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Introducing CeramicSpeed ​​OSPW X for SRAM’s Eagle Gearing – Mountain Bike Blog Post

Good things come to those who wait. With our OSPW X for the Eagle gear group from SRAM, this is no exception. Building on a cutting-edge and recognized foundation has kept us busy, but we firmly believe we have succeeded in developing something that advances SRAM’s innovative group. In true CeramicSpeed ​​fashion, something already good is made even better.

Introduced here for the first time with our FURTHER DRIVE technology – a preliminary highlight of our commitment to combining efficiency and durability. It consists of two new technical features – Active Debris Remover (ADR) and the ALPHA Disc – both of which aim to ensure that the new OSPW X increases the performance of the transmission group over time.

With our new OSPW, however, the real value lies in the ability of FURTHER DRIVE technology to deliver peak performance early in the race or late in the season when drivers need it most.

Faster now, faster later – cover more ground

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Active dirt remover (ADR)

ADR is a patent-pending technical feature based on a unique combination that makes it virtually impossible for dirt to enter the bearing.

It consists of a new dust cover design that is securely anchored in a groove in the pulley, completely enclosing the bearing. This is paired with a scoop-shaped groove structure that surrounds the dust cover and dynamically removes debris from the pulley as it rotates.

ADR was developed in a constant shuttle between our research and development department, the CeramicSpeed ​​test laboratory and field tests carried out by a select group of our professional off-road teams.

ADR was tested to its limits at this year’s Cape Epic, where our XCM team Buff/Megamo ran prototype versions of a solid pulley wheel with ADR. In the worst recent conditions on the Cape, the ADR function stood firm and prevented mud, water and debris from entering the camp.

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Active dirt remover (ADR)

ALPHA disc

With our new OSPW

The ALPHA Disc has a two-part construction. A separate narrow-wide composite tooth profile that provides longer wear protection and noise reduction. As well as a solid aluminum pulley that prevents foreign objects from getting stuck between the spokes of the pulley wheel while adding stability and rigidity to the pulley design.

The first versions of our all-disc pulley design were field tested at the CycloCross World Championships a few years ago. During the 2022 CycloCross season, our sponsored team Tormans made extensive use of the full disc design, providing valuable feedback on its ability to clear mud even in the worst conditions.

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Development history

Get an exclusive look into the heart of CeramicSpeed ​​as Morten Andersen, technical engineer – and OSPW’s lead engineer for Eagle Transmission – and Mike Garrigan introduce the fundamental work that went into OSPW’s technologies brought to life.

Development was not an easy process and relied heavily on crucial feedback from our sponsored teams and test validation from our own test lab:


The MTB marathon team Buff/Magamo and the Belgian World Cup cyclocross team Tormanns have played an important role in bringing valuable real-world knowledge – allowing us to use ADR technology and Alpha Disc in some of the toughest real-world conditions undergo a stress test.

This is an essential part of the development of our OSPW for Eagle Transmission.

Hans Becking

“At this year’s Cape Epic we had crazy weather and a lot of rain. After so many hard days of racing, I was really surprised at how well the Alpha Disc works. I see so many problems with the Peloton but it is super reliable. For me it’s a game changer.”

Guillem Alba

Mechanic on Buff/Magamo

“We had the ALPHA Disc a month before the start of this year’s Cape Epic. We used them at Cape Epic – and stayed afterwards because they worked perfectly. I’ve only serviced them once in the last six months – and they work perfectly.”

Kobe Siemons

Chief mechanic Torman’s Cyclo Cross Team

“To optimize the current version of the OSPW, we started thinking about solutions that would allow it to perform even better in heavy mud. We gave feedback to CeramicSpeed’s R&D department and asked them to work on a full pulley design to prevent mud from sticking to the pulleys for better performance in more difficult conditions.

We used the first version of the complete pulleys for a season, then we got an updated pulley wheel with a larger bearing and caps with the “ADR function” to prevent grass and mud from spinning in the bearing and mud on the pulley wheel sticks.

To date, we still use the same prototype pulleys in the harshest conditions and in “grass racing” because it makes a big difference to our riders to ride their bikes without jumping gears or a poorly turning drivetrain.”

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