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Trek Allant+ 8S review, 2024

We were very impressed with the overall ride quality of the Allant+ 8s, although as with any e-bike it does have a few minor aspects with room for improvement.

When it comes to comfort, the bike scores highly; The seating position is slightly tilted forward, but mostly relaxed and upright. It features a well-shaped Bontrager Commuter Comp saddle with a great balance of softness and support. The bike has ergonomic rubber handles with plenty of grip and large rubberized pedals with plenty of grip – but no pegs that could cause shin injuries if you slip.

The Allant+ is offered in three frame sizes and two frame styles; The High-Step model we tested fits riders between 5’5″ and 6’8″, while the Step-Thru or “Stagger” model is suitable for shorter riders between 5’5″ and 6’8″. . At 5′-11″ tall, I fit right in the middle of the large frame’s adjustment range and it felt perfect for me in terms of saddle height, reach, etc.

As I mentioned before, the bike felt planted to the ground, but was still incredibly responsive to control. Its 660mm handlebars allowed for quick steering and ultimately felt wider and roomier than it was. The 27.5 x 2.4-inch Bontrager E6 Hard-Case Lite tires kept the bike feeling stable and provided cushioning to counteract the lack of suspension – which in turn plays a role in the bike’s confident handling , but makes bumps more pronounced.

An important factor that contributes to the overall driving experience of the Allant+ is the Bosch Performance Line Speed ​​mid-engine. Not only does the system provide a remarkably smooth and consistent feel of pedal assistance, but it also features highly functional technology that makes riding easier and more enjoyable.

Our test bike was equipped with the manufacturer’s SmartphoneHub, which has a simple black-and-white LCD but a spring-loaded clamp mount that allows the rider to use their smartphone as a display. When paired with the bike via Bosch’s COBI.BIKE app, users have seamless access to up to 10 pre-selected contacts for making calls with Bluetooth headphones/earbuds, streaming songs via Apple Music or Spotify, and turn-by-turn -Perform navigation with Apple Maps, ride tracking via Strava or Komoot, and health/fitness data via Apple Health or Google Fit.

We found the app to be very functional in most cases, although as with any technology there was a slight learning curve with the app and the bike’s multifunctional control panel. Once set up, my phone became a truly unified dashboard that was more in line with what I expect from a car. I appreciated that the app could be manipulated via my phone or (more reliably) via the bike’s keypad, and I also liked that simply removing and/or rotating my phone transferred control back to the bike’s built-in LCD display returned and the journey tracking could be ended.

I hope Bosch improves the phone holder itself in the future. The spring-loaded top portion of the clamp felt quite flimsy and actually broke at some point during our testing. When diagnosing the problem, we discovered that the mechanism appeared to be held together with two tiny screws that did not appear to be strong enough for a moving component. A sturdier design would be desirable, but in the meantime it may be useful to have a separate phone holder on hand – there is enough space on the handlebars to make this option practical.

Another thing potential owners should keep in mind is that the bike’s light system is always active when the bike is turned on. Our contact at Trek told us that this is a setting within the Bosch system, chosen for security reasons, but it can be changed to give the user more direct control. As long as your local bike shop maintains Bosch systems, their technicians should have the ability to change the light settings.

Aside from these relatively minor concerns, overall the Allant+ 8s felt like a solidly built, high quality, responsive and tuned e-bike. We’re hoping for a few small improvements, but there’s just a huge “WOW!” factor for the bike as it is.

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