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Shimano introduces three new lightweight glasses models – mountain bike press release

Shimano is expanding its range of performance eyewear for all rider types and riding conditions with three new and updated eyewear models. Equipped with RIDESCAPE lens technology that enhances colors and highlights surfaces on different types of terrain, the new Technium, Technium L and Twinspark models are specifically designed for all-day comfort and style.


RIDESCAPE lens technology

SHIMANO’s proprietary RIDESCAPE lens technology includes six lens options tailored to different riding conditions and terrain types. From extremely sunny days on the road to riding through mixed shadows on a forest trail to chasing the dim light of an evening gravel ride, RIDESCAPE transmits the right amount of light to improve visibility. Details that would normally be washed out, dull or flat become clearer, more vibrant and vibrant.

TECHNIUM glasses

The new Technium goggles feature a lightweight, protective full-frame design for all-day comfort on the road, trail and everything in between. Anti-fog vents built into the top and bottom of the lens ensure you can see clearly even when your vehicle begins to fog up or when the weather changes unexpectedly. A reversible nose pad ensures optimal fit adjustment, while the curved, soft temple grippers better integrate with modern bike helmets and keep your glasses in place no matter how bumpy the ride gets.


The Technium frames feature a construction made from 45% bio-based Arkema Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew, a transparent polyamide material that helps reduce carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.


Technium goggles are available with three different RIDESCAPE lens options: RD for road, OR for mountain biking or GR for gravel riding. Each of these lenses also includes a replaceable, clear replacement lens for low-light driving conditions.

  • Frame: Matte Black, Matte White, Teal, Tea Berry, Matte Gray, Dark Olive, Bronze Gold
  • Frame: 45% Arkema Rilsan clear G850 Rnew bio-based materials
  • Weight: 27.4g
  • Lenses: RIDESCAPE RD, OR and GR
  • Replacement glass: Clear
  • RRP: $100, €99.95

TECHNIUM L glasses

The Technium L offers an even lighter eyewear option and features a feather-light half-frame design. Weighing just 26 grams, these goggles feature a wide, one-piece lens design for optimal protection and comfort, ideal for road riding, big backcountry mountain bike rides, or dawn-to-dusk gravel adventures.


Available with the same three RIDESCAPE options as its full-frame equivalent (RD, OR or GR) as well as the interchangeable clear lens, the Technium L also offers a photochromic gray lens option. This additional lens automatically changes the percentage of visible light transmission when exposed to different UV light. In dark conditions the lens is almost clear; When it is bright, the lens takes on a darker tone.


No matter which lens you choose, Technium L offers the same reversible nosepiece adjustment, secure temple mounts, anti-fog vents, UV-400 protection, scratch resistance and water repellency. They also use the same bio-based Arkema Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew frame construction and feature Shimano’s new clear, lightweight, BPA-free polyamide lens.

  • Frame: Matte Black, Matte White, Purple, Smokey Navy, Dark Olive, Bronze Gold
  • Frame: 45% Arkema Rilsan clear G850 Rnew bio-based materials
  • Weight: 26g
  • Lenses: RIDESCAPE RD, OR and GR and Photochromic Gray
  • Replacement glass: Clear
  • RRP: $100, €99.95


For riders looking for affordable eyewear, the Twinspark is a versatile, all-round option with a lightweight half-rim frame design paired with a day-appropriate RIDESCAPE HC lens. The daily lens filters out harsh asphalt reflections and sharpens surface details so riders can pedal more confidently.


The one-piece RIDESCAPE HC offers optimal protection as well as bolder colors and higher resolution for a clearer view of the road. Just like the Technium and Technium L goggle models, Twinspark is scratch-resistant, water-repellent and features Shimano’s new clear, clear, lightweight, BPA-free polyamide lens.

  • Frame: Black, White, Dark Red, Smoky Navy
  • Weight: 25.3g
  • Lenses: RIDESCAPE HC
  • RRP: $65, €54.95

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