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A new retail store concept from Maserati North America

Maserati is pleased to announce the debut of its first North American retail store concept at Boch Maserati in Norwood, MA, near Boston. The official launch event, held on the evening of November 29th, follows the concept’s world premiere last year in Milan’s historic Magenta district and combines the sophistication of a tailor’s atelier with the rawness of an Italian officina to inspire customers as they build and design their bespoke Buy Maserati.

Developed with New York-based experiential design firm Eight Inc., the groundbreaking new architectural concept is reminiscent of a luxury fashion retailer, restaurant or private club, characterized by rich Italian design and signature Maserati hospitality. With more than 7,450 square meters for visitors to explore, 3,100 was specifically designed as a showroom to display Maserati vehicles in a simple yet elegant setting. This inviting new environment presents the illuminated cars like dynamic sculptures in a darkened art gallery. Adjustable headlights focus on individual Maserati vehicles while keeping the ambient light very low – making the products stand out from the darker surroundings.

The vehicles are surrounded by curated exhibits and “elements” from the Fuoriserie collection to transport guests into the rich world of Maserati. A large wall projection provides storytelling, introduces the brand’s story and creates a focal point at the back of the showroom, encouraging customers to explore the full depth of the space.

Additional rooms promote further interaction with the brand. The Launchpad creates a moment of theater and provides an immersive space with dramatic lighting to celebrate test drives and vehicle deliveries. And for those seeking a more private atmosphere away from the showroom, the consultation rooms offer a quiet alternative to the central lounges, each equipped with the high-resolution MXE 3D configurator to bring your new model to life.

“We identified Boch Maserati as the ideal location to open our first retail store in North America because the company has a passionate customer base that will embrace our pillars of performance, style and innovation.” said Bill Peffer, CEO of Maserati Americas. “Luxury is about emotion and connection. This thoughtful new space brings that mindset to life with a strong focus on configuration, customization and our unique Fuoriserie program to encourage hands-on, interactive explorations of Maserati’s capabilities.”

The evening launch event not only marked the official opening of the new retail concept, but also served as a celebration of the new fleet of Maserati vehicles: the legendary Maserati GranTurismo, the all-new Maserati Grecale Trofeo SUV and the revolutionary Maserati MC20 Cielo and Maserati MC20 Coupé. The spotlight was on Mr. Boch’s prized Classic Maserati Collection, which illustrated the company’s historical, technical and design development.

At the opening in front of more than 200 attendees, Ernie Boch Jr., President of Boch Maserati, said: “We are honored to pioneer the new retail concept in America. The new showroom is the Embodiment of the modern Maserati – customers can bring their passions to life in an inviting, creative space that doesn’t feel like a typical auto retail environment. We look forward to beginning this new chapter and the future of the Maserati brand.”

The opening of the new retail space at Boch Maserati follows global openings in Milan and London, among others. The concept will roll out to additional locations across North America in 2024. To explore the new retail space, please visit Boch Maserati at The Automile, 441 Providence Hwy, Norwood, MA 02062.

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