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Forbidden unveils the Supernought – mountain bike press release

FFinally the big cat is completely out of the bag. It’s been a while since our prototype DH bike was first spotted on the World Championships stage under Connor Fearon. Since then, we have refined every detail and specification to ensure this bike is made exclusively from the materials required for a fighter aircraft or a downhill mountain bike. No filler here, folks. This bike was designed and built for one purpose: to get you downhill faster.

So what happens when you ride a bike with the most sophisticated high-pivot design in the industry and 205mm of rear wheel travel? They remain calm and comfortable in even the gnarliest root balls and wildest rock gardens. You’ll develop a new taste for cornering speeds and line choices you never dreamed of. You go in over your head and come out with a shit-eating grin. You get a DH bike without compromises.

You get Supernought.


No more mystery, no more prototypes, no more guessing about the name, chainstay length or head tube angle. Just the facts, tables and graphs.

Supernought color variants
Supernought Color Variants2

Supernought is available in two color variants: VOL. 4 and white noise.

Size and Geo

Sizes S1-4 are available. Frame kits are only available in the MX bike configuration. Currently…

Supernought GeoImage.jpg?VersionId=jcCKIB0yfXGgATdqcvPd9RoPTh9

A ride

The only truly scaled sizing in the industry. Our front center and back center measurements grow proportionally. Regardless of size, every bike has the intended trail riding characteristics.

a ride

Bias adjustment

Straight from the World Cup box. By using modular dropouts, we have added another level of performance optimization to your vehicle. The dropouts can be easily exchanged for different wheel sizes and allow sensible adjustments to the geometry and weight distortion. MX or 29 wheel configuration as well as 0, +10mm and -10mm adjustments are all via modular dropouts. This allows drivers to individually adjust the weight distribution and handling to suit their driving style or terrain type. 200 mm direct brake mount included.

V2 Trifecta suspension kinematics

The V2 Trifecta platform allows us to fine-tune the kinematics for each bike. Our factory team wanted more sensitivity and grip. That’s why we delivered a DH-optimized lever curve and braking properties. The result is a bike that invites you to hold off on the brakes for a while and that remains completely calm when the anchors drop.

Technical data of the frame set

Supernought technical data

Highlights of the frame kit

Completely custom plastics

A quiet bike is a fast bike and a clean bike is less prone to problems. We’ve developed a full line of custom frame plastics to keep the sloppy parts from hitting, the noisy parts quiet, and the messy parts free of debris. Fork stop stops and clamp connections secure the shift cable and housing and prevent rattling. The heavy-duty shuttle and frame guards as well as the chain guard are all designed to withstand the rigors of downhill riding. The rear brake is relocated to the outside for quick and easy removal and replacement.

Protection 0.jpg?VersionId=..oV1C0EQaGY6Lrxz5LJgnbw
Protection 4 0

18T steel idler and next-gen race guide

Supernought features an 18-tooth steel idler pulley that comes standard with a solid lubricant bearing. The optimized tooth profile and our next-generation Race Guide are designed for durability and limit chain drop.

couch potatoes

Reasonable standards

We only use what makes sense for design and durability reasons. 83mm BB and 148mm boost spacing, optimized for modern DH cassettes. 49 mm head tube to accommodate adjustable headsets. External brake guidance. 200 mm direct rear brake mount.

BB with thread

Supernought frame kits are available through our network of dealers and distributors around the world.

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