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The Novitec Esteso Lamborghini Urus Widebody

Spectacular widebody versions of the super sports cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren have been at the forefront of the NOVITEC range for years. The designers of the German automotive refinement specialist developed the spectacular ESTESO body for the new SUV models Lamborghini Urus S and Performante. Its components are manufactured in OEM quality from PUR-Rim to ensure a perfect fit, paintability and easy assembly.

The excitingly shaped ESTESO fender flares on the front and rear axle make the current Urus models ten centimeters wider at the front and even twelve centimeters wider at the rear axle. Of course, this also creates plenty of space for a spectacular NOVITEC wheel and tire combination. The new NOVITEC NL5 rims measuring 10.5Jx23 on the front axle and 12Jx23 on the rear axle were developed in collaboration with Vossen, the American manufacturer of high-performance wheels.

By using the latest forging and CNC machining technology, tailor-made wheels were created that, with their five Y-shaped spokes that extend to the edge of the rim, offer the perfect combination of maximum strength and low weight. The hubcaps in the centerlock design ensure a fully-fledged racing look. These high-tech rims are equipped with high-performance tires in sizes 285/35 R 23 and 325/30 R 23 and make optimal use of the space created by the widenings.

Matching NOVITEC sport springs lower the ride height of the Performante by approx. 25 millimeters. The NOVITEC suspension module is available for the air suspension of the Urus S, which lowers it to an identical level. The ESTESO sills between the widened wheel arches ensure an aerodynamically optimized transition. They also give the SUV a lower and more elongated look.

The exciting look can be made even sportier with tailor-made visible carbon components. In the side view, these are decorative elements for the front fenders and the exterior mirror housings. The NOVITEC ESTESO spoiler was developed for the front of the vehicle. It creates a more aggressive look and, in conjunction with the exposed carbon decoration on the front apron, also reduces the lift of the front axle at high speeds.

In addition, the front view can be improved with the NOVITEC hood, which is available in two versions. You can choose between a bonnet with a visible carbon insert at the top and one made entirely of this composite material. The rear ESTESO extensions were shaped so that they merge seamlessly into the rear bumper on the sides. The new rear diffuser perfectly highlights the four matt black NOVITEC tailpipes. The rear view is also characterized by the aerodynamically efficient and visually attractive combination of a RACE roof spoiler in visible carbon and a rear lip spoiler in visible carbon.

But it’s not just visually that the NOVITEC ESTESO WIDEBODY stands out from the crowd with its enormous width of 213 centimeters. Thanks to professional engine tuning, this exclusive SUV is also one of the most powerful and fastest vehicles of its kind.

The NOVITEC engine specialists developed various tuning levels for the four-liter V8 with two turbochargers. The most powerful level consists of a NOVITEC N-TRONIC control module, which brings precisely coordinated maps for injection, boost pressure control and ignition into the Lamborghini’s electronic engine control unit. Another important component of the engine upgrade is the NOVITEC high-performance exhaust system made of stainless steel. It gives the Urus a more exciting exhaust sound and can also be optionally regulated with throttle valves in the exhaust. Thanks to optimized exhaust routing, the new exhaust system, which can be combined with 100-cell sports metal catalytic converters, also contributes to increasing performance.

At the highest level, the engine outperforms the production version by 116 hp and 182 Nm. 575 kW / 782 hp at 6,200 rpm and the maximum torque of 1,032 Nm at a low 2,900 rpm give the NOVITEC ESTESO WIDEBODY performance that until recently was reserved for pure-bred sports cars: the all-wheel drive SUV catapults itself from a standstill in just 3.1 seconds to 100 km/h. With a top speed of 311 km/h, the ESTESO WIDEBODY is also one of the fastest SUVs in the world.

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