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New Giant MTB Wheel Systems Offer Superior Durability and Lighter Weight for Trail and Enduro Riders – Mountain Bike Blog Post

Giant, the global leader in cycling technology, introduced two new MTB wheel systems: TRX and TRA. Both feature innovative rim designs and technologies to improve strength and overall handling, as well as new hubs with a 72-tooth pawl drive for instant engagement. Both TRX and TRA are also available as E-MTB models with purpose-built hubs for higher torque levels and specific E-MTB riding needs.

The TRX and TRA wheel systems feature many of the same new technologies, with the TRX featuring lightweight composite rims for aggressive trail riding and the TRA based on super-strong alloy rims for rougher enduro and DH terrain.


Both the TRX and TRA were developed and tested with riders from the Giant Factory Off-Road Team, who pushed the bikes to the limit on the world’s most demanding off-road terrain during the 2023 season. Enduro racer Youn Deniaud scored a breakthrough win at the TRA and took his first Enduro World Series victory at Round 6 in Loudenvielle, France.

“We have been riding and testing the TRA bikes for months and I love the confidence they give me,” said Deniaud. “The wheels performed really well on the tough track at Loudenvielle. I didn’t have to run tire inserts, so the bike felt lighter and more responsive, and the instant hub engagement meant I was super quick out of corners.”


Here’s a look at some of the key features and technologies that set the TRX and TRA wheel systems apart from the competition.

Wide Guard Technology: If your wheel hits a sharp or angular edge, especially at high speed, punctures and rim damage can occur. The all-new Wide Guard technology minimizes this risk by widening the contact point between rim and tire through a solid 5mm rim sidewall. This allows riders to eliminate heavy tire inserts and reduce the unsprung mass on the bike, which can improve suspension performance. The wide sidewalls also protect the wheel from strong impacts, reducing the possibility of rim damage.


Both the TRX and TRA wheel systems have been extensively tested in the lab and on the trails to optimize the rim design and construction. To simulate a flat tire in the laboratory, a sharp, edged block was pressed against the tire until it touched the edge of the rim and punctured the tire. In test after test, both WheelSystems have been shown to withstand the highest impact forces without going flat, outperforming the previous generation Giant WheelSystems and other wheels in this category by up to 44 percent.

More Traction: With wide 30mm inner rim widths and robust 5mm sidewalls, the TRX and TRA wheel systems allow you to ride with much lower tire pressures, providing better traction and control on rough, technical climbs and descents.

Instant Intervention: Lightweight carbon (TRX) and alloy (TRA) rim construction combined with an industry-leading 72-tooth ratchet driver in the rear hub provides quick power transfer and instant intervention to overcome obstacles and accelerate out of corners. An oversized hub body bearing, axle and drive side ring nut on the rear hub combine with enlarged pawls to provide increased rigidity and durability.


E-MTB Compatible: Featuring the durability and efficiency of the TRX and TRA wheel systems, the E-TRX and E-TRA models feature e-bike optimized hubs with sturdy steel axles and cassette bodies to handle the higher torque of E-MTBs to tackle riding.

The new TRX and TRA wheel systems are available now for select Giant bicycles and e-bikes and will soon be available for aftermarket purchase in select markets worldwide.

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