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Cadillac Escalade Buying Guide | Exotic car hacks

I know some of you will think I’ve lost my mind when you see that this is the most recently published buying guide. I promise you I didn’t do that. Well, not yet anyway.

The Cadillac Escalade is one of those SUVs that are underrated in the hacking world. Maybe that’s my fault, because I always taught you that it takes an “exotic” badge to be considered. I’m here to correct that… However, I want to make it clear that the NEW Cadillac Escalade is the EXCEPTION to the rule and not a new rule in itself.

Also, in some of the other buying guides I have on this blog, we only talk about the HACK-enabled years and trims of specific makes and models. So when I talk about the Cadillac Escalade, I’m not referring to ANY Escalade that existed before 2021. The ONLY Escalade that can be hacked would be the 2021+. So keep that in mind as you read on.

Experience behind the wheel


That’s the best adjective I have to describe the Escalade. But that’s its purpose, isn’t it? So there’s a trade-off: if you don’t want to feel like you’re driving a boat, then buy something smaller, but also remember that you won’t be able to fit the whole family (this SUV is a 7 -seater) plus groceries, golf clubs, etc.

Although the truck is large, it is maneuverable. My wife currently drives an Escalade and enjoys taking it home, to the gym, to the store, etc. and back again without hitting the wheels on curbs or having trouble getting in and out of parking spaces.

She likes to take it with her to Miami when needed because it carries everything she needs (including our daughter and all her stuff). I also took it on a road trip to visit family and it’s just a breeze, this beast’s highway driving is second to none. The feeling of safety and security is second to none and everyone in the cabin feels very comfortable.

However, keep in mind that this is not a sporty or powerful SUV. It’s slow, but that’s okay; It shouldn’t be about exceeding speed limits or avoiding the route. It should be exactly what it is: a people mover.

Cadillac Escalade General problems

I just recently had to take my Escalade in for warranty work. Luckily it wasn’t anything too serious and while I was there I chatted with the service people to see how common this and other problems are with the Escalade.

My problem was that the fuel pump was broken. The gentleman said this was perhaps THE most common problem with the Escalade of these years and that there had been many cases of this problem. It is a quick and easy solution under warranty.

Another common problem that they said didn’t affect me personally was an oil leak from a canister near the oil filter. It’s a small leak and the man said it could easily be fixed with two screws. It will take longer to put the car on the lift than to solve this problem.

Of course, more problems can arise as cars get older and put more miles on the dash, but by keeping up with routine maintenance and also making sure you do a PPI before purchasing your Escalade (even if it’s under warranty), you can Make sure that none of the usual problems or others are present.

Preferably Cadillac Escalade Buy

So I’m a little biased since I’ve had my own experience owning the Escalade.

In my case and after seeing others, I would recommend that you pay attention to the following.

Choose the 2021-2022 Platinum Sport trim. The color combination just has to be something that’s generally popular since this is a mass-produced car and there aren’t many “rare” or “special” color options like other SUVs we’ve discussed like the G63 or the Urus. For example, mine was simply white on black and it was a strong specification.

For these vehicles, the options are trim dependent, meaning that not all options are available separately but are tied to the model’s trim options. Therefore, the options for the Platinum Sport are the highest in terms of quantity and quality, as this is the top trim level of the make/model for the years in question.

However, there is a bonus that depends not on trim but on trim (whether from the original owner or from the dealer) if the Escalade has second-row captain’s chairs. Just like the Mercedes GLS63, actually using this Escalade as a true seven-seat family hauler/baby mobile makes maneuverability easier.


If you are looking for an SUV that meets all practical requirements such as:

  • Racket friendly
  • Higher mileage allowance
  • Great Section 179 game
  • Seven-seater
  • Cheap to maintain

Then the new Cadillac Escalade is just right for you.

While it’s not a car you’d initially think of when talking about “exotic car hacks,” sometimes you have to think outside the box when it comes to cars like this.

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