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Himiway Rhino Review: A Look at the Recently Released SpecificationsHimiway Rhino Review: A Look at the Recently Released Specifications

The e-bike manufacturer Himiway is known for its fat-tire e-bikes. Their new models for 2023 include an approach to range anxiety that’s new to us. The Himiway Rhino is a fat tire e-bike with a double battery. This means that two batteries are standard equipment and are not optional.

The Himiway Rhino is not the first e-bike to be sold with dual batteries. The difference, however, is that both batteries are integrated into the frame, one in the down tube and the other in the top tube. With the Himiway Rhino, range anxiety doesn’t stand a chance. Himiway’s announcement for the Rhino says it will offer drivers a range of up to 100 miles. with a single charge.

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Himiway’s claim that the Rhino will travel 100 miles. That’s impressive on its own on a single charge, but it becomes even more impressive when you consider how powerful the motor is. Himiway built the Rhino with a 1000W motor. Each battery has a capacity of 720 Wh, giving a total charge of 1440 Wh.

According to Himiway, range is the biggest problem for e-bike buyers. The Rhino is intended to alleviate concerns about where a rider can go.

Himiway Rhino Spec Review: Bike Overview

Himiway Rhino hub motorHimiway Rhino hub motor

Himiway Rhino Review: Specifications and Features

frame and fork

The Himiway Rhino’s frame does something we’ve never seen before: it integrates a battery into the top tube. Like the other e-bikes from Himiway, the frame is made of 6061 aluminum. They combine it with a suspension fork to give it off-road capability and a degree of comfort on rough roads. No information on fork travel.

The Rhino’s hydroformed aluminum tube provides a sturdy frame; It is designed to hold up to 330 pounds.

Motor and battery

Himiway Rhino batteryHimiway Rhino battery

Himiway built the Rhino with a 1000W hub motor. Although 1000W hub motors are not uncommon, they are unusual. This is an e-bike with the power to deliver blistering acceleration and a Class 3 cruising speed of 25 miles per hour like some other Himiway models. The engine is said to produce a respectable 86 Nm of torque.

Instead of using a huge battery to give the Rhino its impressive range, Himiway opted to build a second battery into the frame, giving it a very stylish look. Both batteries have a capacity of 720Wh, for a total of 1440Wh. One advantage this offers is the ability to reduce charging time by charging both batteries at the same time. This is possible because two chargers are included.

Drivetrain, brakes and tires

To ease the strain on the rider’s legs in a way that the 1000W motor cannot, Himiway has opted for a 9-speed drivetrain to give the rider more choice in a wider range (11-32t). . This low gear helps when going uphill.
Himiway opted for hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors to give it the power needed to stop on soft surfaces.

The tires are new for Himiway. These new tires feature a slightly smoother tread for better rolling on the road, but are also half an inch wider compared to the tires Himiway has traditionally specified. The new 26 x 4.5 inches. Tires feature a tread pattern that uses Himiway’s rocket logo as part of the tread pattern. Himiway reports a 30 percent increase in tread area.

First look at Himiway Rhino from EBR:

Himiway Rhino first lookHimiway Rhino first look

The motto of the Himiway Rhino is more. This e-bike offers everything we’ve come to love about Himiway, but more. This is Himiway’s first e-bike with a 1000W hub motor, as well as its first e-bike to come with two batteries as standard.

The 9-speed drivetrain and wider tires are also improvements over most other Himiway models. The Himiway Rhino will cost $3,199, but there is an introductory offer of $2,999 for those who order now. The Rhino will begin shipping in May.

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