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Aaron Gwin / Gwin Racing on CRESTLINE frame. Also a change to e.thirteen tires, as can be seen in the photos. Check out the PR to learn that he is part owner of Crestline through this deal. We were talking last night and he had been expressing a desire to be part owner of a brand or even start his own brand for a number of years and this was the opportunity to make that happen. Instead of doing a quick podcast yesterday, we’ll talk to him next week after the dust settles. So if you have any questions, let us know! -gordo


Official PR

Aaron Gwin is partnering with Crestline Bikes as the owner and new bike sponsor of Gwin Racing
Aaron Gwin, five-time world downhill mountain biking champion, has announced a new partnership with Crestline Bike Co., marking his formal entry into the cycling industry. Additionally, Crestline Bike Co. will become the official supporting sponsor for Gwin Racing, Aaron’s newly formed downhill racing team.


This collaboration represents a critical milestone for Gwin and Crestline. Combining Gwin’s experience in the world of mountain bike racing with Crestline’s commitment to quality and excellence, the stage is set for an exciting future.
The Gwin Racing team will feature a solid lineup of young talent, including Seth Sherlock and Mikey Delesalle, who will join Gwin as teammates. The team will ride Crestline’s RS 205 VHP downhill frame in the 2024 UCI Downhill World Cups, World Championships and select national races.


“I am thrilled to begin this new chapter of my career with Crestline Bike Co. Being part of a bicycle brand as an owner is an absolute dream of mine. From our first conversations, I had the feeling that we got along very well and shared many of the same values ​​and aspirations. I have a lot more to say about these details soon, but for now I just want to thank Troydon and Mark for their shared belief and the opportunity to help lead this brand into the future.

I also look forward to continuing my racing program for 2024 under my umbrella, Gwin Racing. I’m also excited about our lineup of drivers and staff. Seth has been with our team for almost 5 years now and I am excited to continue watching his progress. He has a lot of talent on the bike, works incredibly hard and always exudes a positive atmosphere in the pits. I am also pleased to welcome our new junior driver Mikey Delesalle to the team. I’ve been working with Mikey for a little over a year now. During this time I was very impressed by his attitude, his speed and his commitment. I can’t wait to get back to the races!” -Aaron Gwin


“We are excited about our partnership with Aaron and Gwin Racing. This relationship is expected to extend well beyond the racetrack, with a strong alignment in our shared vision for the future of Crestline Bike Co. It is truly incredible to have someone of Aaron’s caliber on board as we move forward.” – Troydon (Co-Founder, Crestline Bike Co.)

“Yes, it seems cliché to say this, but we are excited about this new relationship with Crestline Bike Co. Not just for the race team, but for everything else that comes from this partnership. All of this will be announced in due course. Crestline are thought leaders, but at the same time have a realistic vision of what it takes to achieve a high level of performance. This fits well with our team’s vision and goals for the next few years. I look forward once again to supporting Aaron and our sponsors in our goal of future podium finishes!” -Todd Schumlick / Team Manager

“I am beyond excited to be racing Crestline motorcycles for Gwin Racing this season! After a tough battle with injuries in the 2023 season, I was very uncertain about what my 2024 season would look like. When Aaron came to me this year with the opportunity to ride for his team, it was a dream come true! Our components are better than ever this year and first impressions on the Crestline are fantastic. I can’t wait to have a great year of racing with this crew!” -Seth Sherlock

Seth Sherlock and Mike Delesalle

“I am very pleased to have the opportunity to join Gwin Racing. With Seth and Aaron as teammates, I can’t wait to learn from them as the season progresses and we transition to the new bike. At first glance, the Crestline bike is definitely one of the craziest bikes I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to ride and race it!” – Mikey Delesalle

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Photos by Jack Rice

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