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Burley Coho XC Bike Trailer Review, 2024

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Burley Coho XC test report 2024Burley Coho XC test report 2024

We praise the many cargo e-bikes that have come onto the market in the last year. We believe they offer one of the best options for transporting groceries and other loads. But what if you already own an e-bike and are not interested in replacing it? Well, a trailer offers a great way to transport loads larger than a rack or front basket can handle. The Burley Coho XC offers a great way to increase carrying capacity.

One of the reasons we at Electric Bike Report wanted to test the Burley Coho XC trailer was because it works with almost all types of e-bikes on the market. Whether someone wants to use it for deliveries, camping, hunting, fishing, or general errands, this is a trailer that allows an e-bike to expand its capabilities.

There are a number of features that make the Burley Coho XC trailer a standout among trailers. Let’s take a closer look.

  • 70 pounds. Its load capacity makes it more powerful than most trailers
  • The coil spring shock absorber cushions the contents for off-road use
  • With just one wheel and a width of 17 inches, it can tackle trails
  • The motorcycle-style double-legged stand makes loading and unloading easier
  • Works with mother axles, quick release axles and thru axles
  • Folds up to half its original size, making it easy to transport and store
  • 70 liters of storage space
  • A 24 or even 20 inch. The bike would roll over bumps more easily
We test e-bikes who sometimes boast that the weight capacity of a rack is 75 or even 100 pounds. That’s great, but how often does something weigh more than 50 pounds? Small enough to fit on a luggage rack? Our experience shows that such stress is not common.

The Burley Coho XC can hold up to 70 pounds and offers up to 70 liters of storage space. (Riders looking for even more carrying capacity should check out ours Review of the Burley Nomad trailer. Think of it this way: The Coho XC could carry a bag of potting soil or that big bag of dog food. You could probably take a set of golf clubs to the golf course – and you wouldn’t need a golf cart. It is also well suited for hunters and anglers who need a trailer that they can take on unpaved roads and trails. At only 17 inches. wide and rolling on a single, 16-in. The rear wheel follows an e-bike and sits comfortably in its shade. Burley also included a wheel fender to keep the trailer’s contents from getting soaked when driving through mud or spray.

Burley Coho XC test report 2024Burley Coho XC test report 2024

The Burley Coho XC comes with a flag to increase visibility.

Burley Coho tire treadBurley Coho tire tread

The low-profile tire minimizes the trailer’s air resistance.

Burley Coho suspensionBurley Coho suspension

A coil spring provides suspension of the trailer to minimize shaking of the contents.

Drivers looking to venture off-road will be pleased to know that the Coho XC features coil spring suspension to keep load shaking to a minimum. The aircraft-grade aluminum 6061 frame is relatively light; The complete trailer weighs only 21 pounds. The fold-out motorcycle-style stand keeps the e-bike upright when loading and ensures that your e-bike does not tip over when parked.

Buyers must select the right axle set for their e-bike. That’s because it offers a thru axle adapter, a 5mm quick release adapter, and a nut axle adapter. The fact that Burley offers adapters for mother axles makes the Coho XC more versatile than most trailers; some only work with quick-release axles and skewers. When you’re finished using it, a lever on the handle that you use to guide it into position releases the trailer from the e-bike.

Burley offers a three-year warranty on the Coho XC. Our only notable criticism of this trailer is that it rolls on a 16-inch model. Wheel. The smaller a wheel is, the harder it is to roll over obstacles. A larger wheel would result in a smoother ride.

Priced at just under $500, the Burley Coho XC represents excellent value given the quality of design, construction and handling.

Burley Coho XC specifications:

  • Capacity (lb/kg) 70 / 31.8
  • Weight (lb/kg) 21.5 / 9.74
  • Height (inches/cm): 21.25 / 53.97
  • Width (in/cm) 17 / 43.18
  • Length (inches/cm): 66.5 / 168.91
  • Load space (liters) 70
  • Cargo space height (inches/cm): 11/27.9
  • Load space width (in/cm) 15/38.1
  • Cargo space length (inches/cm): 27/68.6
  • Wheel size (inch/cm): 16/41
  • Open size L x W x H (inches): 32.5 x 22 x 22.5
  • Open size L x W x H (cm): 82.6 x 55.9 x 57.1
  • Folded size L x W x H (inches): 31.75 x 17.5 x 13.75
  • Folded size: L x W x H (cm): 80.6 x 44.5 x 34.9
  • Frame 6061-T6 aluminum frame
Burley Coho armsBurley Coho arms

Independent steering makes this 66.5-inch trailer surprisingly maneuverable.

Burley Coho assembly pointBurley Coho assembly point

The trailer’s attachment arms can rotate while it is attached to the e-bike.

Burley Coho assembly pointBurley Coho assembly point

The yellow quick-release handle allows the driver to remove the trailer in seconds.

Burley Coho indoorsBurley Coho indoors

A luggage net prevents the contents of the trailer from jumping out.

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