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Forbidden Bikes releases the Dreadnought V2 – press release for the mountain bike

Dreadnought has blazed a new trail for high-performance high-pivot bikes and solidified the platform’s cross-category nature. It easily handled the demands of the World Cup downhill circuit, enjoyed the rigors of enduro racing, and endured lap after lap of rigors in the bike park while still wanting more. From the race track to the bike park and everything in between, Dreadnought has proven its unparalleled versatility.


Now it’s time for the big guns to get the V2 treatment. The Dreadnought V2 takes the torch to a new realm of performance, giving riders even more firepower than ever before. We’ve brought our next-generation suspension system, seen on the industry-leading Druid and Supernought, to our revered Brawler bike. We didn’t just increase the caliber, add more travel and call it good. We reworked every detail to refine its purpose and transform it into something exhilarating.

V2 Trifecta layout

The industry’s most sophisticated high-pivot layout is now available on our 160mm Enduro/Bikepark platform. Dreadnought is a carefully crafted blend of Supernought speed and stability mixed with Druid’s agility and striking power. We deliver a bike that might make you reconsider wearing a full-face helmet permanently.


The goal of the Dreadnought was to maintain its uncanny ability to plow through rough terrain while giving riders more mid-stroke support to generate and pump speed from the ground. We have achieved this without sacrificing sensitivity and grip, while improving bottoming control and optimizing braking properties.

Modular dropouts

Wheel size configuration changes are achieved via modular dropouts. Sensible geometry and weight adjustments can also be made via 27.5″ +10mm, 27.5″ -10mm and 29″ +10mm dropouts (coming soon!). Offers riders the ability to adjust weight distribution and handling characteristics to suit their riding style or type of terrain. 200 mm direct brake mount included. Dreadnought frame kits are sold with MX and 29″ dropouts.


Geometry highlights

We worked with our factory race team and our team of test riders to gather feedback on the OG Dreadnought and the current V2 platform bikes. We opted for a more centered weight distribution that offers intuitive handling in all situations and a larger driver sweet spot in the cockpit. Gives riders more confidence and comfort so they can rely on both the bike and themselves when things get turbulent.


Proportional sizing

Still the only truly proportional sizing in the industry. Our back centers change in proportion to our front centers. And while we often refer to these changes as an increase as we grow larger, we can also view them as a decrease as we move in the opposite direction. Our S1 features some of the smallest reach and rear center dimensions of any dual 29 MTB in the enduro category. The underlying philosophy is to ensure that riders of different sizes can experience the same intended weight balance and handling characteristics of our bikes.




Dreadnought X0 RockShox Ultimate. Exactly what it sounds like. This is the ultimate build. The only thing the Dreadnought

Technical highlights:

  • SRAM X0 Eagle AXS gearing
  • RockShox Zeb Ultimate
  • RockShox Vivid Ultimate
  • SRAM Maven Ultimate
  • The Crankbrothers Synthesis 11 Carbon Ratchet wheelset is available in full 29er or mixed (MX) wheel configuration
  • MSRP: $9,299


Dreadnought GX RockShox Select Plus. Don’t be afraid of race tracks, rutted tracks or rock gardens. The Dreadnought GX RS S+ is immediately ready for anything that comes your way.

Technical highlights:

  • SRAM GX Eagle AXS gear RockShox Zeb Select+
  • RockShox Vivid Slect+
  • SRAM Maven Silver
  • Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro Alloy Ratchet wheelset, available in full 29er or mixed (MX) wheel configuration
  • MSRP: $7,299


Dreadnought GX RockShox Select. Workhouse group meets next generation thugs. The Dreadnought GX RS S is the perfect recipe for all day travel.

Technical highlights:

  • SRAM GX Eagle AXS gearing
  • RockShox Zeb Select
  • RockShox Vivid Select
  • SRAM Maven Bronze
  • Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro alloy wheelset, available in full 29er or mixed (MX) wheel configuration
  • MSRP: $6,499

Build a terrifying dream machine to your liking. Technical highlights:

  • RockShox Vivid Ultimate
  • 29 and MX dropouts (0mm) 200mm brake mount
  • MRP Mxg lower leadership
  • MSRP: $4,299

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