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Electrifying elegance: Driving the BMW i7 M70 xDrive – the new crown jewel of the 7 Series

BMW puts a shining crown on its legendary 7 Series, transforming from the allure of V12 power to the luxurious electric driving experience in this Bavarian luxury sedan. While comfort and performance are impressive, there is a nostalgic longing for the classic V12, but perhaps we are just old fashioned.

Even a year after its launch, the aesthetics of the new 7 Series continue to be a talking point, but this has not diminished its positive market reception. With order lists fully booked, BMW has certainly catered to the varying tastes of luxury buyers, offering petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid and now electric options. The line-up has lacked a clear flagship – until now. Unsurprisingly, this top model is electrified. The Munich premium offer dispenses with the once sought-after twelve-cylinder engine and now includes the electric drive. The trademark of the BMW i7 M70 hides an all-wheel drive with 660 hp, which gives the 2.7-ton sedan from Dingolfing an unexpected level of dynamism. Those horsepower numbers may be modest compared to American or Chinese electric rivals, but on the road they feel nothing short of phenomenal, thanks to an expertly tuned powertrain and a chassis reminiscent of its less powerful i7 counterpart.

Paired with a peak torque of up to 1,100 Nm, acceleration is rapid regardless of the starting speed. The large sedan offers a respectable range of 300 to 350 miles (490 to 560 kilometers), and when things get tight, a Max Range feature can provide an additional 25% range by limiting power output. However, the model’s charging speed is inadequate as its DC charging power of 195 kW can’t quite keep up with 800/900 volt hyperchargers that deliver more than 270 kW.

BMW is positioning its i7 M70 xDrive as an “M-Performance” variant, more like an M-Light than a full-fledged M model with tailored aerodynamics, distinctive design and additional features. This top-of-the-line model stands out from its less powerful counterparts with subtle improvements, such as: B. Changes to the grille, mirrors, wheels and side skirts. The theme of nuanced differentiation continues in the spacious interior, which remains a haven of luxury regardless of whether you choose the electric or combustion engine version.

Both front and rear seating comfort is impeccable and noise pollution is minimal, allowing for a barely perceptible acceleration experience. When the two electric motors – 258 hp at the front and 489 hp at the rear – mesh their 21-inch wheels with the asphalt, the massive sedan propels forward with power similar to a high-performance sports car, reaching top speeds of 250 km/h km/h.

The colossal weight of over 2.7 tons is beautifully concealed in everyday use until you are confronted with fast cornering. At this point, the razor-sharp yet effortlessly smooth steering and the air suspension with active roll stabilization reach their limits. A carefully tuned chassis, which could benefit from a more responsive sport mode, helps with these demanding maneuvers.

The majority of these technical finesses occur unnoticed by the driver; It is executed with millisecond precision behind the scenes, allowing passengers uninterrupted comfort and serenity. The i7’s dual personality and effortless attitude are everything you want and expect from a top-of-the-line BMW.

With a starting price of at least 181,800 euros, there’s not much to complain about about the BMW i7 M70 xDrive, apart from its considerable curb weight – of course for an electric model like this. The illuminated decorative elements and displays can be switched off with a little sensitivity and the customization options both indoors and outdoors are almost limitless. However, the front displays could be larger and more impressive. Although they’re razor-sharp compared to some competitors, they’re not overly large and their black frames haven’t aged as gracefully. There is no display for the front passenger, while the rear passengers have a large cinema screen that comes down from the roof. It’s a shame that for all the money in the world, the BMW i7 doesn’t have a sunroof.

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