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Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 2 Review 2024

After logging almost 100 miles on the RadRunner 2 (much more if you count the original version of the bike we tested in 2022), we can say that we are extremely happy with the overall ride quality in general, although we have a few minor points have criticism.

In terms of comfort, the bike would be ideal if not for one element. The bike’s upright and ergonomic riding position felt comfortable and natural, allowing for long rides without fatigue. Equally pleasing were the slight curve of the high handlebars and the ergonomic grips. However, the saddle of the bike is something we encourage Rad to improve; The majority of our testers found it a bit blocky and clumsy. Fortunately, Rad offers a variety of compatible saddles which we recommend instead of the standard model.

The RadRunner 2 is only offered in a single frame size, but is suitable for a wide range of riders. With 13.25 inches of saddle height adjustment, the bike is suitable for riders between 4 feet and 11 inches and 6 feet and 2 inches. While the stem is relatively low, the included handlebars can be rotated to adjust reach and rider comfort. Extremely tall riders may want to swap for a taller set of handlebars to better place their hands, but the standard handlebars should work for most.

The overall feel of the bike was solid. With a cadence sensor that quickly activated the motor and the aforementioned four PAS settings, we had the option of actively pedaling or focusing on ghost pedaling at a more relaxed pace.

Bumps were noticeable due to the lack of suspension on the rigid frame, but were somewhat mitigated by the custom 20 x 3.3 inch thick Kenda tires. This wheel size gave the bike excellent handling and maneuverability, and the checkerboard profile was well suited to the asphalt. The bike can be taken for very light off-road adventures, but we recommend reducing tire pressure for more cushion and grip.

In general, the RadRunner 2 was incredibly easy to use. Some ghost pedaling was a natural side effect of the single-speed drivetrain at high speeds, and starting from a complete stop could be difficult without throttle, but most of the time we didn’t notice the lack of a cassette, a front derailleur and a shifter.

Because of these deliberate exclusions, the motorcycle’s cockpit is simple; With no LCD and no shifter, the only controls other than the brake levers are those for the PAS setting and the lights on the keypad on the left handlebar. This control panel uses LED lights to display PAS setting, battery level, etc. We value the ease of use. Drivers who prefer to access driving data will need to use a third-party app or purchase an optional display separately. Rad seems to have taken the feedback seriously – the RadRunner 3 Plus that we tested included upon its publication two shows!

However, accessories are a strength of the RadRunner 2. The base model includes basics like a headlight, a taillight with brake light function, a bell and even a much-appreciated chain guard. There are currently over 50 additional optional accessories, including luggage baskets, bags, panniers or containers, passenger seats and safety, Thule Yepp maxi child seats, mudguards, saddle options, a suspension seat post and more.

Ultimately, we think the RadRunner 2’s base model is solid on its own, but with the huge selection of accessories (330 possible combinations, according to the brand), owners can fully customize their bike to suit the needs of their lifestyle and family. This helps reinforce the ethos of Rad Power Bikes, whose mission is to encourage individuals to rely more on a bike than a car. With a wide range of options to expand the functionality of the RadRunner 2, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular bike.

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