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Lemond Dutch e-bike review | Artful design, advanced technology

When considering all the elements that contribute to the LeMond Dutch’s excellent ride quality, there is a lot to discuss.

Even though the bike doesn’t have any suspension, we found it to provide a remarkably comfortable ride. The carbon fiber frame seemed to absorb some of the vibrations that would otherwise be bothersome with a steel or aluminum frame.

We appreciated the comfort of all the bike’s contact points; The rubberized pedals were large and comfortable, the saddle was well-shaped and comfortable (though fans of larger cruiser-style seats might find it small), and the handles were light and minimalist but effective. The natural hand position of the grips and curved handlebars felt incredibly natural and comfortable. LeMond offers ergonomic rubber grips, but I personally don’t think they’re necessary in this case – and I usually prefer that style.

The Dutchman’s overall handling and driving experience was excellent; Its lightweight frame allowed it maneuverability and a quick response to changes in pedaling. I learned that when cornering at slower speeds I had to pay attention to my leg position to prevent it from interfering with the handlebars, but I quickly got used to that. The bike could accelerate quickly with only moderate effort, and while the frame never seemed to completely disappear beneath me like I experienced with the LeMond Prologue, its featherlight shell gave the ride an airy, energetic feel.

The cockpit was predictably sparse, with barely anything apart from the handles, brake levers and shifter. Our test bike had the optional Shimano Di2 electronic shifting system paired with a small LCD to display the current gear. Otherwise, the Dutch itself doesn’t have a display of any kind, instead relying on the color of the ring around its one-button interface to communicate PAS setting, charging status, Bluetooth connection to the MAHLE MySmartBike app, and more.

We found that the X35 interface required a learning curve, but after some practice it became second nature. It seemed intuitive as the standard light ring indicated battery level and PAS adjustment and light activation/deactivation were possible with a press of a button to activate the system and then a press or hold again to change the settings. The charge level was also easy to understand, with a transition from white to green, then orange, red, flashing red, and pink as the charge level approached 0%.

Despite the functionality of the system, we would be happy about the option of a display when purchasing; This would reduce the learning effort and make the bike easier to operate and understand. LeMond offers the optional K-EDGE Garmin stem mount, which allows riders to use their phone as a display and interface, but we would also like to see the MAHLE PulsarONE display offered. This little wireless unit was designed specifically for the X35 system, so we think it just makes sense.

Credit is due, however – LeMond offers the optional iWoc Trio remote, which allows users to control the Dutch’s pedal-assist system without having to use the downtube-mounted button. Even with some practice, we found it quite difficult to use the standard interface while driving, as it required us to take our hand off the bar and look away from the road. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you add the iWoc Trio remote control if you are considering the Dutch version!

We also fully recommend the optional Di2 shifting system. Although it seems more at home on a performance-oriented road bike, the quality and response of the gears were excellent. Users can pair the system with the E-TUBE app to adjust shift speed, reverse buttons, or limit the number of gear changes that can be performed while holding down one of the levers. The benefits are exponential, and although owners will need to ensure the battery is charged before driving to work, it is otherwise a low-maintenance system that contributes significantly to the Dutch’s premium experience.

In short, our entire team of testers and reviewers were very impressed. There are simply a ton of features (included and optional) that give the Dutch an increased ride quality that we believe will satisfy discerning drivers.

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