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The new Ergon GDH team, already two-time DH world champions – mountain bike press release

The Ergon GDH team is the ultimate example of how effective ergonomics can be when riding downhill. Every detail of the GDH team – shape, density, texture, rubber – was designed to provide more control and better grip. Each zone of the GDH team is tailored to the requirements of World Cup DH use and offers maximum hand relief. From the first touch you can feel the locked-in feeling that makes the rider become one with their bike and thus conveys precision, security and control. The handle with its extra soft GravityControl rubber compound is Made in Germany and SGS certified.

The GDH team manages the balancing act of offering the rider maximum control and optimal cushioning to prevent symptoms of fatigue even on the toughest routes. The GDH team’s silhouette follows the contours of a rider’s hand in an aggressive riding position, taking into account the grip forces encountered in a downhill race, while the grip is also full of ergonomic features and sport-specific details.


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Multidirectional cushioning – On the top of the handle, multi-directional texture blocks provide progressive dampening, resulting in an unmatched level of control. The interlocking texture design prevents it from collapsing under pressure, allowing for progressive cushioning that’s initially comfortable and soft without giving in to harder impacts and g-outs. The asymmetrical design also provides additional relief thanks to more rubber on the top of the handle.

Finger boxes for maximum grip – The perfectly pronounced finger grip zone on the underside of the handle with four individual finger boxes and pronounced grooves running parallel to the handlebars ensures a “locked-in” feeling and ensures optimal handling even during the fastest maneuvers.

Pronounced Internal and external stops – TThe GDH team’s external stop, ergonomically integrated into the end of the handle, creates a slight counter pressure even under the constantly changing conditions of gravity use. The inner stop is a 2/3rds Flange that serves as an intuitive orientation aid for the driver and is designed for fatigue-free operation of the shift and brake levers.

Better cushioning and more grip thanks to extra-soft grip rubber – The GDH team’s GravityControl rubber compound is the softest variant Ergon uses – for the best pressure absorption and constant contact between the rider and the grip. This specially formulated blend is optimized for high-performance use on race day.

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Developed with the top stars of the downhill scene

In its debut season, the GDH team was able to achieve some success at the World Series level. Four-time DH world champion and overall World Cup winner Valentina Höll, eight-time Australian champion Troy Brosnan and three-time DH world champion Fabien Barel have contributed countless hours of testing and feedback to the development of the GDH team. The Ergon ergonomics expert team visited the DH experts on their home routes several times in order to achieve an optimal result Test environment in intensive downhill sessions and receive direct, honest feedback. This was the only way to tease out the crucial nuances that made the GDH what it is today – a world champion grip!

“I dreamed of a grip like the GDH,” enthuses Troy Brosnan. “It works perfectly in both dry and wet conditions. Together with Ergon we have succeeded in developing what I believe to be the best downhill grip on the market with unrivaled comfort.”

The results speak for themselves: Together with Valentina Höll, the GDH team became UCI world champions, UCI World Cup overall winners and Austrian national champions in the elite women’s DH this year. The GDH team was also there for the win, along with UCI Junior Men’s Downhill World Champion Henri Kiefer. Ultimately, the GDH team accompanied Fabien Barel throughout the entire season to overall victory in the E-Enduro World Cup.

Maximum control and minimal fatigue in extreme use:

  • The result of over 10 years of Gravity World Cup experience with our GE, GD and GFR grip series
  • Sets a new standard for a gravity specific grip
  • Control, cushioning, low holding forces and low fatigue
  • Multi-directional pattern with progressive cushioning on the top
  • Pronounced finger grip zone on the underside ensures a secure hold
  • Intuitive positioning through inside and outside stops and a guided feeling
  • The diamond structure ensures an all-round excellent tactile grip
  • New, extremely soft Ergon compound: GravityControl Rubber – extra soft
  • 31mm diameter
  • Made in Germany
  • SGS certified
  • Available now in Europe, end of December in the UK and from spring in the US
  • MSRP: $39.95, £34.99€39.95


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