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Knolly Bikes publishes the press release for the Fugitive – Mountain Bike 2024

TThe first Fugitive was released in 2018 and set the tone for the next generation of Knolly framework architecture. In 2021, we took driver feedback into account and made small geo and travel updates. And today our most popular 29er Knolly trail bike debuts with an all-new tubeset, straight top tube design and refreshed geo. As a final touch, the new Fugitive is also equipped with Enduro bearings at all pivot points and each frame size receives specific chainstay lengths and seat tube angles.

2021 refugee 138
2024 refugee 140

Riders from the Pacific Northwest asked us for a versatile, mid-travel chassis suitable for flow trails and alpine singletrack, and riders along the Great Divide wanted something more than a trail bike but less than an enduro bike. Redesigned to meet these rider needs, the updated Fugitive features a comfortable cockpit that allows for efficient pedaling and excellent climbing performance.

“Downcountry,” “Up-Duro,” “All-Mountain,” or whatever you call the category, the Fugitive is the most versatile model in the Knolly lineup, with options for 125 or 140mm of rear travel. It features an improved patented Fourby4 suspension platform that separates shock progression from pedal dynamics.

The new Fugitive features a small travel increase for more fun, a reduced seat tube height for amazing standover clearance, and the absolute best dropper seatpost insertion depth in the industry. In typical Knolly fashion, the frame is made from high-quality aluminum (to keep plastics out of landfill) and is available in two travel options for ultimate performance on laps of the garden after work, technical climbs on the weekend and rocky descents in mid-summer.

Fleeting key highlights

  • Rear travel options: 125mm or 140mm
  • Wheels: 29″
  • Fork options: 140mm or 150mm (depending on kit)
  • Straight top tube – better standover and improved aesthetics
  • Uniform monoblock rocker arm – in cooperation with the lower pivot link; Increased rigidity and reduced lateral loads on the shock mount
  • Enduro bearings in all pivot points
  • Flat tool storage positions – makes it easier to remove and install bearings
  • Size-Specific Chainstay Length – Provides a more balanced bike and a better fit for tall and short riders
  • SRAM UDH compatibility with a Knolly-specific, fully CNC machined aluminum hanger included
  • Supports long seatposts (more than 200mm to the collar, depending on frame size and seatpost manufacturer) for a wide range of stride lengths
  • Tool holders (under the top tube)
  • The lower shock mount features a 30mm axle and can be used with roller bearing shock absorber parts
  • Direct 180mm postmount rear brake mounts
  • 157Trail rear triangle spacing – improves rear triangle stability and chainline

Updated kinematics (pedal and suspension dynamics)

  • Pedaling responsiveness has been increased by 15% compared to the previous generation.
  • The suspension leverage curve has been remapped. This was done to increase sensitivity and bottom out resistance and to allow the shock to reach mid-travel a little easier. This is related to the pedaling dynamics to ensure that the bike’s traction remains unaffected, but the bike is slightly more supported and more efficient under pedaling forces.
  • The suspension travel on the rear wheel has increased slightly (a few percentage points, but there)

Geometry (many changes!)

  • Size specific chainstay lengths
  • Unreliable seat tube angles – although they are steeper than previous models, they are still more relaxed at around 77 degrees than on the “Enduro/FR” models, which are around 78 degrees. The main difference is that the Fugitive has a slightly more relaxed seat angle, making the bike more comfortable when traversing terrain. The Fugitive is designed to go “up, across and down.”
  • About three quarters of the bike has brand new parts. Examples of this include the front triangle, the seat tube is the only part carried over from the previous generation. The head tube, top tubes, down tubes, lower shock mount, bottom bracket shell and other molded and forged front triangle parts are all brand new. There is improved aesthetics as well as improved performance.

SIZES: Small (S2), Medium (S3), Large (S4), X-Large (S5)

Colors: Raw, Anodized Bronze, Dad Jeans Blue, Chameleon Purple


Fugitive 125: Float X Factory XT, $5,699 USD / $7,499 CAD
Refugee 140: Float X2 Factory XT, $5,799 USD / $7,699 CAD
Fugitive 140: Float X Factory GX, $5,499 USD / $7,199 CAD
Fugitive 140: Float X PS, PSE GX, $5,299 USD / $6,999 CAD
Refugee 140: March Bomber Air Z1 Deore, $4,599 USD / $5,999 CAD

To celebrate this release, we’re offering a special 10% discount to the first 50 customers to purchase the new Fugitive by April 30th!*

For more information, please visit or a local Knolly dealer

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