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What makes sense to you?

Owning a super sports car is a longed-for dream for many. However, deciding between buying and leasing can be difficult. Let’s explore the pros and cons of both options so you can make an informed decision that meets your needs.

Should I just pay cash?

Passing cash from one hand to the otherPassing cash from one hand to anotherPassing cash from one hand to the other

When you buy a supercar outright, you are the full owner. You can customize it to your heart’s content and enjoy the freedom to do whatever you want. Think track days – owning the car means you can channel your inner Verstappen without worrying about excessive wear and tear charges. Maintenance and repairs can be expensive, but with full ownership (Our resident Porsche expert Terence owned a Taycan) you have the flexibility to choose where and how the car is serviced. No restrictions!

Recently there has been a steady rise in interest rates. Paying for a supercar in full may seem like a big financial commitment, but you’ll avoid the interest fees that can come with leasing. This means you will save money in the long run. Only you can determine at what price level it makes most sense to use your own or borrowed funds or how long you are likely to keep the car.

Ownership gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have complete control over your valuable possessions and eliminates the risk of unexpected fees at the end of a lease.

Leasing offers the opportunity to experience the thrill of driving a supercar without making a long-term financial commitment. When you lease a supercar, the contract structure offers a high level of flexibility to suit your current needs. Are you looking for tax advantages by leasing through your company? Maybe you want lower monthly payments or a different down payment? Are you in the middle of other financial transactions and would rather not have your rental agreement charged to your credit rating? Yes, some leasing companies prefer not to report the debt.

There can be a lot of volatility in the supercar market. Leasing doesn’t just work for a new car, it is a financing instrument that can be used for cars that are a few years old or for vintage cars and collectibles. A lease can protect your equity throughout the entire lease term.

For example, UK based companies like Pink Car Leasing offers leasing options for high-performance vehicles like the Porsche 911, the Maserati MC20, the Jaguar F-Type and many more. These rental agreements are offered for both personal and business purposes.

While Maserati cars are known to experience higher-than-average depreciation, certain models also have the potential to fetch a premium due to their desirability.

The decision to lease a super sports car like this Maserati MC20 not only helps mitigate financial risk, but also provides a practical exit strategy if market demand or resale value fluctuates after the lease term.

How about mileage and maintenance?

Supercar in the mechanic workshopSupercar in the mechanic workshopSupercar in the mechanic workshop

Photo credit: Supercar Service UK

You bought it and paid for it in full, so no one can tell you how long you have to drive it or who has to do the repairs. If a Bentley’s air suspension fails, this can be a problem Significant repair bill at the dealer. However, many specialist mechanics can carry out this type of out-of-warranty repair easily and at a much cheaper price.

Maybe you love driving your Bentley so much that you know you’ll exceed a lease limit of 5,000 miles per year within the first four months. If you own it outright, there is no such worry.

If you lease the same Bentley, you have the option to include a maintenance package in the lease agreement. The vehicle requires regular maintenance and organizing the associated costs can reduce stress during ownership and when transitioning to a new or upgraded model at the end of the term. Many leasing companies are willing to work together to develop a maintenance plan that will benefit you and protect the future value of the car.

If you assume that the vehicle will be used without significant mileage, you can flexibly adapt the annual mileage allowance to your specific requirements as part of a leasing agreement. A distance restriction in the rental agreement does not have to be a limiting factor.

Is organizing a rental agreement tedious?

Man stands in front of a fleet of super sports carsMan stands in front of a fleet of super sports carsMan stands in front of a fleet of super sports cars

Photo credit: Automotive News Canada

Leasing companies have evolved their business practices far beyond those of traditional lenders. I would argue that it is more difficult for some high net worth individuals to use a bank to raise money for a vehicle because your income may come from new or non-traditional sources. If your income fluctuates due to multiple sources of income and a bank is used to only seeing one pay stub or tax return, this may not reflect your ability to pay off your debts at all. Many leasing companies can work with you and your ongoing cash flow evidence to find a solution to your needs.

We live in a world of unconventional careers and income streams. Not all lenders understand cryptocurrencies, NFTs, monetized social media revenue, or even the modern professional sports contract.

I want to change cars

Porsche 911 GT3 RSPorsche 911 GT3 RSPorsche 911 GT3 RS

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Selling a used supercar can be a daunting and challenging task. The market for high-end vehicles like supercars is relatively small, making it harder to find potential buyers. Considering that the price of a used supercar is significantly higher than that of a regular car, there are simply fewer people who can afford it.

While swapping your current car for the next supercar of your choice is an option, success may be uncertain depending on current market conditions. Maybe you treated yourself to something when you ordered Porsche GT3RSby choosing exclusive options. As much as you may like the purple exterior over the tangerine leather, it can be extremely difficult to get back the money spent on these options.

Leasing a supercar can be an attractive option for those who want to stay in the latest model or keep up with the latest trends. The back end of leasing or buying out goes beyond just knowing the value at the end of the contract. This also means that you have a place where you can easily drop off the vehicle and move to a new one.

Supercars often fall more into the “wants” category than the “needs” category, although I have to admit that in saying that, I’m ready to argue passionately about why I “need” a Pagani in my garage. Since this is a desire-driven item, it makes sense for many of us to maintain a consistent cost structure through leasing. Knowing that I’ll be thinking about my next car after a few years makes it even more appealing. Partnering with a leasing company creates a team of professionals to help you keep your four-wheeled dreams alive.

All in all, the decision whether to buy or lease a supercar depends on your individual needs and desires. Whether you decide to buy – and enjoy the luxury of ownership – or take advantage of the short-term benefits of leasing, you can’t go wrong. After all, driving through the city while listening to the exhaust fumes of your supercar is a worthwhile experience! So don’t waste any more time wondering, get started and get behind the wheel!

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