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Whether you’re shopping for yourself, the motorcyclist in your life, or want to give a list to your family, we’ve put together a holiday selection for gift givers. No matter what your budget, we’ve got everything from the necessities that should be in your garage to fun upgrades to some of our favorite e-bikes. Many of these items are discounted for the holidays, making this the perfect time to purchase. Here are some of our favorite gifts Electric bike review found a team for this holiday season.

For the adventurer: Aventon Aventure.2

Aventon Aventure.2 bike reviewAventon Aventure.2 bike review

One of our favorite e-bikes of 2023 was the Aventon Aventure.2. It offers a great mix of affordability and features. With its 750W motor, 8-speed drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes and torque sensor, the Aventure.2 is a versatile all-terrain e-bike with an estimated range of up to 60 miles. There are two frame designs and both designs are available in two sizes to suit a wide range of riders. Further comfort for the rider is provided by 4-inch wide tires and a suspension fork with 100 mm travel. It also comes with a commuter-friendly accessory package including a luggage rack, mudguards, front and rear lights, and a kickstand. This is an exciting e-bike that will appeal to almost anyone purchasing an e-bike.

Something for everyone: Lectric XP 3.0

Test report on the Lectric XP 3.0 bikeTest report on the Lectric XP 3.0 bike

If there’s a better deal on an e-bike, we haven’t found it. Lectric has not only made the cheapest geared e-bike we’ve tested, but also a selection of parts we trust. The XP 3.0 features a 500W hub motor, 499Wh battery, 7-speed drivetrain, and hydraulic disc brakes, making it competitive with e-bikes that cost hundreds of dollars more. Commuters on a budget will love that it comes with a luggage rack, front and rear lights, full fenders and a kickstand. The best part is that it folds up in just a few seconds and fits easily into the trunk or closet of a car.

The only/individual: EBC Model R

Test report on the EBC Model R BikeTest report on the EBC Model R Bike

E-bikes are fun. Period. But it’s sometimes less easy to find something that suits your look and style. So how about an e-bike that you can customize? The Electric Bike Company Model R is a great choice with fantastic standard features like the 750W motor, suspension fork and step-through frame. The rest can pretty much be customized to your liking. Choose your handlebars, wheel size, drivetrain and more. However, that only scratches the surface. You can choose custom paint colors for the frame, fork, basket and much more. If you want to give a gift to someone who isn’t a fan of everything, make sure you decorate a Model R to represent them!

For everyone who likes to ride fast: Ride1UP 700 series

Ride1UP 700 Series Bike Test ReportRide1UP 700 Series Bike Test Report

For commuters who desire Class 3 speeds (28 mph maximum pedal assist), the Ride1UP 700 Series offers a remarkable balance of performance and value. Thanks to a 750W Bafang hub motor, it reaches cruising speed and is said to have a range of up to 80km. Range per charge. Hydraulic disc brakes and a Shimano 8-speed drive ensure a high-quality driving experience. Ride1UP included a full range of commuter accessories: luggage racks, full fenders, front and rear lights, and a stand. And it is available with both a traditional frame and a step-through.

For “The Rad One”: Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5

Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 bike testRad Power Bikes RadCity 5 bike test

The Power Bikes RadCity 5 Plus is one of our favorite commuters. We love the step-through frame’s low standover height and short reach to the bar so you can sit upright and see everything around you. If you want to use the rack to transport work items or a load of groceries, it’s better than most thanks to a 59.5-pound weight capacity. The 750W hub motor has the power to support a rider up to 20mph or do all the work with the help of its throttle. A 7-speed Shimano drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes round out the solid selection of parts.

The most reliable and economical towbar carrier: Hollywood Rack SportRider towbar carrier

Test report on the Hollywood Rack Sportrider trailer hitch carrierTest report on the Hollywood Rack Sportrider trailer hitch carrier

The Hollywood Sportrider is one of our favorite hitch racks for e-bikes for several reasons. First, it is one of the few hitch racks that can accommodate e-bikes weighing up to 80 pounds. Secondly, it is significantly cheaper than most of its competitors. It lacks a ramp to roll an e-bike into place, but that’s the only criticism we have against it. They’ve also introduced a new e-trike attachment so people don’t need a large SUV or pickup truck to drive somewhere. It can accommodate e-bikes with a wheelbase of up to 60 inches, covering a range of compact cargo e-bikes. With additional accessories, it can even transport e-bikes with step-through frames.

The stylish shoe: Giro Deed Shoe

Giro Deed shoeGiro Deed shoe

Not all cycling shoes make you walk like a duck. The Giro Deed looks like a normal sneaker, but is designed to offer the rider a little more support than street shoes. The upper material is abrasion-resistant and the outsole is made of very grippy rubber so that your feet don’t slip from the pedals. This lace-up shoe is available in both men’s and women’s sizes

Classics never die: Vans Classic Slip-On

Vans Classic Slip OnVans Classic Slip On

Vans have always been very popular with cyclists and skateboarders. Their grippy waffle outsole makes them ideal for gripping pedals. They come in enough color options to meet the style needs of even the most discerning fashionista, and the flat upper and padded collar ensure style and comfort. They also come in sizes to fit everyone from toddlers to NBA players.

The reliable favorite: Thousand Helmet

A thousand helmetsA thousand helmets

Wearing a helmet is a good idea, period. But we understand that no one wants to look like an extra in a bad sci-fi movie, which is what makes the Thousand Heritage 2.0 Bike and Skate Helmet such a great option. It gives a stylish look without overdoing it. And although it looks normal from the front, sides and back, it has six vents on the top to keep the rider cool on hot days. It also features an innovative small opening on the back through which a lock can be passed, allowing you to secure your helmet to your bike, protecting your investment.

Can also complete the ecosystem: Garmin Instinct 2 Smartwatch

Garmin Instinct 2 SmartwatchGarmin Instinct 2 Smartwatch

For the active person who wants to track their ride with GPS, monitor important health metrics, receive push notifications, or even receive workout suggestions and fitness coaching, the Garmin Instinct 2 smartwatch offers all of that and more. It’s available in three different frame sizes for personal style and easy viewing, as well as a variety of color options. Some include solar charging, compatibility with night vision goggles, or a battery with surf-related data like tides. In addition to tracking health basics like heart rate, it also shows snapshots of your sleep, your blood oxygenation, resting heart rate, and even alerts about abnormal heart rates. With Garmin Pay you can make contactless payments.

If Garmin isn’t right for you, this model is for you: Wahoo Fitness Elemnt Roam

Wahoo Fitness Elemnt RoamWahoo Fitness Elemnt Roam

If you enjoy getting out and about and exploring, a GPS device can improve your experience in a number of ways. Firstly, they allow you to track the exact route you have taken, displaying your total distance, distance traveled and average speed, among many other data points. Elemnt Road also lets you use a website like Ride With GPS to create a route, then upload it to Elemnt Roam and get detailed directions. No getting lost. The user can choose what data they want to see on the color LCD display and – for those of us who don’t drive with reading glasses – you can also set the size of the numbers to make the screen easier to read while driving .

No cyclist can live without: Blackburn Core 2 floor pump

Blackburn Core 2 floor pumpBlackburn Core 2 floor pump

Everyone who owns an e-bike needs a floor pump. A floor pump is the easiest way to ensure that an e-bike’s tires are inflated to the same pressure before every ride. A constant pressure means consistent traction and handling. The Blackburn Design Core 2 Floor Pump is a remarkably affordable floor pump and features a large, easy-to-read gauge in the base. The pump head works with any type of valve (Schrader valve is most commonly used on e-bikes) and the hose is long enough to reach the valve regardless of orientation.

The stocking stuffer: Bontrager Thorn-Resistant Tube

Bontrager Thorn Resistant HoseBontrager Thorn Resistant Hose

Flat shoes are no fun, are they? One way to avoid punctures is to use puncture-proof hoses. These 4.1mm thick tubes are not flat proof, but the normal causes of flat spots – thorns, broken glass and other sharp parts – have a hard time with these tubes. It’s an ideal upgrade for commuters who don’t want to risk having an apartment on the way to work. They are available in almost every size, suitable for every tire. It’s a small investment that leads to great security.

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