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The options for emissions tuning and aesthetic enhancements on the market are vast and sometimes it can be difficult to understand what you need to do to achieve a specific result with your performance or supercar. Scuderia Car Parts is an industry leader in working closely with its customers to create a tailored package to get their car ready for summer!

When considering an aftermarket exhaust for your supercar, there are a few important factors to consider. First, choose a reputable brand that is known for producing high-quality exhaust systems specifically designed for your car model. For several years we have exclusively supplied the market-leading brands Novitec, Capristo and Brabus.

Second, consider what sound you want. Whether it’s a deep growl or a more aggressive tone, the deciding factor in this decision ultimately depends on how you use the car. If you plan to drive the car on Saturdays on hot days, an automatic transmission version may be perfect. However, for those who want to take their car with them on tours or for everyday use, a more convenient package can be put together.

Additionally, all of our exhaust systems offer performance benefits such as improved exhaust flow and reduced weight. Finally, all of our tuning products can be installed by our approved workshop, who have been working with us for years to ensure quality workmanship and customer care on all projects.

Creating a customized package
You may be wondering how we typically approach an emissions modification? Our goal is to give the customer a complete picture of their options so they can decide what best suits their needs. The value of our time around the cars and the feedback we have received means that together we can design the best package to achieve your goal.

Here’s our breakdown of one of our most popular projects – the Ferrari 812 exhaust system upgrade.

The headline is: All 812 Superfast and GTS from 2020 are now equipped with the Otto Particulate Filter (OPF) – a very restrictive filter that is installed after the catalytic converters (as a unit). You may notice that your car seems to be exceptionally quiet and this is the cause of it.

The exhaust path used to follow this pattern:
Manifolds – 800 cell catalytic converters – Center muffler – Rear muffler.

But the exhaust now follows this pattern:
Manifolds – 800 cell catalytic converters / OPF – Center silencer – Rear silencer.

As you can see there, there is a lot in the way of the exhaust, before we just had to install the following:
Manifolds – 800 cell catalytic converters – X-Pipe – Novitec rear silencer.

This was more than enough to produce a truly amazing exhaust note, but the OPF unit means we have to be a little more aggressive when modifying the car and so we now need to fit the following parts:
Manifolds – 100 Cell Catalysts / OPF Removal – X-Pipe – Novitec Rear Muffler.

You may know that a warning light often comes on when installing sport cats, and that is the case with these cats. Normally this would require remapping the vehicle. However, Novitec has developed a small device that connects to the OBD port in the driver’s footwell and scans for and corrects errors related to the catalytic converters. This means no check engine light will come on and no remap required!

If you remove the OPF, a check engine warning light will also appear. However, this device also checks for errors related to the OPF and fixes them as well.

Which parts and why?
Backbox and remote control
First, we replace your original rear silencers with Novitec sports rear silencers and install a remote control. The 812 sounds good, but to be honest you have to drive it quite aggressively to get a really pleasant exhaust experience. When the valves in the original exhaust finally open, there’s a nice, but quite muffled, muffled sound – not bad, but it could be fantastic. Another problem is the way the noise jumps from closed to open valves, which can give passers-by the impression that you are driving unpleasantly.

The Novitec exhaust changes all that – it’s a transformation. The car will immediately be much fuller, deeper and louder at low revs, adjusting to a much fuller idle from the big V12. The note remains low at low speeds and then gives way to a much higher-pitched exhaust note from around 3,000 rpm, which gets linearly louder depending on the accelerator pedal input. This point is very important because the way the stock exhaust works causes the valves to suddenly open and switch from quiet to louder in an instant. This doesn’t happen with Novitec; The exhaust note now gradually and cleanly increases in intensity.

As the revs rise, the sound of the exhaust changes, so that at speeds above 5.00rpm the car emits a truly impressive, high-pitched motorsport scream, rather than the flatter bark of the stock system. The difference is huge. When you lift off the throttle, the valves don’t close (unlike the stock system), meaning you experience a linear reduction in volume and tone, as well as fantastic pops and crackles when on overrun – it almost sounds better off the throttle than on !

Remember that all this sound is combined with the included remote control, which allows you to open the valves in the Novitec system at any point in the speed range and, more importantly, close them again at low speed. This means that you can always set the car to a more subtle volume for long distance journeys and early starts, so that the car sounds perfect for every occasion and you don’t have to miss out on anything in everyday life Ease of use with a louder exhaust – you enjoy all the excitement, but can Switch to silent at any time.

X Pipe
The X-pipe, supplied as part of this package in addition to the items above, removes the stock central muffler and serves to mix the exhaust pulses from opposing banks of this massive V12. This only increases the volume slightly compared to Level 1, but more importantly, it beautifully refines the sound of the exhaust, raising the pitch even further and giving it a “ripping” note. I love that sound; It’s intense, soulful and quite possibly the best you’ll ever hear from a road car with one of our exhausts that doesn’t come close to an F50!

Sporting Cats or Decats
As I mentioned above, the cat unit for 2020 812 is now equipped with the OPF, making the exhaust exceptionally quiet. Although it’s an expensive modification, we think it’s pretty important. Some of our customers have chosen to go cat-back only and every single one of them has subsequently complained that the exhaust is still too quiet. They all ended up buying the Sportcats or Decats too and ended up paying double the labor cost to install them!

There are of course concerns about the noise, but the car only becomes really unpleasantly loud when you remove the cats completely. Make no mistake, it’s going to be a pretty loud car with sports cats installed (it’s an 800 horsepower Ferrari with a 6.5-liter V12, after all!), but it’s far from intrusive.

It is important to note that with Sportkats installed, the volume is perfectly balanced and with the valves on the rear mufflers closed, the car is virtually silent, allowing you to drive on the highway without any roar and drive through sleepy villages and parking lots without any noise that would attract undue attention.

The beauty of it is that no change we make leaves any trace of it ever being there. No cutting, welding, soldering or ECU tricks – everything is plug and play. This means that once completed you can reset the car back to its default condition and the car will be back to how it left the factory.

It really is the best of both worlds. We think if you’re going to do it, do it once and do it right!

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