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Traveling in Time | “CHRONOS” with Yannis Pelé – mountain bike feature

Urbex awakens questions and curiosity. Who has never wondered what the past of these many abandoned places was? “Chronos” is a personification of time in ancient Greek. In this new video, let yourself be taken on a space-time journey through places full of stories and history. Staged scenes will allow us to discover specific histories of the places, as if they were frozen in time despite the overlapping eras. The combination of this urban aspect with the beauty of the landscapes creates an interesting contrast. The human ability to build such buildings in such unusual places is crazy…

And what about this excess size that keeps increasing? These discoveries opened our eyes even more to the evolution of humans over time, the way humanity was built, and the needs of each civilization. This also leads us to think about our relationship to time: everything speeds up, impatience becomes almost innate, we all want to go faster, sometimes too much.

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy!

Story highlights in pictures

Around -20,000 BC BC

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Humanity is beginning to leave traces of its presence on Earth. These sculptures are silent witnesses of a distant era. They demonstrate the beginning of human creativity

Around -10,000 BC BC

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The flickering light of a campfire once illuminated the galleries that also offered nomads protection from storms. Much more than just a simple refuge, they used the walls of these caves as paintings and today show the beginning of human creativity through primitive art.

1st century

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We can still hear the cheering crowd in the arena, one of the largest arenas in the Roman Empire. This majestic amphitheater was home to many gladiators seeking fame and glory. A cruel and festive place that has stood the test of time.

5th century

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The wind blows through the battles, waving the flag representing the local lord, while the Guardian stands still, his face hidden behind his large helmet.

14th Century

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The ground shakes and the metallic clanging of armor is deafening. Then suddenly nothing. The silence resonates as both sides stare at each other. The seconds seem to last hours. Then, in a combat ballet where brute force meets skill, frenzy takes over this forest.

18th century

6 1.jpg?VersionId=mKzyRPbP9bdFm0NSh3KC

Warm colored underground labyrinths have colored the entire area. Hidden beneath this typical vegetation of Provence, the ocher sandy landscape counted numerous and huge vaults.

19th century

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Coal-colored smoke rises into the sky and at the same time a whistle sounds. The train arrives at the station after several hours of crossing the French countryside. As tourists exit the carriages, they can feel the sea breeze of the Bay of Somme.


The gusts of wind whistle after hitting “le cuirassé des nuages”. Located at more than 3000 m above sea level, its eight towers dominate the surrounding Italian and French valleys. This fortress defies the sky and seems impregnable…


9 0.jpg?VersionId=UMRSvUP53P4nJz5v

Like a spider spinning its web, building France’s highest cable car was a huge project. With a single goal: to challenge the high altitude and almost reach the Aiguille du Midi at 2414 m. It was only 30 years later that the 3,842 m summit was accessible by gondola. The flight over this ice giant is impressive, but also shows how fragile it is.

1944, June 6th

10 0.jpg?VersionId=DxxldNcSST

The first lights of the day appear in the sky. Sea spray does not reach this monolithic place because it is so inaccessible. Inside, a German looks wistfully at a family picture. He raises his head and sees disturbing silhouettes in the distance, something…

1944, June 6th

11.jpg?VersionId=a 6sRv2M8YW1zdTf4Y

Bullets ricochet off the shield, sand flies around the men hiding behind this shield. This Sherman is slaloming through the dunes of the French beach when suddenly a terrible noise sounds and the giant no longer wants to move.



The colorful little convertible whizzes along the winding roads with ease. The open windows let in the sweet scent of summer. With its lukewarm performance, this car, the people’s car, strutted through the countryside for decades. It represents the expression of a need that over time has become a symbol of France.



This curious and historic washhouse is just one of the witnesses to the ephemeral dynamism of this small town. The hard coal was mined there, leaving behind contaminated mine waste. The work has given way to a tangle of concrete beams and huge vats that can only be emptied over time.



The coal ore has stained the walls of this toxic ramp. A symbol of significant mining activity, these corridors are now empty. There’s no need to stir up the dust anymore, it stays here, stagnant, like a black river.



From the sky, the god of the seas inspects its depths. In distant countries, the tool was used for morbid tasks during the Cold War. This guardian of the skies is now treating himself to a well-deserved rest.



These irregularities bear witness to a hard time and lie on vast plains. These monuments were built by dark-faced people. They are the remains of those hard workers who descended to face the bowels of the earth.



Something like darkness that gradually comes back to life. Hundreds of birch trees now grow here. MTB riders even make it their playground. Even for this inhospitable waste heap there is a new life.



The melody of the cicadas is drowned out by the noise of the crowd. They gathered on the paths of their ancestors to witness the birth of a new discipline. With their fragile steel frames, these intrepid people raced down these sunny slopes.



The coffee is served in an elegant cup. It delights the young woman who has just sat down on this Parisian terrace. She looks at the hustle and bustle of the street, the laughter coming from the neighboring cafés, and the timeless charm of the Haussmann architecture. The lady is suddenly surprised by a fleeting silhouette on the rooftops, wasn’t she dreaming?



He is free and runs across the rooftops, even if it seems inaccessible to the people below. Due to his agility, training and skills, this cat is no longer afraid of danger. He impresses passers-by. It’s more than a sport, it’s art, the art of movement.

Unknown date


In this pit, the only sounds are the puddles on the ground. No daylight, no whisper of wind. We find ourselves in labyrinthine labyrinths where so many memories lead curious explorers astray.



Because beyond these images, we experienced incredible and privileged moments of life, full of discoveries and beautiful encounters. As with any adventure, some moments are more difficult, but the reward is definitely worth it.

The team


First Nicolas, our drone pilot, who enjoys scaring me by brushing against me, everything under control of course… At least that’s what he says.

Our van, a loyal adventure companion, at least when it wants to be.

And Pierre, author of these various images, also a videographer, but above all a childhood friend. We have been turning our ideas into images for more than 10 years.

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