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Crestline releases special E-MTB RS180 Team Edition – limited to 75 pieces – press release for the mountain bike

This limited Crestline RS180 Team Edition is the latest version of our Bosch CX Race electric bike and will ship in spring 2024. We offer our customers this RS Factory Team setup, which is equipped with a Cascade Tuned Link that increases the rear wheel travel to 180 mm. We paired it with a Fox Factory 38 180mm fork. When modernizing the rear end to incorporate additional travel, we took great care to ensure that the bike retained all of its original features that everyone who rode it fell in love with.

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This edition is limited to 75 pieces and all are individually numbered from 1/75 to 75/75. The bikes all come with BOSCH CX-R (RACE) motors and a 750Wh battery as well as the latest Bluetooth components from Bosch. The RS180 is painted in Chalk & Raw Carbon with yellow accents and has a glossy finish.

Each bike receives an individual number on the top tube!
Each bike has its own unique number on the top tube, and yes, you’re right, we’ve had a request for a number a few times. We’ll let you all guess what that is. HAHA

*Please note that this bike can still be configured in all originally published travel settings, with a few changes that we are happy to explain and help facilitate. This means you still have options ranging from 150mm of rear travel all the way up to 180mm. You can request more information about all of these options by email or schedule a call to discuss the best setup for you.

Important details:

  • 180 mm rear travel (with travel adjustment)
  • Fox Factory suspension
  • Geo updates to optimize longer trips
  • Works Components reach adjustment +/-5 mm headset installed
  • Head angle 63.25°
  • Removable 750Wh battery (500Wh and 625Wh compatibility)
  • Size dependent rear wheel options
  • Size-dependent chainstay lengths
  • Bosch CX racing engine
  • Compatibility with double crown forks
  • Up to +/-10mm reach with double crown
  • Wireless mini handlebar remote control
  • Wireless KS Circuit Droppers
  • SRAM T-type wireless transmission
  • Weight 49-52 pounds (depending on battery and frame size)
  • Price: $11,999

Pre-order now possible at: Crestline Bike Co., Worldwide bike tour, Fanatik Bike Co. or in person at your local bike shop. Delivery of the bikes is scheduled for April 2024.





Adjustable travel: With our customizable travel settings, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong bike. Anyone choosing either bike model can tune it with either longer or shorter travel settings, and we even offer some options between the two extremes. That means if you’re moving to a new place where your trails are more challenging and you want more travel, you can have it! Or the other way around.

Size: RS180 will be available in the following sizes: RH-2, RH-3, RH-4 (*RH = rider height)

  • RH-2 will always deliver MX (29 front, 27.5 rear)
  • RH-3 comes MX or 29/29 (in this size you have both options)
  • RH-4 is always delivered as a 29/29 for taller drivers!

We feel this format keeps the bikes appropriately balanced by taking advantage of our ability to have either a 27.5″ RT or a 29″ RT, keeping stay lengths well under control for all shapes and sizes to keep!




Geometry: The geometry of the RS180 structure has been optimized for long travel distances and can be found on our website Here. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any geometry questions for settings other than those listed. We can always point you to an older configuration that will best inform you of how all the numbers end up in your proposed setup.

Kit: Detailed information about the complete kit can be found on our website Here However, we have added images of the parts list below to give you a quick overview. One element we’re particularly excited about is wireless dropper posts on all models, with the largest size offering a whopping 200mm drop.

Schedule and Availability: The Special Edition RS180 Factory Team bikes will be delivered to customers in spring 2024. (current estimated delivery time for shipping to customers is April 2024)

This limited Crestline RS180 Team Edition is now available for pre-sale on our website. We also have frame sets on offer. Alternatively, please contact us via, @crestlinebikesor E-Mail and we will endeavor to ensure that one is allocated to you in the size and configuration you require.

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