helmet and an open face helmet. It’s clearly the helmet I’ll be using the most from now on. I feel light and safe. I will mainly use it on e-bikes, enduros, but also on dirt.”

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