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E-Bike News: New e-bikes from Trek, Gazelle and Juiced & much more!

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Electric bike news from August 25thElectric bike news from August 25th

Showcasing a range of tried, tested and proven designs this week, including e-bikes from Juiced, Gazelle and Trek, showing that very affordable fat tyres, great value e-MTB hardtails and great quality ‘do it all’. E-bikes are still the focus of bicycle manufacturers. As is often the case, it is the final, shorter news story about a prototype that may point the way forward. Pashley’s chainless e-trike can be seen at a trade fair and, above all, the British manufacturer’s announcement that it will be launched next year. What makes it even more exciting is the fact that Pashley is a traditional British company, not at all prone to hype, and are trike specialists. So it’s clear that they at least believe there’s a future for this exciting-sounding, chainless technology, which – so far – has at least failed to make much of an impact in the e-bike world. Could Pashley be the one to set new standards?

In this week E-bike news:

  • Juiced Scorpion X2 – it’s back and more powerful than ever
  • Gazelles Eclipse – an e-bike that combines high quality with versatile performance
  • Trek’s classic mountain bike, the Marlin, gets a Bosch drive
  • Electric Brake Fault Recall Details
  • Can Paisley succeed with its chainless e-trike?

Juiced Scorpion X2 reissued

Juiced Scorpion X2Juiced Scorpion X2

The Juiced Scorpion X2 is the latest version of what was once Juiced’s most powerful e-bike, the HyperScorpion. The latter was discontinued back in March with the promise of bringing it back onto the market as soon as legal issues related to trademark rights were resolved. It appears that is exactly what happened.

While the full-suspension frame is similar to the original model, it features an upgraded 1,000-watt motor (peak power 1,300W, suggesting this is above the legal e-bike category in most states) and an 811Wh battery according to UL2771. Luggage racks and mudguards as well as studded tires are included. The top speed is stated as “up to 28 miles per hour with pedal assist and 20 miles per hour when accelerating alone.” The load capacity is 140 kg and there is even an integrated USB charging port.

Other details include a 7-speed derailleur, hydraulic disc brakes, a 2000 lumen front light and a rear light with integrated brake light.

Now available for pre-orderThe Scorpion

Gazelle Eclipse – High-quality Dutch brand gets into the SUV action

Gazelle eclipseGazelle eclipse

So-called sports utility vehicle-style e-bikes are obviously a term borrowed from the automotive world, where they are bestsellers – but beyond the marketing hype, it fits well with a new generation of e-bikes that are simple and comfortable should be easy to use so that every man and woman can reach places that many other e-bikes cannot reach. The Gazelle eclipsewhich recently launched in the US and Europe, is a good example of this genre.

There are two models, both of which feature the Bosch Smart System with a Performance Line CX motor and large 750 Wh batteries – the T11 HMB and the C380 HMB, each with 11 derailleur gears and a continuously variable Enviolo hub gear or belt drive. Low entry and step over versions are also available.

Other common features include a front fork with 75mm travel, 60mm wide tires, a Kiox 300 display with smart connectivity (including GPS tracker), an adjustable handlebar stem, a luggage rack, mudguards and powerful hard-wired LED lighting.

Currently there appears to be only one holding side For the bikes, you can find information about the bikes on Gazelle’s US website. However, we will keep you updated as prices and availability dates are released. Current EU prices are €5,499 and €5,999 respectively – that’s about $5,900 based on the exchange rate at the time of writing.

Trek’s best-selling Marlin goes electrified as Marlin+. They are also introducing their overhauled “Red Barn” e-bike program in the USA

Trek Marlin+Trek Marlin+

Trek’s self-propelled version of the Marlin MTB is one of their all-time bestsellers – and now it’s been electrified thanks to a proven Bosch mid-drive to become the Marlin+. It’s touted as a hardtail e-MTB for all-round use and the choice of the relatively underpowered Active Line Plus from Bosch’s mid-range range suggests it’s aimed more at the general rider venturing off-road, than for adrenaline junkies to master extreme terrain. To this end, it has mounting points for a luggage rack, mudguards and a stand, so it can easily serve as a commuter and touring e-bike.

In addition to the Bosch motor, the technical data includes a 400 Wh battery (with the option of a 250 Wh PowerMore range extender), a 120 mm front suspension fork, front and rear thru-axles and 2.6 inch wide knobs . There’s also a Purion 200 handlebar display and the ability to ride in Auto mode, which varies power delivery according to a number of variables.

Currently we have only been able to detect UK prices are £2,500 and £3,000 for the +6 and +8 iterations respectively.

Over in the US, Bicycle Retailer and Industry News report “Trek Bicycle encourages cyclists to buy used in the name of sustainability with its new Red Barn Refresh program.”

Apparently, “Trek says the program is the industry’s first manufacturer-led, certified bike trade-in and refurbishment program, which is at the heart of Trek’s circular economy mission.”

The BRAIN article adds the following:

Red Barn Refresh bikes are backed by Trek’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee. Schleicher said all equipment undergoes a 151-point inspection and repairs and component replacements are performed when necessary. Bicycles up to 10 years old and valued at $150 or more – according to the Bicycle Blue Book – are accepted.

The program also includes Trek e-bikes, accepting models less than 2 years old. In addition to the standard inspection, e-bikes undergo comprehensive system diagnostics, including battery evaluation and firmware updates.

Recall issued by Lectric

Lectric XPLectric XP

Elektrek reports:

“Lectric eBikes, one of the largest providers of electric bicycles in the United States, announced today, in conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a voluntary recall of many of the Lectric XP 3.0 electric bicycles manufactured and sold earlier this year….

According to the announcement, “the mechanical disc brake calipers on the front and rear of the e-bike may fail, resulting in loss of control, resulting in a risk of fall and injury to the rider.”

The recall affects approximately 45,000 Lectric XP 3.0 electric bicycles with mechanical brakes sold between November 2022 and May 2023. Among these 45,000 e-bikes, four cases of brake failure were reported due to a faulty part of the brakes of one of Lectric’s e-bike suppliers. Two of these cases resulted in injuries to the driver.

This model has not been sold as Lectric eBikes since May of this year I converted the XP 3.0 to hydraulic disc brakes.’

Affected bike owners will receive a hydraulic brake upgrade kit and will also cover the cost of installing it at a bike shop if the owner does not want to install the kit themselves.

We tested the original model of mechanical disc brake and were very impressed. Our new test of the version with hydraulic brakes is in progress and it has proven to be even more effective.

Pashley’s chainless e-trike is scheduled to hit the market next year

Pashley tricyclePashley tricycle

The British bike biz brings us news about the latest project from traditional British manufacturer Pashley, which aims to give them a firm place in the future when it comes to e-bike technology:

“Pashley has taken a look into the future with its prototype chainless multi-trike.”

The Multi-Trike launched at Cenex-LCV is aimed at the consumer market and is designed for the safe and efficient transport of light goods, shopping and small children. Unlike traditional electric-assisted tricycles, which feature a chain drive coupled to a hub or a mid-drive motor, the Multi-Trike features a generator on the pedal crank that activates battery-powered motors on each of its rear wheels.

While the current version is a proof of concept, the article states: “Production is expected to begin in the first half of 2024, with retail prices expected to be around £6,500.”

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