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Manitou presents a limited edition Mattoc Pro mountain bike press release

TThe original Manitou fork was inevitably versatile when there was a choice for your suspension needs, regardless of your discipline. The new Manitou Mattoc Pro Limited Edition borrows its iconic 1992 looks but adopts all of the 2024 technology and packs it into a 34mm stanchion 29-inch wheel package that covers multiple riding disciplines.


When delivered, the Mattoc Pro LE is designed for a suspension travel of 140 mm. With the included travel spacers and the easy-to-follow service instructions on, the travel can be adjusted internally from 110-150mm.

The lightweight 34mm chassis, weighing 1750g, owes its rigidity to key Manitou technologies, particularly the inverted arch. Placing the bow at the back of the fork allows less material to be used for a shorter bow, resulting in 13% greater stiffness compared to a front bow fork of the same weight. There are three threaded bosses integrated into the arch to attach the included fender.


The polished crown is heavily machined both internally and externally, removing excess weight while optimizing the rigidity of the case. The axle’s hexlock design increases the axle’s contact area while limiting rotation at the hub interface, further increasing the Mattoc’s chassis rigidity. The Hexlock SL2 is the latest version of the Hexlock axle family that features additional machining and an aluminum bolt to reduce even more weight.


The Dorado Air system made its downhill debut and is now available on all Manitou pro-level suspension systems. Manitou’s lightest air suspension technology is tailored to the trail in the Mattoc. The system automatically balances the positive and negative air chambers to produce the smoothest fork spring feel with Infinite Rate Tune (IRT) air spring adjustment, with smooth initial feel and highly adjustable mid- and end-stroke support. IRT technology creates a secondary positive air spring that only affects the mid to end stroke of the fork. This allows the main air spring to be adjusted to lower pressures to improve small bump sensitivity while maintaining mid-stroke support and a moderate to aggressive end-stroke ramp. high. This technology smoothes the track on small bumps without sacrificing support on large impacts.


The sealed Multi-Compression Control (MC) damper provides external high- and low-speed compression adjustment, allowing the rider to fine-tune the feel of the fork based on rider input and trail characteristics for different riding styles. The biggest hits are controlled with a Hydraulic Bottom-Out (HBO), a separate hydraulic circuit that activates during the last 30mm of the compression stroke. HBO is speed dependent. The harder the hit, the more bottom-out resistance the system provides.


The sealed MC cartridge uses a bladder as a lightweight solution to prevent cavitation during demanding riding. To handle fluid expansion, the cartridge features a blow-off valve to ensure long life and consistent performance. Pressure can build up outside the cartridge due to differences in height and hard driving. To keep initial breakout force low and performance consistent, Trail Side Relief (TSR) bleed screws are located on the back of the legs. Loosen the TSR screws to release the built-up casting pressure. When the time comes for service, visit for detailed instructions as well as service kits and lubricants necessary to complete the job.

Although much has changed since Manitou was founded, the desire to explore and experience adventure on two wheels remains intact. Manitou’s passion for making this adventure as smooth as possible has not waned either. This special edition Mattoc Pro is proof of this core mission. Celebrate a smoother ride and the origins of MTB with Manitou’s newest fork, available in very limited quantities: MANITOU MATTOC LE.

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