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Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Review: First Look

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Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023

Juiced Bikes has introduced the successor to its popular Scrambler e-moped. The new Scrambler X2 is an evolution of the original Scrambler, but the changes are largely a matter of degrees. In other words, they changed the bath water but kept the baby.

In our specifications test of the Juiced Bikes Scrambler

Let’s get to the most important changes. First, there is an upgrade from the original 750W hub motor to a 1000W Bafang brushless geared hub motor. Secondly, there’s a corresponding battery upgrade from 676Wh to an 811Wh battery, which Juiced estimates will give riders a range of up to 55 miles. per load.

Like the original Scrambler, the new edition also has a 7-speed drive and hydraulic disc brakes.

Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review: Bike Overview

Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023

Among e-mopeds, the Juiced Bikes Scrambler was an early addition and helped establish e-mopeds as a category. While most e-mopeds use a 48V system to control both the motor and battery, the Juiced Scrambler uses a 52V system, allowing the Bafang hub motor to perform better than if it had one 48V circuit would use.

Therefore, the Juiced Bikes Scrambler When delivered, the Juiced Bikes Scrambler The Juiced Bikes Scrambler What excites most buyers, however, is that it is based on Class 3 performance (28 mph top speed), or what Juiced calls “Race” designated mode in which the engine operates without restriction and can reach speeds of more than 28 miles per hour.

We normally think of an 811Wh battery as pretty big, but when combined with a 1000W motor, that charge can be exhausted pretty quickly. Juiced took an approach we don’t see often by trying to give shoppers some guidance about how much range might be possible. Based on the rider’s speed, Juiced says riders can expect a speed of 10 Wh/mile. when driving in Eco mode in Class 2 – about 80 miles. in total. From there it’s 53 miles. based on 15 Wh/mi. for medium speed, 40 miles. based on 20Wh/mi. for the average speed 32 miles. based on 25 Wh/mi. for fast driving (Class 3) and 23 miles. based on 35 Wh/mi. in race mode.

The controller for the Juiced Bikes Scrambler The Scrambler X2 maintains this speed until the brakes are applied or any button on the controller is pressed. For the driver who does not want to exceed a certain speed, there is a speed limiter as well as an undervoltage limiter that allows the driver to set the charge level below which the battery must not fall. This means that once this threshold is reached, the e-bike behaves as if the battery were empty. A driver could then reset the under-voltage limiter and use the remaining portion of the charge – keeping it as a kind of insurance plan.

The Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes paired with 180mm rotors. Although Logan disc brakes are not as common as the Tektro, this brake uses the same pads as the Tektro, so it is likely to provide the driver with similar braking performance. A 7-speed drivetrain makes it easier for the rider to pedal at effective speeds.

For riders who want to see what speeds the Juiced Bikes Scrambler can go, Juiced Bikes makes it clear that race mode is only permitted off-road.

Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 review: Specs and features

Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023

frame and fork

  • 6061 aircraft aluminum frame
  • Suspension fork with 100 mm travel

Motor and battery

  • 1000W (Max 1300W) geared Bafang brushless hub motor, 90Nm torque
  • 811Wh lithium-ion battery certified to UL 2271 specifications
  • 2A charger


  • 2000 lumen motorcycle style headlight
  • Rear light with brake indicator
  • Aluminum handlebars, 730 mm wide
  • 45mm long stem
  • Lockable handles
  • Bench

Drive, brakes and wheels

  • 7-speed Shimano drive
  • Logan HD-E500 hydraulic disc brakes
  • 36 hole aluminum rims
  • 12 ga. spokes
  • Kenda 20 x 4 inch studded tires

First test report on the Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 from EBR:

Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023

Juiced Bikes has given the Scrambler X2 a number of improvements over the original Scrambler. None of the changes are huge, but they add up to a more impressive e-bike. As we mentioned at the start of our spec review, Juiced has increased the motor’s power from 750W and 80Nm of torque to 1000W and 90Nm of torque. They have increased the capacity of the battery from 676 Wh to 811 Wh, so hopefully there will be no loss of range.

Drivers who may need to drive at night will appreciate the improved headlight, with brightness increased from 1000 lumens to 2000 lumens. This is a change that is most noticeable at sunrise and dusk, when a lamp needs to be particularly bright to stand out from the ambient light.

The original Scrambler was limited to a Class 3 top speed of 28 miles per hour; There is no such restriction on the new Scrambler X2, allowing riders to go as fast as the engine allows.

The weight limit has also been increased from 275 pounds. up to 300 pounds; This includes a 50 pound weight. Weight limit for the luggage rack.

We often see e-mopeds with single-speed drive. This limits the drivability of the e-moped, as one gear is usually not large enough to allow a speed of up to 20 miles per hour. Thanks to its 7-speed drivetrain, the Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 gives riders the choice of pedaling or accelerating to cruising speed. The box frame design provides the rider with a seat that is both wide and long, but is not particularly comfortable when pedaling, so many riders prefer to use the throttle for the majority of their riding time.

The Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 is slightly more expensive than its predecessor, but thanks to an introductory offer it is significantly cheaper than the original. The offer is so good that it may be one of the cheapest e-mopeds on the market.

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