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Introducing the Liv Intrigue X series – mountain bike press release

First there was the Intrigue, then the Intrigue 29 and then the Intrigue LT. Now meet the brand new Intrigue X range, a tribute to ten years of adventure aboard the Intrigue range. The X offers additional features – customizable geometry configurations, frame storage and wheel options. And in some circles, X means unknown, like all the new terrain we’re about to explore. And the best thing about it: X marks the sweet spot between short and long haul, where everything comes together. From technical to fluid, from gravity to defying gravity, from progress to progress to progress. The Intrigue X is everything.


Why Liv?

We are committed to research and design that puts women first. The Intrigue We promote opportunities for women in cycling, from A-Line at Crankworx Whistler to Liv Ladies AllRide mountain bike skills camps. We support women in the industry, from our founder and engineers to team managers, mechanics and physiotherapists. And with Liv Racing we are committed to women at the highest level of racing. The team consists of three different professional teams, whose women take part in top-level races around the globe in various cycling disciplines. When you buy a Liv bike, you are investing in women. At Liv, 100% of our resources are invested in women.

Intrigue X Advanced Series

The exceptionally versatile Intrigue The Intrigue


HIGH QUALITY COMPOSITE FRAME SET: High quality carbon raw material is used to produce this customized frame material in our own composite material factory. The main frame and rear swingarm are handcrafted in monocoque construction for an optimized stiffness-to-weight ratio and extremely responsive handling.

Intrigue X series

The exceptionally versatile Intrigue The Intrigue


ALUXX SL-GRADE ALUMINUM FRAMESET: The state-of-the-art aluminum frame material features premium strength-to-weight ratios and unique welding technologies for a high-performance ride quality.


MAESTRO SUSPENSION TECHNOLOGY: Four strategically positioned pivot points and two linkages work together to create a single floating pivot point for the most active, efficient and reliable suspension system.


This adaptable rear suspension platform enhances your bike’s capabilities, ensuring you have the control, traction, comfort and speed to tackle everything from fast-flowing trails to demanding descents. Experience the ultimate performance no matter where your adventure takes you.

The Maestro’s near-vertical wheel travel and linear spring curve ensure that the rear suspension remains sensitive to both small and large impacts, without “slumping” on quick, successive impacts or bottoming out on large impacts. This results in better contact between your tires and the trail, improving traction, acceleration, cornering and braking.

ADVANCED FORGED COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY: The upper rocker arm is manufactured with Advanced Forged Composite Technology, which provides greater rigidity, durability and reduced weight.

OVERDRIVE: Our oversized steerer tube technology is specifically designed for precise front wheel steering performance. With oversized headset bearings (1-1/2″ bottom and 1-1/8″ top) and a tapered steerer tube, this system provides the ideal balance between steering stiffness and responsiveness.

Tenon mounting: The integrated shock mount provides a lower leverage ratio for greater pedaling and braking efficiency.


ADJUSTABLE GEOMETRY: With the flip chip – Maestro 3 – you can quickly adapt the frame geometry to your riding style and the selected rear wheel size. It contains two flip chips: a high/low chip and a mid-position chip. Going from low to medium changes the seat tube and head tube angle by 0.4 degrees and from medium to high by 0.3 degrees. The height of the bottom bracket can be adjusted by 5 mm between the three positions.

  • HIGH POSITION: When this dual position flip chip is installed in the high position, the frame’s head tube and seat tube angles become steeper and the bottom bracket height is increased. This flip-chip position allows the rider to run either a 27.5-inch or 29-inch rear wheel.
  • MIDDLE POSITION: When this single position flip chip is installed, the frame’s head tube and seat tube angles are positioned in a neutral posture, and the bottom bracket height is at mid-height. This flip chip allows the rider to run either a 27.5-inch or 29-inch rear wheel.
  • LOW POSITION: When this dual position flip chip is installed in the low position, the frame’s head tube and seat tube angles become flatter and the bottom bracket height is lowered. It is recommended that the rider use the factory rear wheel in this position.


ADJUSTABLE RANGE: The flip chip headset features two different “chips” or headset cups that place the headset/reach in either a -5mm (short), 0mm (medium) or +5mm (long) offset position. This allows you to adjust the range of the bike to your preferences and individual fit.

MX CONFIGURATION: The XS and S frame sizes are designed exclusively for an MX configuration – 29″ wheel at the front and 27.5″ wheel at the rear. The M and L frame sizes are equipped with 29-inch wheels at the front and rear and can accommodate a 27.5-inch wheel at the rear.

HUGE TUBELESS SYSTEM: The integrated tubeless wheel system and tires provide improved efficiency, comfort and control in the most user-friendly and reliable system. The maximum tire size is 2.5 inches.

INCREASE HUB DISTANCE THROUGH UDH COMPATIBILITY: Improved hub spacing of 15×110 (front) and 12×148 (right) combined with UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger) compatibility improves stiffness, trail handling, tire clearance and drivetrain durability.

FRAME MOUNTINGS: Under the top tube, discover a set of frame mounts for attaching a compact gear bag – perfect for essential tools or snacks.


IINTEGRATED DOWNTUBE STORAGE: Open a latch on the downtube to reveal an interior compartment that contains a waterproof pocket to store essential items like a tube, CO2 cartridge, tire lever, snacks or multi-tool.


INTEGRATED FRAME PROTECTION: The drive side chainstay and downtube are equipped with a frame protector to protect against rocks and debris, while a 3M clear protective strip on the upper part of the downtube protects the frame during transport by shuttle vehicle.

EXTRAS: Internal cable routing, integrated cable ports and bottle cage mounts on all frame sizes.



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