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Ride1Up Portola, VPL / Bosch Concept & more

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Electric bike news from November 3rdElectric bike news from November 3rd

What does it mean to push the limits of the e-bike? That’s a question that seems to be being asked a lot in this week’s news. It may simply be a multifunctional e-bike that is far cheaper than most other models with the same equipment package. Or it could be a five-wheeled electric cargo solution, a lightweight city machine with Pinion bottom bracket gearing, or even a belt drive with two derailleurs that Veer wants to bring to market. Whether the more experimental technologies make it to market is another question, but it’s always fascinating to see which ones ultimately make it.

In this week E-bike news:

  • Great e-folder from Ride1Up Portola
  • VPL and Bosch produce concept speed pedelec for three riders
  • Civilized Cycles five-wheel e-cargo bike
  • Light urban e-bike from Desikino/Stromer with Pinion drive
  • Veer is raising funds for a two-speed belt drive system

Ride1Up Portola – another affordable e-bike from the San Diego-based brand

Ride1Up Portola – another affordable e-bike from the San Diego-based brandRide1Up Portola – another affordable e-bike from the San Diego-based brand

The price is $995 Portola from Ride1Up is a foldable e-bike with the capacity to transport a small passenger. Even for a company known for making inexpensive e-bikes, this is an outstanding e-bike!

It is Ride1Up’s first e-folder and is offered as a standard 20 mile e-bike (Class 2) with the option to “unlock” to Class 3 performance. The bike’s stated weight is 59 pounds, with a total payload capacity of 300 pounds. The rear rack is designed to hold 130 pounds.

Key technical details include a 750W rear hub motor, 500Wh battery as standard (larger 643Wh battery available for $1,095), 8-speed Shimano derailleur, hydraulic disc brakes, hardwired LED -Lights and a front suspension with 80 mm travel.

Vapor Propulsion Labs and Bosch produce “Bonkers” e-bike

Vapor Propulsion Labs and Bosch produce “Bonkers” e-bikeVapor Propulsion Labs and Bosch produce “Bonkers” e-bike

Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRAIN) reports on one of the most unusual e-bikes you will ever come across, the Schwift Cycles Sch:Long:

“A 10-foot titanium triple tandem with three Bosch batteries, over 150 miles of range, a Bosch Cargo Line Speed ​​motor, four Gates Carbon Drive belts, a Rohloff E-14 electronic shift hub and clutches that make it possible .” The Sch:Long could be disassembled and stored in a suitcase for travel and cost $100,000.

As the article points out, this isn’t really intended to ever be produced in large quantities, as “Schwift…makes one-off prototypes with irreverent names to show off the stunning possibilities for Bosch integrations.”

On a more serious level, BRAIN points to VPL’s credentials as a real testing ground for cutting-edge e-bike components; “Vapor Propulsion Labs, or VPL for short, is the North American sales and engineering partner for Bosch E-Bike Systems. In addition to Bosch, VPL offers a growing list of advanced drivetrain and e-bike components including Supernova lighting, 3×3 hub gears and Pinion gearing.

Civilized Cycles announces a five-wheel e-cargo solution

Civilized Cycles Semi TrikeCivilized Cycles Semi Trike

Insideevs reports on the Semi Trike concept out of Civilized cycles therefore; “Inspired by the giant semi-trucks we so often see on the highway, it aims to raise the bar when it comes to what an e-bike can carry.”

We would like to point out that there is no mention of when or if the Semi Trike will make it from the computer screen to the road, but it certainly looks like an extremely capable and fascinating machine.

The stated payload capacity is 750 pounds and the semi-trike also features a 20-inch fat tire wheel at the front and two 8-inch wheels at the rear. The level of detail suggests that there are clearly plans to make the semi-trike a reality, as Insideevs says: “The semi-trike is expected to be offered in three variants – an economy model with a 1,200-watt axle motor and chainless drive, a standard version.” with a dual motor setup with chain and virtual gearing as well as a commercial option with a Valeo/Heinzmann hub motor. Generally, the semi-trike is expected to have UL certified batteries to comply with battery safety regulations in cities such as New York.”

The trailer features its own technology in the form of “air suspension with automatic leveling, a customized axle with roll-free trailing arms and electric drum brakes…”.

Stromer and Desiknio are working together on a lightweight Pinion e-bike

Deskino Stromer Pinion modelDeskino Stromer Pinion model

Lightweight e-bikes with low-maintenance closed-gear systems are a rarity, but U.S. e-bikers will soon have the chance to snag one News Atlas reports:

“Back in April 2022, the Spanish premium bicycle manufacturer Desiknio entered into a partnership with the Swiss speed pedelec provider Stromer and is now using this alliance to bring its X20 Pinion commuter and X20 gravel e-bike to the USA for the first time .”

It’s called the X20 Pinion Smart.Shift with nine Pinion gears and a claimed weight of 30.1 pounds with a suggested MSRP of $5,995. There is also the X20 Gravel model with conventional derailleur gears and, like the Pinion Smart.Shift, also has a Mahle rear hub motor.

Veer claims “innovative next-generation powertrains”

Veer two-speed belt driveVeer two-speed belt drive

Many e-bike fans have no doubt heard of Gates Carbon Belt Drive Systems as the market leader in the world of oil-free, long-lasting transmission linkages. VeerAlthough lesser known, they have been in the same business for some time and are looking to take belt drive technology to the next level. They say, “Veer is in the process of developing its patented Shift System, a 2-speed shift mechanism set to redefine LEV efficiency.” That’s right, they’re developing a two-speed belt drive, not quite but almost derailleur style, which would certainly be a first.” You can check out their fundraising page here.

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